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Any experience from Laser Mk2 practice sail from IntensitySails

The official MK2 sail has a big feel to it, with power above, and flexibly below the radial panel,without the ugly stretch line. The Intensity sail has a similar feel up top, really great shelf on the foot, but flips a little on the lower panel without the (patent). The Intensity MK2 sail is heavier than the one from North Sails. Intensity MK2 with a sail bag, and the $60. tapered battens is a great deal.
Thank you very much for the information. Could you elaborate a bit about the patent that Mk II sail has? I searched the internet, but i is not clear to me. Is that bottom part of the sail around the luff section (surrounded by blue rectangle in the attached image)? If so, what is the role of this dark gray section? LP94116_1.jpg


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There is a reinforcing patch on the luff sleeve halfway up where the mast sections meet. I would assume the Intensity practice sail omits this feature.


There's also this "design patent", which I think are generally pretty worthless. They don't cover an invention, but just the way something looks. The shape of a Coke bottle would be a good example. My guess is with a different-shaped window and no Laser logo, the Intensity sail easily skates around this one.

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