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NJHippo wrote on George_NJ's profile.
Hey George
See you are sailing out of Swartswood Lake. Did you know that there is a pretty large sailing club on Spruce Run? Hunterdon Sailing Club | Sailing, sailboat racing and sailing lessons in northern New Jersey They have a large Sunfish fleet, club boats, training and other activities. "Racing" on Wednesday and Sunday
GettingWet wrote on hilulover's profile.
Hi! We bought a Hilu last fall. It took us a few months to get it back to designed configuration, a former owner (Bradley?) had reversed the hulls and put some blocks/cams in odd locations. We sailed it a few times in July in light winds. We have a sail ordered for it so that I can put the blue and yellow one back on my '71 Sunfish. E-mail if you have suggestions and tips for new Hilu owners.
Tom Kanatous wrote on Laserbuddy's profile.
I'm interested in your Laser, my son lives in West Chester, PA. My name is Tom Kanatous 484-794-1095
rjc wrote on USA78's profile.
year of cover, seasons used?

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