1. NickolasG

    The ILCA Dinghy became a reality

    Hi all! Just opened insta and found something interesting. What's your opinion about it?
  2. Flash13385

    ARKANSAS Laser Dolly and/or Bottom Cover

    Want a dolly for Laser that can be easily disassembled Also want a bottom cover for Laser
  3. D

    DELAWARE 3 boat rack for trailer or ground storage -- $800

    Seitech rack that holds 3 Sunfish, Lasers or similar. I have used it to carry kayaks as well. Aluminum frame with stainless hardware. Pads and U-bolts included. Rack with pads & U-bolts is nearly $1600 retail. This rack in perfect condition is half the cost. (Note: does not include trailer.)...
  4. NickolasG

    Carbon tiller

    Hi All! Europeans RDL in Athens are done, and I've got a boat after that event. Aussie 210... in very good condition. Now I have everything, including tiller and tiller extension and now I'm stuck with 1 question : is better to use carbon tiller (flat) or continue sailing with a stock one (...
  5. S

    MARYLAND 2013 Laser

    2013 Laser Sail Number 205512 Includes standard and radial bottom sections, carbon top section, carbon tiller and carbon extension, 2 MKII sails, 1 radial sail, ComNav compass mounted on deck plate, Win Design blade bag, C-Vane wind indicator and Seitech Dolly. This boat is ready to race.
  6. jrevkin

    CONNECTICUT Very, very good condition, Vanguard Laser (OQT) 191454 for sale

    Almost new Laser from 2008 for sale. Grey hull. This boat has probably not been used for more than 4 or 5 regattas since purchased as it is one of a quiver of Finn Dinghies, a Snipe, 2 Starboats, and a crusing boat that I have owned or own. Its hull is dry. Hull number OQTL0275H708...
  7. A

    NEW JERSEY Laser with Full Rig

    This laser has not been used for the last four years, garage kept, and is in almost excellent condition. Unfortunately the mojo rig (boomvag, outhaul, and cuningham) and the back traveler are MIA. The boat is in perfect condition other than a small repair that was professional fixed on the bow...
  8. Toshinari Takayanagi

    How long does a race sail last?

    I am a masters Laser sailer who is actively sailing/racing but not super competitive. I participated Masters World for the past three years, and finished about in the middle. My question is: how often people renew the race sail for these major events? I guess it all depends on who the "people"...
  9. Toshinari Takayanagi

    Good way to do mainsheet marking?

    I am looking for a good way to put markers on my Laser mainsheet. I have two markers on my main sheet: One at 90 degree boom angle and the other one for a little narrower angle. I tried (a) blue and red color sharpie, and (b) Scotch vinyl plastic tape, but neither one works well. With (a), the...
  10. O

    NEW YORK Laser 2 Parts available

    Laser 2 parts for sale. Daggerboards, rudders, sails, masts, Booms, Trapeze rig, etc. Email for pricing and availability. Easy shipping.
  11. S

    MASSACHUSETTS 2012 Laser Radial

    2012 boat lightly used, stored indoors since purchased only used occasionally throughout the summer. It is racing condition with a pristine hull. Comes with: Radial Rig Sail #199350 (lightly used) Blades Blade bag Top cover Dolly Price Negotiable
  12. G

    NEW JERSEY 1998 Sunfish-Laser Sunfish Sailboat

    Selling our 14ft Sunfish sailboat. The Sunfish is light weight, clean and ready for use. Hull shines and is in great shape. No patches or leaks. Includes North race sail, adjustable gooseneck, cam cleat and fiberglass daggerboard/wood rudder.
  13. G

    NEW YORK Laser for Sale

    Laser for Sale Price $4600 Hull Number #195920 Condition: Good aesthetic and working condition History: Raced at the Shelter Island Yacht Club, owned my multiple SIYC families over the years. Includes Radial racing and practice sail, upper and lower mast, boom, blades, full mafioli line kit...
  14. S

    CALIFORNIA Laser II Wanted!

    Laser II wanted. I live in the SF Bay Area, so a boat close by would be great, but I'm willing to ship. Open to paying a good price for any boat, provided it's seaworthy. Email me at or text at 415-302-6961
  15. A

    NEW YORK 2010 Laser for Sale on Long Island Sound

    The boat is located in New London, CT until the end of May 2019. Starting Summer 2019 boat is located on Shelter Island, NY.
  16. C

    COLORADO Laser boat for sale!

    I have a great boat that has been in the family since bought new in 1974. It has not had much use and has always been indoor stored, no use in the past decade. It workes perfectly, no leaks, comes with everything for rigging, trailer, and a dynamic laser dolly. There was a break in the deck near...
  17. cbioo

    NEW YORK 2004 Laser with trailer

    2004 Vanguard Laser (#182788) in great condition and super fun to sail. This is a turn-key package with everything you need to get sailing. Hull is bone dry, always cleaned and garaged year-round. Hull, daggerboard and ruder have minor wear shown in the pictures. Included is a Seitech dolly with...
  18. D

    NEW YORK 2007 Laser Race w/Radial and Full Rig, New York

    I have a 2007 Laser Race for sale. This boat is in great condition and comes with every race upgrade and piece of gear you could want. The boat has been proven to be fast and always taken very good care of. The package includes: - 2007 Laser hull - Very Good Condition - Pro Upgraded Outhaul /...
  19. M

    SOLD  VIRGINIA 1978 Laser Sailboat w trailer, dolly & Blade Bag - $1500

    1978 Full-rig Laser sailboat in solid, club race/recreational sailing-ready condition, including all of the following gear: Vang, cunningham and outhaul are all present Your choice of either a Full-rig or Radial setup, with a class legal sail for the boat Blades - rudder and daggerboard - are in...
  20. H

    NEW JERSEY Laser Dolly

    Laser dolly in South Jersey. (Only the Dolly) Thanks