1. Kwai

    Laser 2 questions

    Hello I have recently boat a laser 2 and I have a couple questions. 1: The centerboard is really sticky that you have to use all your strength just to move it. I am just wondering if anyone else has this issue and if there is any way to fix it. 2: The deck is very flexy and if I should get a...
  2. S

    CONNECTICUT 2013 LP White ILCA 6 (Radial) for sale

    I have a nice 2013 Laser radial (6) for sale. It is in good condition and is race ready. Details: This is a class legal ILCA boat. Can be raced in all Laser/ILCA events Hull is in good condition, no problems at all. Deck and rails are good, no major issues Race sail in ok condition, I may...
  3. jimdempsey

    MICHIGAN 2007 Laser by Vanguard

    Hull# OQTI7718G607; Sail racing & practice, Riggings, Blades, Blade bag, Seitech Dolly & Trailer. Hull in excellent condition, always garage stored. Used twice since purchase in 2019. Not used for 10 years prior to that.
  4. J

    CALIFORNIA Laser Radial (ILCA 6) Sail for sale

    Class legal hyde radial sail.
  5. M

    SOLD 2010 Pro-Rig Laser w Full and Radial rigs, dolly, trailer, top cover, carbon fiber tiller & ext

    2010 Pro-Rig Laser w Full and Radial rigs, dolly, trailer, top cover, carbon fiber tiller & ext. Comes w: - Choice of a Trailex or a galvanized Kitty Hawk Trailer w working lights, lubed bearings, good tires and title - - Full and radial rigs, w/ rolled club level quality class-legal sails. Sail...
  6. J

    2003 Lightly Used Vanguard Laser

    I purchased this Laser in 2003 from a dealer that supplied new pro event boats for the Laser Radial National Championship regatta that year. The boat was raced in less than 10 races in that regatta. I bought it with the hopes that my kids would continue racing after they outgrew their Optimist...
  7. Brian171029

    NEW YORK Laser 171029 for Sale (2001)

    Laser sailboat for sale # 171029. In very good shape for a 2001 boat. All the upgrades to rigging Includes: Full Rig Radial Rig Sails for both in ok condition Top cover Beach Dolly Running rigging Blades and blade bag
  8. eustis_rob

    FLORIDA 2001 Laser

    2001 Laser in great condition. Solid boat, not used often and completely dry. It comes with radial and 4.7 rig (including sails), carbon fiber tiller and fatso JR tiller extension. Dolly and cover included, both in very decent shape.
  9. R

    NEW JERSEY Laser Wanted within 100 miles Philadelphia

    Laser wanted. Up to $4000
  10. L

    NORTH CAROLINA Race-ready 2009 Laser (195883) w/ Kitty Hawk Trailer

    Barely used race-ready Laser and in excellent condition. Boat History: 2009 - not used 2010 - used for one regatta 2011 to 2012 - used for three regattas 2013 to present - used for one regatta Sails: two North full rig sails; one Intensity full rig sail; two full length Rooster sail bags and...
  11. J

    NEW YORK Wanted-Dry hull & Right On Trailer

    Looking to buy a complete or bare Laser hull from the mid 90s or later. Must be dry and have minimal cracks or damage. Open to radial or full rig. Also looking to buy a Right On Trailer in good condition (not excessive rust). Combined together would be great but also open to buying separately...
  12. T

    2010 LP Laser Race tested and Ready (Sailed at National/International Events)

    2010 Laser Performance Laser - 197056 Currently Located in Ft. Lauderdale FL -No Photos until March 13th when I'm heading down there but willing to answer any and all questions Spars -(1) Top Section (Carbon) -(1) Radial Lower (Aluminum) -(1) Boom (Aluminum) Sails -(1) Class Legal Radial Sail...
  13. ClaVaPa1

    How do I remove a broken, headless, rusty screw from my deck??

    Hi All, It had been around a month after I had noticed a bit of rust coming out of one of the screws of my control lines cleat on the deck... So yesterday I finally had a day where I was not in a rush and could take my toolkit to the club and attempt to replace it. I go there with my...
  14. A

    RHODE ISLAND Laser; 2000 (?) Hull, Dolley, Trailer, All Equipment - $2,000

    Details: Full rig Laser (hull year: 2000) Mast: carbon fiber one-piece Hull condition: Good Deck Condition: Very good What’s Included: Laser 1 full size sail (2 seasons of light use) All spars + rigging (mast, boom, all lines) Blades (centerboard + rudder both like new) Carbon fiber tiller...
  15. M

    2016 Laser Hull

    2016 Laser Hull for sale - GB-PSELS443A616 Only used as race boat by a junior, always stored indoors. No soft spots, no cracks, completely dry. See pictures. This boat has podium twice in Orange Bowl, Nationals, D13 and several other regattas. Boat is in Fort Lauderdale and can be delivered in...
  16. Sunnykiwi

    Vintage Late 70's Laser in Excellent Condition plus Trailer

    This is a 1973- 1976 Standard Laser, in excellent ready to sail condition, there is no deck softening and no hull damage; it is perfectly water tight! the deck is white and the hull is a beautiful laser red. It coms with all the rigging and some additional ropes. The sail is in great condition...
  17. D

    CALIFORNIA LASER, Standard Rig, $950obo

    All original: Wood tiller Original daggerboard Trailer (electrical not working) SEE PICS / LOCATED IN TRUCKEE, CA See pics In Truckee, CA
  18. Bseib18

    PENNSYLVANIA 2015 laser full/radial race ready

    SOLD 2015 laser xd Seitech laser dolly 2018 rite-on trailer Top and bottom covers Blade bag full bottom section Radial bottom section 2 top sections Boom two full rig race sails Radial race sail brand new fully spliced rigging. Majority dyneema all speced to laser class rules. Almost all...
  19. Kodiak

    1979 Laser Restoration Questions/Thread

    Hello everyone! I recently purchased this 1979 (I was told it is a 1979) Laser and am going to be restoring it over the next couple of months. Below are some photos of the repairs that need to be done. I had a few questions I was hoping to get answered: - What paint and primer do you...
  20. Trinitymaddison

    SOUTH CAROLINA Laser 4.7 or Radial wanted

    I'm looking for a racing laser boat before September... Anyone in SC, NC, FL, GA with a ready to race or almost ready to race please let me know :)