Old Laser Cockpit Fittings


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Hi all,

So with summer just around the corner here in New Zealand, I'm finally getting around to doing some work on my old (1987) Laser.

I've inserted a couple of inspection ports and reinforced the mast step but now I'm looking at the cockpit. I was planning on just reinforcing the mast step, upgrading the deck hardware, replacing the hiking strap, mainsheet ratchet block, spring, dagger board brake and the hiking strap mounting plate. But now I'm wondering if I need to do any reinforcement to anything in the cockpit or anything over and above simply applying some marine sealant and putting a new screw in with all the new hardware.

As long as the boat's watertight (except the breathing hole found below the hiking strap, make sure that's there if it's supposed to be), and the deck is firm enough, ere's not too much else, other than what you mentioned.
Tom 185528