New to lasers-need some info on rigging specifications

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Hey guys, I have been wanting to get into laser sailing competitively for a while now (I sailed in a laser program last year, but can no longer do it without a boat) and I was able to buy a 2000 laser standard (at least I think so) and I had a few questions on rigging, and what type of boat I actually have (I know that I have a laser hull, standard sail, and standard lower mast). On every boat I have seen so far, including the one I sailed, the rigging looks like this:

However, my boat did not come with any of these blocks and instead looks like this:

My question is, what type of laser do I have? What was it originally sold as? I can't seem to find any other lasers like mine online except for this one picture

Also, would it be cost efficient for me to just sell this boat and buy a different one more rigged for racing, or upgrade this one to laser xd specs? (I got the boat for $500 but it needs ~$200 in parts) Is the difference between this rigging and the xd or race rigging really that much?



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With the green topsides, your boat looks just like the 2000 Standard Worlds boats. What is its hull/sail number? (It's on the sticker on the back wall of the cockpit.)

The class rules changed in 2001, and you seem to have the original control systems. Don't worry, the boat is definitely sailable as it is (that's what we had for the first 30 years!). You can always upgrade the systems step by step - it's not an either/or thing with the old/new equipment. Replace or repair first what is worn or broken. I would start with the hiking strap!

Did you actually get the boat for 500 dollars, or is that a typo? That would be a small fraction of the actual market value and an extremely good deal for you.