1. I

    How do these dinghies compare?

    I'm a 15-year-old used to sailing with a laser in a radial sail, and although I'm no professional (i have only raced once), I enjoy speeding with the laser and hiking out. However, now I'm looking to join a new sailing club, and the one I'm interested in doesn't provide Lasers to hire (I don't...
  2. D

    Is it possible to Single Hand a Laser Bahia

    So I am a big fan of Dinghys such as the Laser Bahia, Sport 14 and Wayferer (and on occasion Redwings). I love the feel of racing through the waves in Boats bigger than Fevas and Topaz. We have a decent number of sailors in the Handicap. However occasionally I don't have a crew when I am...
  3. prusso3690

    New to lasers-need some info on rigging specifications

    Hey guys, I have been wanting to get into laser sailing competitively for a while now (I sailed in a laser program last year, but can no longer do it without a boat) and I was able to buy a 2000 laser standard (at least I think so) and I had a few questions on rigging, and what type of boat I...
  4. I

    Laser ICE BLUE vs. normal Laser

    Hi, I was wondering the difference between the ICE BLUE laser and a normal colored laser. Is it a major color difference (like noticeably different from the original hull color)? Is it actually blue, or just really white? Is the deck also blue, or is it white or grey? And why does the Laser...
  5. J

    is this a laser?

    just bought this buy on identification no title etc. guy said it might be about 20 + years old ???? I'd like to know what is is so i can figure out what to check on it and how to rig it etc. it has a main sail and a jib . i do not now anything about sailing ....... yet :) darn i have...
  6. M

    Laser Hull ID

    Hello, I just picked up an old laser today. The seller had no idea what he had and knew nothing at all about boats. He received it in a trade a few days ago and drove two hours each way to deliver it. Final Price: 300. Deck and hull are solid, mast step holds water, and is light enough to carry...
  7. V

    Would it be possible for me to sail this distance?

    hey guys, i am 13 right now and i am having quite a thought. ive been sailing my laser radial for close to 3 years now (been sailing since im 5) and i weigh 65 kilos. for about a year ive had the thought of trying to make a new world record as being the youngest person to sail from south sicily...
  8. Toshinari Takayanagi

    Any experience from Laser Mk2 practice sail from IntensitySails

    IntensitySails now sells practice sail for Laser Mk2 radial cut for $199 (Practice Sail for Laser® Mk2 Radial Cut Full Rig). I bought Laser Radial practice sail from them a little while ago and I have been very happy about the quality, so I am interested in buying this one as well. If someone...
  9. P

    Laser Micro Cleats (Side Deck)

    Hi, I have recently bought Harken micro cleats (for the side decks) as i have been told that they are much better than the old ones that i have on my 2001 Race Laser What I want to know is are the hole sizes different for the micro cleats compared to the older larger ones and if so, what do i...
  10. S

    Laser Tiller

    Hey, so I'm currently using the Black Diamond tiller and it keeps hitting the cleat for the traveler. I have done so many repairs on it but in the end it just ends up hitting the cleat after a day out sailing... Does anyone have any tips on how to stop this problem? I also have the XD tiller but...
  11. J

    Laser Go Pro /Action Camera Mount

    I am a Laser Sailor in Marina Del Rey California. My friend Tucker and I are currently developing a mount for any action camera. So far we have been successful. We would like to see if other laser sailors are interested in the mount. Could you post on your blog to see if anyone would be...
  12. Bazely

    Laser SURF series

    Hi, I am a surfer who lives in Cornwall. I surf my laser in breaking waves. I'm keen to start a laser surf series (similar to zap cat racing in the surf zone). It is a cross over between sailing, surfing and windsurfing. Whilst it's fun and classed as extreme, I feel that course racing in flat...
  13. Pewit

    World Masters Games Regatta, Auckland, New Zealand - April 2017

    The Laser and Weta 4.4 Trimaran have been chosen for the regatta which will be held at Torbay Sailing Club, 30 mins North of Auckland. There's no qualification for the World Masters Games - you just have to be aged over 34. Lasers will be sailed in Full (Men) or Radial Rig (Mixed) Wetas will...
  14. J

    Laser 2 or Laser Pico?

    Dear all, I am about to rent a Laser: the renter has only a Laser 2 or a Laser Pico, and he does not allow the use of the trapeze. On the Laser 2, I would be sailing in an average wind of about 12 knots without trapeze, and I weigh 65 kilos. I think that these are not be the best conditions to...
  15. cfroeb

    NOB Life Jackets

    I was looking for a NOB life jacket to wear laser sailing because mine is currently to thick to fit under the boom. Does anyone know where I can buy one and if they are class legal?
  16. Jeff Gallo

    Wet sanding a laser

    hey guys I just bought my laser and it has one or two spider cracks in the bottom of the hull. I have heard from people that wet sanding the boat will be able to help with the cracks. As of right now I am going to wet sand buff and wax the boat in that order. If you have any suggestions on how...
  17. saltynomad

    Help!... I Think I Bought a Project!

    Hello! This is my first time posting here so please bear with me, and thanks in advance for the help. I recently picked up a laser 2 sailboat for cheap... so cheap in fact that I did not give the boat a thorough inspection. I began working on the boat today and have found some unsettling things...
  18. Jeff Gallo

    Launching a Laser

    Hey guys, I am planning on keeping my laser at my yacht club this summer. I am planning on getting a dolly but we don't have a launching ramp to launch that boat. Is it possible to launch a laser off a dock? We also have a crane available but I'm not sure if a laser is able to be lifted. Any...
  19. Jeff Gallo

    Upgrade Rigging

    Hello i was wondering what the new and old rigging systems are on a laser and the differences between them. Also if i have a laser with old rigging can i upgrade it to the new rigging. thanks in advance.
  20. Jeff Gallo

    Competitive Laser Sailing

    Hey guys just had a few questions that i wanted to ask. i have been sailing laser for over 2 years now and have been on a 420 for over 5 years. before that i was on an Opti. I am 16 years old and right now is the prime in my sailing career. I have sailed 420 competitively and have traveled all...