1. A

    Laser Full-Rig

    Full Rig Laser #198342, Toms River, NJ This laser has not been used for the last three years, garage kept, and is in almost excellent condition. Unfortunately the mojo rig (boomvag, outhaul, and cuningham) and the back traveler are MIA. The boat is in perfect condition other than a small repair...
  2. L

    Two Laser package with double Rite On Trailer and Extra's

    $7200 Or Best Offer Two Laser package with double Rite On Trailer and Extra's Both Hulls are Light Stiff and Dry Stored in Covers and recently stored inside. Selling as a package will not part out. Perfect for someone that is serious about racing or just looking to start sailing the Laser...
  3. Yago E

    Laser 4.7 rig (lower mast+sail)

    Laser 4.7 sail and lower mast section for sale near Cleveland, Ohio. Sail and lower mast included. Delivery options: Shipping (not included), or pickup. Sail number: 190306 I wasn't able to post pictures, but they are able to be provided upon request. Great price
  4. B


    Laser - Standard Rig. Boat name is "NOT GUILTY" Gear includes: Hull-1978; 2 mast pieces and 1 boom; creates a regular/full rig. Boom Vang; Cunningham; Outhaul; Main sheet & traveler system. All lines included Fiberglass rudder; Tiller with extension - extension is swiveling for easy...
  5. B

    laser with trailer

    condition: excellent length overall (LOA): 14 make / manufacturer: Laser propulsion type: sail Recently refurbished 1970s Laser sailboat. Six coats of Awlgrip marine paint, new hardware and lines. Original teak wood tiller with tiller extender. All in excellent condition. Clean crisp newer...
  6. E

    1997 Laser & Seitech dolly for $1100

    1997 Laser & Seitech dolly for $1100. Hull, sail, rudder, daggerboard, mast & boom are in decent shape. Stored on the rack with top cover. Located at Alamitos Bay Yacht Club.
  7. M

    Laser Black Mast Full

    Black anodized mast, top and bottom section.
  8. N

    2005 Laser Radial with Full Rigging and Dolly for Sale

    2005 Laser radial In very good condition. Includes: •Dolly •Boat cover •Rudder with Tiller •Centerboard •All Spars •Practice Sail •Racing Sail •Main Sheet •Full Downhaul •Sail Bag •Rudder and Daggerboard Bag •Boat Cover Contact info: email: phone number...
  9. M

    2016 ProRig Laser XD w Kitty Hawk Trailer, Mk II Radial Cut Sail, Harken Boom Blocks, Dolly & Covers

    I bought this boat over the winter to be my new race boat, but have decided to scale my program back this year and keep sailing my older boat for another two years - until I am not paying for any kids in college. For a savings of over $3,450 vs out of a dealer stock, you get: - 2016 Laser...
  10. M

    Sold For Asking Price 2005 Laser For Sale

    2005 Laser 183741 with Dolly and Trailer All upgrades 3 Sails Fast Canvas Top Cover, Bottom Cover and Blade Bag Fatso Carbon Tiller Lots of accessories More Photos Available on request Owner willing to help with delivery
  11. M

    Silva Marine tactical compass #103R

    Racing Marine Compass Silva Marine tactical compass #103R Designed specifically for the Laser Sailboat , these compasses have long been the standard on Lasers. Securely held in place by two slides that screw to the deck, it is easily removed. Alternatively, you can use a screwless deck plate...
  12. M

    SOLD at ASKING PRICE 2015 Laser XD w new dolly, Covers, blade bag. New Kitty Hawk trailer available

    Bought this solid offwhite boat last aspring to be my new race boat, but have decided to scale my program back next year and keep sailing my older boat for another two years - until I am not paying for any kids in college. For a savings of over $2,750 vs out of a dealer stock, you get: - 2015...
  13. B

    LASER II/2 with TRAILER 1984 HULL # ZFS03172M82E

    LASER II WITH A GREAT SHORELAND TRAILER Strong fiberglass hull, mast, boom, rudder and tiller, vang and Cunningham and all ropes, etc Main sail and jib are both rainbow blue. Good Condition. No rips, no tears, no holes Hull fiberglass is strong around the cockpit area. the fiberglass is...
  14. E

    Mast step donut question - 1978 Laser

    Hello all, I'm a former Laser owner and have decided to get back into it by purchasing a relatively lightly used 1978 vintage Laser. Interestingly, it's about the same age as the boat that I used to sail some years ago. I have been reading a lot of posts about the mast step, and I'm preparing...
  15. Adam Sails

    Fastest way to sail downwind on flat water

    What is the fastest way to sail downwind on flat waterways, I don't know whether s turns are legal but I am guessing not, I usually make the biggest gains downwind but I just seem to have very slow downwind legs, any tips on how to be quicker?
  16. K

    Laser radial (161927) for sale

    Used 1994 laser radial for sale in Douglaston, NY. In excellent condition - stored indoors with a cover in the off season. Price of $1700 includes hull, dolly, cover, blades, tiller, blade bag, battens, cunningham, clew tie down, updated vang system, new radial sale (used for 1.5 seasons)...
  17. M

    Wanted: Radial sail in good condition

    Hello, I am looking for a radial sail in good condition to be used as training sail. Of course, it might be as well in new or almost new condition but a reasonable price. Atlanta or Miami/Fort Lauderdale area preferred. But I will pay for shipping if we are not close. Thanks, Miguel
  18. JP NZL

    Old Laser Cockpit Fittings

    Hi all, So with summer just around the corner here in New Zealand, I'm finally getting around to doing some work on my old (1987) Laser. I've inserted a couple of inspection ports and reinforced the mast step but now I'm looking at the cockpit. I was planning on just reinforcing the mast...
  19. I

    How do these dinghies compare?

    I'm a 15-year-old used to sailing with a laser in a radial sail, and although I'm no professional (i have only raced once), I enjoy speeding with the laser and hiking out. However, now I'm looking to join a new sailing club, and the one I'm interested in doesn't provide Lasers to hire (I don't...
  20. M

    SOLD at ASKING PRICE 1997 Laser Full/Radial Rig Sailboat w dolly & cover Trailer available

    1997 Full-rig Laser sailboat in excellent, race-ready condition, including all of the following gear: Pro-rig vang, cunningham and outhaul are all present Full-rig setup, with a class legal sail for each boat Blades - rudder and daggerboard - are in good condition with usual dings, nothing...