1. L

    FLORIDA 2021 Race Ready Laser Radial- 6 days on the water

    2021 Laser Radial ICLA, Sail Number 220224 Carbon top and bottom section, carbon tiller and extention. The boat has only been sailed in 1 regatta and practiced on 2 times. It is in super condition. No scratches. Dolly, top cover, blade bag, race vang, outhaul cunningham, system included.
  2. ClaVaPa1

    PSA Laser 201xxx gelcoat colour?

    So I am a proud owner of a PSA (Australian) Laser, Hull No. 201xxx. It's a great boat from 2013, it's a winning boat, it's stiff and performs great. Over the years however, I had the occasional ding and scratch, so would like to repair it. Problem is... I can't find the same gelcoat colour. I...
  3. D

    MICHIGAN Laser Rudder Wanted

    Sadly, I sank my laser rudder last summer. Does anyone have a spare to sell? Thank you!
  4. H

    1993 Laser Grand Prix Excellent Condition

    Hoping to find a budding or established young sailor for my very very lightly used 1993 Laser ILCA Grand Prix (147557) with foil bag, top and bottom canvas cover & Seitech Dolly. Hull is still air-tight and everything is in very good condition.
  5. J

    2001 Vanguard Laser Full Rig/ILCA 7 with Carbon Mast

    2001 Vanguard Laser in excellent condition and has never leaked a drop of water. I'm the original owner since new and have been somewhat fanatical about taking care of my boat, polishing with McLube Hullkote, and storing it inside whenever possible. The hull side is free of dents or dings...
  6. A

    Question  Splicing Laser vang primary to top block and middle block

    I am working on splicing laser rigging for a boat. I want to splice the primary onto the middle block and the upper harken wire block, but I've run into issues. In all of the Brummel lock splicing videos I have seen ( for example), the loop cannot be made around something because to create the...
  7. J

    Repair  Advice on fixing minor deck damage

    Hello all, I am looking for some advice on how to repair what looks to be some minor damage to the top of a Laser deck. The top section of the mast broke above the collar and came down during a race, damaging the top layer of the deck. I have removed the damaged pieces and now have what you see...
  8. C

    Expired  GEORGIA Laser Full Rig(ILCA 7) MARK II Sail w/battens

    I used to live in Santa Barbara and I was active in the Laser community. I moved to Atlanta, GA in July 2019 and thought I would try sailing Lasers here on Lake Lanier. I purchased a new Mark II, Full-Rig(ILCA 7) sail and sailed in one light-air regatta. I think my Laser sailing days are over...
  9. NickolasG

    Laser/ILCA C series rigs

    Hello everyone, it’s been a minute since I last visited this forum and I hope y’all doing well I remember couple of years ago we were full of leaks/teasers from PSA about brand new full carbon rig + laminated sails If I remember correct it was the C3/C5 and finally C8 rigs. Though since then...
  10. E

    Expired  NEW YORK Laser Race Ready

    Laser 173972 is race ready, with carbon tiller, new blocks, traveller, vang and more.
  11. K2LSS

    Repair  Foam Daggerboard Resurfacing

    How does one go about resurfacing the older foam foils? Recently started a project with an older Laser, the foam foils had been exposed to the elements for years, the rudder is in a fairly good condition given the exposure, but the daggerboard has cracks appearing on the surface. The leading...
  12. Kwai

    Laser 2 questions

    Hello I have recently boat a laser 2 and I have a couple questions. 1: The centerboard is really sticky that you have to use all your strength just to move it. I am just wondering if anyone else has this issue and if there is any way to fix it. 2: The deck is very flexy and if I should get a...
  13. ClaVaPa1

    How do I remove a broken, headless, rusty screw from my deck??

    Hi All, It had been around a month after I had noticed a bit of rust coming out of one of the screws of my control lines cleat on the deck... So yesterday I finally had a day where I was not in a rush and could take my toolkit to the club and attempt to replace it. I go there with my...
  14. Kodiak

    1979 Laser Restoration Questions/Thread

    Hello everyone! I recently purchased this 1979 (I was told it is a 1979) Laser and am going to be restoring it over the next couple of months. Below are some photos of the repairs that need to be done. I had a few questions I was hoping to get answered: - What paint and primer do you...
  15. santiagoquirogaalvarez

    General Tips for Boathandling in waves

    Lately, It has been pretty windy here in LA where I sail. Windy as in the wind is in the sustained 30 Kn range. I have been having trouble making the boat accelerate in those wind conditions with the swell (which is at 4-5 ft in height). Any tips to go upwind in that condition?
  16. ClaVaPa1

    Europa Cup Laser Italy Cancelled

    Link: Circolo Vela Torbole cancelled the event, personally I still don't know the reasons but probably because of Covid-19 complications. If you had any plans to come, then looks like you'll at least be saving some money!
  17. A

    Vang Tang Replacment

    When replacing a Laser vang tang does the Tef-Gel, anti corrosion paste, need to go between the whole tang and the lower mast section or only at the Rivets? After replacing the tang with just Tef-Gel on the rivets and in the holes I cleaned the old tang. I noticed the old tang had some...
  18. That Midwest sailor

    Laser repair question

    Hello all, I recently picked up an old laser (pretty sure it’s a 1979) from one of my fathers friends that wanted to get rid of it. Supposedly he hasent sailed for ever and it’s been garage kept at a cabin untouched for 20 something years. However it was kept on a standard small boat trailer...
  19. V

    Winter Storage

    Hi I am looking for wall strap storage solution so I can hang my laser on the wall of my garage for the winter. All the systems I have found so far seem to be for kayaks and do not seem to sturdy enough for the Laser.
  20. ROB12345987373828282728

    Laser repair question

    I’m looking at this laser to buy. It has a mast step repair/deck repair and I’m not familiar with repairs like this. Is this a good quality repair?