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    While casting-about Amazon, I see this book is available as a paperback for $331.99 :eek: .
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    Careful! :eek: That "plus" side cuts both ways. :oops: On the "plus" side, I've gained one new modern rudder, one excellent mahogany...
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    completely agree with you mate!
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    Wich is the best US Island for sailing..
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    ProATC replied to the thread Parting out another J/24.
    Yes, the hatches you sit on if you were helming the boat. Appreciate the pics. Take your time. Cheers.
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    P.S. I pulled $500 out of one account to pay for the boat and a 3-day DMV trip permit, but now the purchase has gone south... I'm...
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    Well, I just checked my e-mail and now the seller is changing his tune, not all gear is included so I'm moving on & skipping the...
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    That's just it, the boat comes with a decent original trailer and the sale does include all sail gear... I DO intend to sail her, but I...
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    Tide Eyed replied to the thread Parting out another J/24.
    Snowing here today. Let me have till tomorrow afternoon. (Rear Quarter = "Lazarette" I assume? ) I will get images too. Thanks,
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    Pete Z replied to the thread Anyone here own an Omega 14?.
    I have a 1983 Omega 14, sail #1553. It's an OK boat, nice for 3 or 4 people in winds up to 15. $400 is probably a good price if it...
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    Just A Mom replied to the thread Laser Value Question.
    It depends on a number of things. Is it full or radial rig? How many sails does it come with? Are they Laser brand sales or knock offs -...
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    ProATC replied to the thread Parting out another J/24.
    Rear quarter hatch hinges still good? If so, I will buy 2 of them $5/piece ($10 total) plus shipping. Please post a pic.
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    mjr119 posted the thread Laser Value Question in Laser Talk.
    There is a like brand new 1995 laser near me for sale. It has only been sailed a handful of times. It is complete and has been stored...
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    Coastal Redneck replied to the thread 58 Mile Trip.
    Good road safety tip from L&VW, easy to forget something you can't always see, and it might make trouble if your gal pulls into a rest...
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    Maybe re-aquaint your girlfriend with the notion that the presence of an empty trailer is easy to forget. :confused: