1. ROB12345987373828282728

    Laser repair question

    I’m looking at this laser to buy. It has a mast step repair/deck repair and I’m not familiar with repairs like this. Is this a good quality repair?
  2. Johnny B

    Bought a 'new' Laser ... what's the sail # & mfgr date??

    Bought a "well-used" Laser, with serial number: ZFS5375790576 ... others have ID'd "ZFS" as Les Voiliers Performance Inc. of Pointe Claire QC Don't know the sail #, or the date of manufacture - assuming it's May of 1976? The '0' next to the 5 is a 0, not a 'D' as best as I can make it out...
  3. M

    1980 Laser M sail rigging

    Hello, we have come upon a 1980 Laser with an M sail and mast. . . but unsure about rigging this old style of sail, without a sock top. There is a block at the top of the mast, and the sail has a very long halyard attached to it. (Probably installed incorrectly.) But, there is no indication of...
  4. Reilaleid

    Looking for opinions on Laser vs Capri (14 ft range)

    Hi everyone, I've been searching the Internet and YouTube for discussions on these two sailing dinghies. There's nothing out there! Is anyone able to comment on the pros and cons or their experience between the classic Laser and the Catalina Capri? Any information would be appreciated. I grew up...
  5. T

    Laser Repair

    Hey all Working on bringing back this Laser and was wondering about best practices to repair the damage shown in the attached photos. She is obviously well worn so not looking to repair to class specs or anything but would like to tackle the gelcoat damage. Should I dremel these out, gelcoat...
  6. C

    Should i pick the standard or radial

    I Weigh 75 Kg and i dont know if i pick the standard or radial. Can anyone help me?
  7. D

    Laser repair suggestions (split sandwich)?

    Hi everyone! Long time reader from Norway here. So the Covid-19 isolation leaves plenty of time for work that hasn't been done earlier... I have a 1983 LASER that is taking in some water. The boat is in general good overall-condition, the mast step is tight and the drains have been replaced...
  8. NickolasG

    LPE introduced new ARC-1 and ARC-2 rigs!

    Just opened my Facebook and updated my news feed and appeared post from LaserPerfomance with their new video about these rigs. To see the video tap on the link below [here|] Seems pretty interesting, but I guess the price will start from 3000€. Absolutely new sail, absolutely new spars that are...
  9. NickolasG

    Laser Repairing

    Hi all! I'm about to make mini "service/repairing" on my laser, because I've noticed that somewhere silicone is gone, somewhere I still have glue marks on a hull, somewhere I have some weird black lines (probably from rubbing with something). And the questions I've got are: 1) If I'm going to...
  10. Tucacas

    What did I get

    Hi everybody, I am new to the forum and new to sailing. I just finished helping a 70 year old neighbor lady get rid of junk (filled her a 10 ton dumpster). She is just getting ready to move to FL. She is a beautiful person and I wish her the best. Well, after I got done (2 weeks later) she...
  11. 4

    Hypothetical Helium filled laser

    Just out of curiosity- would it be possible to cut a few pounds by filling a laser with helium? I know at least one America’s cup has used this technique to raise their waterline. Does that mean it isn’t illegal? How much helium would it even take to fill a laser? If you were to fill it up...
  12. NickolasG

    The ILCA Dinghy became a reality

    Hi all! Just opened insta and found something interesting. What's your opinion about it?
  13. NickolasG

    Carbon tiller

    Hi All! Europeans RDL in Athens are done, and I've got a boat after that event. Aussie 210... in very good condition. Now I have everything, including tiller and tiller extension and now I'm stuck with 1 question : is better to use carbon tiller (flat) or continue sailing with a stock one (...
  14. Toshinari Takayanagi

    How long does a race sail last?

    I am a masters Laser sailer who is actively sailing/racing but not super competitive. I participated Masters World for the past three years, and finished about in the middle. My question is: how often people renew the race sail for these major events? I guess it all depends on who the "people"...
  15. Toshinari Takayanagi

    Good way to do mainsheet marking?

    I am looking for a good way to put markers on my Laser mainsheet. I have two markers on my main sheet: One at 90 degree boom angle and the other one for a little narrower angle. I tried (a) blue and red color sharpie, and (b) Scotch vinyl plastic tape, but neither one works well. With (a), the...
  16. Lucas Masiello

    Laser PFD

    Does anybody know the brand of this PFD? I’ve seen it a lot on the circuit and want to get one but can’t find the name of it
  17. boikie

    Gybing: overhand or standard in light wind?

    Hi, I'm a Laser newbie from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Sorry for my awkward (nautical) English! I was watching Ian Elliot's video on light air gybing: So his way of getting the boom across for a gybe is to grab the mainsheet at the after end of the boom with the help of the tiller extension...
  18. E

    Mast step donut question - 1978 Laser

    Hello all, I'm a former Laser owner and have decided to get back into it by purchasing a relatively lightly used 1978 vintage Laser. Interestingly, it's about the same age as the boat that I used to sail some years ago. I have been reading a lot of posts about the mast step, and I'm preparing...
  19. Adam Sails

    Fastest way to sail downwind on flat water

    What is the fastest way to sail downwind on flat waterways, I don't know whether s turns are legal but I am guessing not, I usually make the biggest gains downwind but I just seem to have very slow downwind legs, any tips on how to be quicker?
  20. JP NZL

    Old Laser Cockpit Fittings

    Hi all, So with summer just around the corner here in New Zealand, I'm finally getting around to doing some work on my old (1987) Laser. I've inserted a couple of inspection ports and reinforced the mast step but now I'm looking at the cockpit. I was planning on just reinforcing the mast...