1. B

    Laser rudder, tiller, carbon extension wanted

    Buyer in Westport CT 2 CPYC will pay for shipping. Also need Vang, all lines boom and lower section for 4.7 Mobile 203-461-1418 or text
  2. J

    is this a laser?

    just bought this buy on identification no title etc. guy said it might be about 20 + years old ???? I'd like to know what is is so i can figure out what to check on it and how to rig it etc. it has a main sail and a jib . i do not now anything about sailing ....... yet :) darn i have...
  3. T

    Centennial Olympic Games-blue hull w/Seitech Dolly

    1996 Laser with Seitech Dolly,blue. Blue top deck cover(canvas) and hull cover-not canvas (some kind of rubber coated canvas). Complete with Standard Sail. Needs new self bailer or just the bottom section. Sorry I don't have a good picture of it. It's in the garage with a little dust...
  4. M

    Laser Hull ID

    Hello, I just picked up an old laser today. The seller had no idea what he had and knew nothing at all about boats. He received it in a trade a few days ago and drove two hours each way to deliver it. Final Price: 300. Deck and hull are solid, mast step holds water, and is light enough to carry...
  5. P

    1990 Laser

    Original owner 1990 Laser. Used 10 times. Slight bump on nose. Everything is basically brand new, kept inside. Send me an email I will not hold for anyone, first person with 1k cash gets the boat. Thanks
  6. H

    Acme Black Diamond tiller with Fatso Jr extension for sale (2x)

    Two like-new Black Diamond tillers with Fatso Jr extensions for sale at $200! Very lightweight and strong, both of these pieces are the gold standard in Laser sailing. For sale through the University of Wisconsin, can be found here: UW SWAP Online Auction.
  7. A

    Wanted: Laser Radial Rigging, Sail, Mast, Cunningham, and Boom Vang

    First post, happy to be a part of the community! I've just purchased my first Laser, I race on a J/24 but I'm hopping to get a better handle on the essentials of the helm by practicing on my dinghy. Just wondering if anyone out there might have any of the aforementioned. If so, please don't...
  8. J

    Olympic Games Laser w/ Kitty Hawk Trailer

    1996 Olympic Games Laser Sailboat (from the Atlanta Olympic Games) # 159932 White with red olympics centennial pattern Standard Rig 2 sails: 1 training, 1 newer racing Daggerboard, rudder, tiller, full lines Great condition. Stiff, light and fast. + Deck and Hull APS covers + 2005 Kitty...
  9. V

    Would it be possible for me to sail this distance?

    hey guys, i am 13 right now and i am having quite a thought. ive been sailing my laser radial for close to 3 years now (been sailing since im 5) and i weigh 65 kilos. for about a year ive had the thought of trying to make a new world record as being the youngest person to sail from south sicily...
  10. M

    2007 Laser Pro-Rig Full & Radial Sail Sailboat w trailer, dollie & cover

    2007 Pro-rig Laser sailboat in excellent, race-ready condition, including all of the following gear: Pro-rig vang, cunningham and outhaul Both radial and full-rig setups, with class legal sails. Radial and full-rig Sails are in very good shape, suitable for club/local racing Trailex custom-fit...
  11. G

    '06 Laser Full, Radial or 4.7 rig

    Sail # 187327 Stiff hull without a lot of water time. Black Diamond carbon tiller with Fatso Jr. carbon extension, Seitech dolly, SLO brand deck cover, blade bag. I have 3 rigs with sails available. Price is for any rig and all sails that go with it. Add $300 for each additional rig including...
  12. Toshinari Takayanagi

    Any experience from Laser Mk2 practice sail from IntensitySails

    IntensitySails now sells practice sail for Laser Mk2 radial cut for $199 (Practice Sail for Laser® Mk2 Radial Cut Full Rig). I bought Laser Radial practice sail from them a little while ago and I have been very happy about the quality, so I am interested in buying this one as well. If someone...
  13. P

    Laser Micro Cleats (Side Deck)

    Hi, I have recently bought Harken micro cleats (for the side decks) as i have been told that they are much better than the old ones that i have on my 2001 Race Laser What I want to know is are the hole sizes different for the micro cleats compared to the older larger ones and if so, what do i...
  14. S

    2002 Race ready Laser for sale

    Nice red/white Laser standard for sale- Good condition Comes with: Standard race sail Standard lower section, boom, upper Boom has black BB blocks Upgraded line package- run smooth and well Blades are good Seitech Dolly Everything ready to race and a good clean boat. Priced the boat below...
  15. M

    Laser Masts for sale Bottom and Top Standard

    Bottom (standard) and top section for sale. Both lightly used and in great condition. No shipping. Please contact if you have any questions. Bottom section - $100 Top section - $100
  16. P

    2001 Laser for Sale

    Hull: 2001, excellent condition, raced 2 summers in a youth sailing program and sailed a few times for fun. Light blue stripe along the length of the hull. been stored indoors Spars: great condition, includes bottom and top sections, boom. Lines: Mainsheet, cunningham, outhaul. Blades...
  17. S

    Laser Tiller

    Hey, so I'm currently using the Black Diamond tiller and it keeps hitting the cleat for the traveler. I have done so many repairs on it but in the end it just ends up hitting the cleat after a day out sailing... Does anyone have any tips on how to stop this problem? I also have the XD tiller but...
  18. J

    1996 Olympic Games Laser Sailboat, 2 Sails, Kitty Hawk Trailer, Great Shape

    1996 Olympic Games Laser Sailboat (from the Atlanta Olympic Games) Model # 159932 White with red olympics centennial pattern Standard Rig 2 sails: 1 training sales, 1 newer racing sale Daggerboard, rudder, tiller, full lines Great condition. Stiff, light and fast. Full hull and top water...
  19. J

    Laser Go Pro /Action Camera Mount

    I am a Laser Sailor in Marina Del Rey California. My friend Tucker and I are currently developing a mount for any action camera. So far we have been successful. We would like to see if other laser sailors are interested in the mount. Could you post on your blog to see if anyone would be...
  20. E

    2012 Race Rigged Laser For Sale

    I'm selling my lightly used Laser (sail # 200156) due to a shoulder injury and to putting more sailing time in on my Moore 24. I have pretty much causally sailed the boat and only raced it in two regattas out of Cascade Locks. When casually sailing, I have used a practice sail (ISail), which has...