1. Jeff Gallo

    Upgrade Rigging

    Hello i was wondering what the new and old rigging systems are on a laser and the differences between them. Also if i have a laser with old rigging can i upgrade it to the new rigging. thanks in advance.
  2. Jeff Gallo

    Competitive Laser Sailing

    Hey guys just had a few questions that i wanted to ask. i have been sailing laser for over 2 years now and have been on a 420 for over 5 years. before that i was on an Opti. I am 16 years old and right now is the prime in my sailing career. I have sailed 420 competitively and have traveled all...
  3. S

    Laser Mast Step Replacement - my experience

    Here's a recap of my recent mast step repair using the Diversified Fiberglass kit. I didn't find much online when I was preparing to do this, so thought I'd share. She's seen about 20kts so far and is rock solid.
  4. C

    Water Bottle Attachment

    When I go sailing I need a water bottle and I am never able to figure out where to put it. Is there a way that I am able to attach it to my boat so when I flip it doesn't fall out?
  5. U

    News  Pennsylvania Annual Championship for Sunfish and Fall Laser Regatta Oct 17th

    We are inviting all Laser and Sunfish sailors to our annual regatta Oct 17th Philadelphia area - NOR