1. P

    FLORIDA Laser trailer for sale

    I have a Laser trailer (Performance) for sale. It is in good working condition. It has a loading tube that holds top and bottom mast and boom. The trailer is also suitable for a jet-ski. Price $500
  2. P

    FLORIDA Laser 204421 (2013) for Sale. Radial and 4.7 rigs and sails

    Laser USA 204421 bought new 2013. The boat is in very good racing condition. It has not been used the past 3-4 years. and has been stored in our garage. It comes ready for racing with complete rigging for both Radial and 4,7. The top mast section is almost brand new. Blades, bags, racing carbon...
  3. V

    Winter Storage

    Hi I am looking for wall strap storage solution so I can hang my laser on the wall of my garage for the winter. All the systems I have found so far seem to be for kayaks and do not seem to sturdy enough for the Laser.
  4. ROB12345987373828282728

    Laser repair question

    I’m looking at this laser to buy. It has a mast step repair/deck repair and I’m not familiar with repairs like this. Is this a good quality repair?
  5. M

    TENNESSEE Two lasers for Sale with Trailer

    1978 Laser Yellow Hull/White Top Bought and Restored in 2014 Full boat hardware stripped, both sides 3 rounds of rubbing compound and polish. Boat Looks great for 42yrs old. Hull is dry, couple of airbags inside. Small fiberglass nicks patched Spars and blades are in good shape New line Kit...
  6. ROB12345987373828282728

    FLORIDA Looking for laser in florida

    Looking for a laser in Florida. Send all options. If you have one please tell me in comments and we can try to make a deal
  7. L

    VIRGINIA Laser Sail Standard Mark II Used 4 Days

    Laser Sail Standard Mark II (Hyde) Used 4 Days light air- $550
  8. ROB12345987373828282728

    FLORIDA Looking for laser

    Looking for a laser around South Florida. Most likely under 2k but the cheaper the better. Please send all options as I can consider different prices/ conditions. Thanks for reading!
  9. Johnny B

    Bought a 'new' Laser ... what's the sail # & mfgr date??

    Bought a "well-used" Laser, with serial number: ZFS5375790576 ... others have ID'd "ZFS" as Les Voiliers Performance Inc. of Pointe Claire QC Don't know the sail #, or the date of manufacture - assuming it's May of 1976? The '0' next to the 5 is a 0, not a 'D' as best as I can make it out...
  10. M

    SOLD  2017 Pro-Rig Laser w Full and Radial rigs, GRP blades, dolly, Kitty Hawk trailer, top cover, carbon fiber tiller & ext

    2017 Pro-Rig Laser w Full and Radial rigs, dolly, trailer, covers, carbon fiber tiller & ext. Comes w: - Galvanized Kitty Hawk Trailer w working lights, lubed bearings and title - - Full and radial rigs, w/ rolled club level quality class-legal sails. The radial sail number matches the hull...
  11. M

    1980 Laser M sail rigging

    Hello, we have come upon a 1980 Laser with an M sail and mast. . . but unsure about rigging this old style of sail, without a sock top. There is a block at the top of the mast, and the sail has a very long halyard attached to it. (Probably installed incorrectly.) But, there is no indication of...
  12. T

    MARYLAND Laser Sail for Sale

    1x Laser Full Rig Practice Sail -- Fair Condition -- $100
  13. T

    MARYLAND Mast Sections for Sale

    1x Full Rig Bottom Section -- Lightly Used -- $250 1x Aluminum Top Section -- Good Condition / Lightly Used -- $125 1x Alumnum Top Section -- Brand New (Still in Packaging) -- $200 ($237 plus a trip to Colie Sails new...)
  14. R

    OREGON Wanted Laser Radial in Oregon, Washington, Northern CA area

    Looking for a newer hull radial rig in the PNW. Thanks!
  15. J

    1977 Laser for sale in Northern New Jersey

    For sale Laser hull number: ZFS499300677 Year: 1977 Location: Ringwood, NJ Price: $1,200.00 2 Sails New Lines Title This Laser is in excellent condition and ready for the Summer for sailing. If interested or have any questions, please email me at The boat has...
  16. J

    WISCONSIN Laser II or FJ wanted

    Please contact Johanna at (920)6020273 or if you have a Laser II or FJ sailboat for sale. We're in central WI-thank you.
  17. Reilaleid

    Looking for opinions on Laser vs Capri (14 ft range)

    Hi everyone, I've been searching the Internet and YouTube for discussions on these two sailing dinghies. There's nothing out there! Is anyone able to comment on the pros and cons or their experience between the classic Laser and the Catalina Capri? Any information would be appreciated. I grew up...
  18. T

    Laser Repair

    Hey all Working on bringing back this Laser and was wondering about best practices to repair the damage shown in the attached photos. She is obviously well worn so not looking to repair to class specs or anything but would like to tackle the gelcoat damage. Should I dremel these out, gelcoat...
  19. Reilaleid

    CALIFORNIA WANTED: Laser, Laser 2, or Capri

    Seeking: LASER, LASER 2, CAPRI 13 or 14.2 located in any of these areas: San Diego/Bay Area/Auburn, CA or Bellingham WA or Kauai, HI. I am located on Kauai and the other areas are where my family members are located and will purchase on my behalf, pay you cash and ship to me on Kauai! Ideally...