1. M

    2016 Laser Hull

    2016 Laser Hull for sale - GB-PSELS443A616 Only used as race boat by a junior, always stored indoors. No soft spots, no cracks, completely dry. See pictures. This boat has podium twice in Orange Bowl, Nationals, D13 and several other regattas. Boat is in Fort Lauderdale and can be delivered in...
  2. Sunnykiwi

    Vintage Late 70's Laser in Excellent Condition plus Trailer

    This is a 1973- 1976 Standard Laser, in excellent ready to sail condition, there is no deck softening and no hull damage; it is perfectly water tight! the deck is white and the hull is a beautiful laser red. It coms with all the rigging and some additional ropes. The sail is in great condition...
  3. D

    CALIFORNIA LASER, Standard Rig, $950obo

    All original: Wood tiller Original daggerboard Trailer (electrical not working) SEE PICS / LOCATED IN TRUCKEE, CA See pics In Truckee, CA
  4. Bseib18

    PENNSYLVANIA 2015 laser full/radial race ready

    SOLD 2015 laser xd Seitech laser dolly 2018 rite-on trailer Top and bottom covers Blade bag full bottom section Radial bottom section 2 top sections Boom two full rig race sails Radial race sail brand new fully spliced rigging. Majority dyneema all speced to laser class rules. Almost all...
  5. Kodiak

    1979 Laser Restoration Questions/Thread

    Hello everyone! I recently purchased this 1979 (I was told it is a 1979) Laser and am going to be restoring it over the next couple of months. Below are some photos of the repairs that need to be done. I had a few questions I was hoping to get answered: - What paint and primer do you...
  6. Trinitymaddison

    SOUTH CAROLINA Laser 4.7 or Radial wanted

    I'm looking for a racing laser boat before September... Anyone in SC, NC, FL, GA with a ready to race or almost ready to race please let me know :)
  7. Eteczynski

    OHIO ISO- dolly or trailer

    Ohio/Michigan area here, looking for a trailer or dolly for a laser. anything available please DM
  8. P

    FLORIDA 2015 Laser full rig with trailer

    This boat includes everything you need to race competitively such as carbon/composite top section as well as tiller and tiller extension. This boat is currently set up for the full rig, however, that does not mean you can’t swap the sail and lower mast section for something to better suit your...
  9. Admiral Hornblower

    OHIO looking for used Laser in race condition

    I'm looking for a Laser in $1000-$3000 price range, I'm more looking for a good, light stiff hull, equipment is not so important. I already have a good sail and mast as well as other accessories. I would be nice if the boat came with a trailer and even better if it came with a dolly, but not...
  10. L

    1980 Laser

    1980 Laser sailboat in great condition. Almost everything on this boat is new. There are no spider cracks in the deck. Gunwales have no dings. Deck is stiff. New Tiller w/ Extension, cams, cleats, rigging, Ronstat 55mm block, auto-bailer, grab rails, etc. Comes with two sails, a standard 7 meter...
  11. L

    Laser Radial For Sale #209648

    This boat is in excellent condition and has not been heavily used. USA made, class approved and Olympic qualified. Ready to race and up-to-date parts and systems and owner improvements, including: Laser Power Vang Center Board Shock Cord Silva Racing Compass All Rigging Modern Low...
  12. santiagoquirogaalvarez

    General Tips for Boathandling in waves

    Lately, It has been pretty windy here in LA where I sail. Windy as in the wind is in the sustained 30 Kn range. I have been having trouble making the boat accelerate in those wind conditions with the swell (which is at 4-5 ft in height). Any tips to go upwind in that condition?
  13. S

    2008 complete laser for sale

    I have a 2008 Laser Performance white Laser for sale I can sell it as a standard rig package or radial rig package for $5,100 I can sell it with both packages for $5,300 Nice race boat with everything you need to compete. Lots of extras. Carbon tiller Carbon tiller ext 15:1 Harken vang...
  14. ClaVaPa1

    Europa Cup Laser Italy Cancelled

    Link: Circolo Vela Torbole cancelled the event, personally I still don't know the reasons but probably because of Covid-19 complications. If you had any plans to come, then looks like you'll at least be saving some money!
  15. A

    Vang Tang Replacment

    When replacing a Laser vang tang does the Tef-Gel, anti corrosion paste, need to go between the whole tang and the lower mast section or only at the Rivets? After replacing the tang with just Tef-Gel on the rivets and in the holes I cleaned the old tang. I noticed the old tang had some...
  16. J

    FLORIDA CarbonParts Laser Compass

    CarbonParts Laser Compass. Used for only one event. In new condition. Extremely lightweight and mounts easily on boat.
  17. J

    FLORIDA Laser Radial Hyde Sail

    Laser Radial Hyde Sail. Good condition. Available to ship.
  18. S

    ALABAMA 4.7 sail wanted

    Looking for a good 4.7 Laser/ ILCA practice and a race sail.
  19. That Midwest sailor

    Laser repair question

    Hello all, I recently picked up an old laser (pretty sure it’s a 1979) from one of my fathers friends that wanted to get rid of it. Supposedly he hasent sailed for ever and it’s been garage kept at a cabin untouched for 20 something years. However it was kept on a standard small boat trailer...
  20. S

    2012 Laser-Like New!

    2012 LP Laser- Almost new! This is a very unique boat. It was originally won at an Olympic fundraiser . It sat in the owners garage for years and was never rigged or used. I purchased it and have used it to race only 20-25 times over the last 3 years. Here is what the boat comes with: 2012...