1. Bazely

    Laser SURF series

    Hi, I am a surfer who lives in Cornwall. I surf my laser in breaking waves. I'm keen to start a laser surf series (similar to zap cat racing in the surf zone). It is a cross over between sailing, surfing and windsurfing. Whilst it's fun and classed as extreme, I feel that course racing in flat...
  2. R

    2 Laser Sailboats with Unique Custom Trailer

    I am selling 2 Laser sailboats (Red & Blue) ready to sail in great conditions. Both sailboats come with a unique custom trailer so you can take them everywhere.
  3. Pewit

    World Masters Games Regatta, Auckland, New Zealand - April 2017

    The Laser and Weta 4.4 Trimaran have been chosen for the regatta which will be held at Torbay Sailing Club, 30 mins North of Auckland. There's no qualification for the World Masters Games - you just have to be aged over 34. Lasers will be sailed in Full (Men) or Radial Rig (Mixed) Wetas will...
  4. S

    Laser radial race ready

    selling my laser that I raced in Florida for 2 years. The boat comes with every thing you need to race other then a road trailer. 1 used radial race sail and one intensity practice sail. Battens, Cunningham, adjustable outhaul, new vang system, daggerboard and Ruder, carbon fiber tiller...
  5. N

    Laser - all race gear with trailer, dolly

    Laser, 1974 in good condition with tons of extras. Upgraded vang, cunningham, outhaul, Seitech dolly, road trailer, class legal and practice sail, glass foils, deck cover. Contact Nick Cave 612-360-7443
  6. C

    1996 Laser For Sale

    1996 Laser for sale- Great condition! Asking $2,500 OBO Includes: 2 radial sails 2 tillers all lines necessary for rigging radial bottom section full rig bottom section (no sail) ultra lightweight trailer dolly top cover In great shape Mast step never repaired and no leaks!
  7. M

    Laser Radial #196265

    White hull in excellent condition; Sailed 1½ junior seasons then garage stored (1 owner); Radial rig; Rolled radial racing sail (very little use) in Colie sailtube bag; Practice sail for in-season training; Latest Mojo rigging upgrades by Colie; Carbon fiber tiller; Upgraded main sheet block...
  8. T

    Laser wanted - West Michigan

    Laser wanted. Dolly or trailer too. Near Muskegon, White Lake, Holland, or Grand Rapids
  9. J

    Laser 2 or Laser Pico?

    Dear all, I am about to rent a Laser: the renter has only a Laser 2 or a Laser Pico, and he does not allow the use of the trapeze. On the Laser 2, I would be sailing in an average wind of about 12 knots without trapeze, and I weigh 65 kilos. I think that these are not be the best conditions to...
  10. cfroeb

    NOB Life Jackets

    I was looking for a NOB life jacket to wear laser sailing because mine is currently to thick to fit under the boom. Does anyone know where I can buy one and if they are class legal?
  11. M

    2004 Laser Pro-Rig with Full and Radial Rigs and new Dynamic Dolly

    2004 Pro-Rig Laser Sailboat in Above Average condition for its age, with all the gear needed to get out on the water this weekend. Sail, spars and blades (daggerboard and rudder) are all in above average condition. Comes with both full and radial rigs and a class legal, club-racing-level sail...
  12. S

    2000 Laser with Trailer and Dolly. $3000 CAD OBO

    I have a Laser that has been out of the water for maybe 3 years now :( I have a kid and pregnant wife and I think I want to get something a bit bigger to take them all out. My racing days are temporarily over! Included: 2 x Sails (one nice racing one, and one practice one that has been...
  13. O

    Two Laser Dinghies with Custom Trailer

    For sale are two race-ready Laser dinghies with custom trailer, dollies, covers, and accessories. All equipment is in excellent condition and has been professionally maintained and stored. Hull 182840 was used for two seasons. It is a limited edition fully white hull and has been fully...
  14. S

    Laser #102375 full rig

    See attached picture! Includes Travel trailer with new and spare set tires, new lights, Seitech Trailer with new tires, three sails, two rudders and two tillers, control lines, centerboard, 2 compasses, hiking shorts, great laser for a high school or beginner traveling laser sailor! reinforced...
  15. M

    Laser Sailboat 1996 w/ Dolly w either full or radial rig

    1996 Laser Sailboat in Above Average condition for its age, with all the gear needed to get out on the water this weekend. Sail, spars and blades (daggerboard and rudder) are all in average or above average condition. Comes with your choice of either full or radial rig. Can include the Pro-rig...
  16. iSail

    2010 Laser

    The hull is in great condition. Always stored indoors for the winter and rarely used in the past 2 years. Includes: Seitech Dolly Top & Bottom Covers Blade Bag 3 Radial Sails (1 Racing and 2 Practice) All Upgraded Blocks and Lines Carbon Fiber Tiller Carbon Fiber Tiller Extension Feel free to...
  17. M

    Laser #183889 For Sale

    Laser #183889 FOR SALE. $5000 OBO. Located in Rowayton, CT. Stored inside during the off-season. Hull is in great condition, ready to race. Includes Radial and Full rigs, Radial and Full sails, sail tubes and bags, bottom and top hull covers, Seitech dolly, single laser trailer. Contact...
  18. iSail

    Laser Radial/4.7 Lower Section - NJ

    I'm looking to purchase a used radial or 4.7 lower section. I'm located in NJ but I'd be willing to travel. I'll also be driving down to Florida in the next few weeks so I'd be able to meet up anywhere along the way. Thanks!
  19. TT ZZ

    Wi, Mn, Mi, Il, and Oh Laser wanted

    Wanted one Laser sailboat. Will travel to pick up even in border states including Ohio. Cash for the right boat. Please E-mail or message me photos, cost, contact details and city + state the boat is located in to TZ234 at gmx . com. Hull needs to be dry. I am located in Forest County which is...
  20. L

    2004 Laser XD with radial and full rig sails

    I have 2004 laser for sale. Boat comes with two complete XD systems as well as two radial sails (one intensity practice sail, and a North Sails racing sail used less than 10 times, both rolled). Boat also comes with a rolled North Sails full rig sail. This sail came with the boat when I...