1. R

    OREGON Wanted Laser Radial in Oregon, Washington, Northern CA area

    Looking for a newer hull radial rig in the PNW. Thanks!
  2. J

    1977 Laser for sale in Northern New Jersey

    For sale Laser hull number: ZFS499300677 Year: 1977 Location: Ringwood, NJ Price: $1,200.00 2 Sails New Lines Title This Laser is in excellent condition and ready for the Summer for sailing. If interested or have any questions, please email me at The boat has...
  3. I

    WISCONSIN 2001 Laser Full Rig #172930

    Hi, This boat was used for high school racing until 2004. Since then it has been garage kept. I have a full rig set up with sails, board bag and tiller with carbon fiber extension. The boat has not been updated since being purchased as a regatta boat. If interested call me, Paul Ericson at...
  4. J

    WISCONSIN Laser II or FJ wanted

    Please contact Johanna at (920)6020273 or if you have a Laser II or FJ sailboat for sale. We're in central WI-thank you.
  5. Reilaleid

    Looking for opinions on Laser vs Capri (14 ft range)

    Hi everyone, I've been searching the Internet and YouTube for discussions on these two sailing dinghies. There's nothing out there! Is anyone able to comment on the pros and cons or their experience between the classic Laser and the Catalina Capri? Any information would be appreciated. I grew up...
  6. T

    Laser Repair

    Hey all Working on bringing back this Laser and was wondering about best practices to repair the damage shown in the attached photos. She is obviously well worn so not looking to repair to class specs or anything but would like to tackle the gelcoat damage. Should I dremel these out, gelcoat...
  7. Reilaleid

    CALIFORNIA WANTED: Laser, Laser 2, or Capri

    Seeking: LASER, LASER 2, CAPRI 13 or 14.2 located in any of these areas: San Diego/Bay Area/Auburn, CA or Bellingham WA or Kauai, HI. I am located on Kauai and the other areas are where my family members are located and will purchase on my behalf, pay you cash and ship to me on Kauai! Ideally...
  8. P

    FLORIDA Laser #204108 for sale - $4500

    comes with top and bottom covers, carbon tiller/extension, 1 practice radial and full rig, 1 race radial and full rig. it is located in Miami. $4500
  9. mike167233

    NEW JERSEY 1999 Laser and Trailer for Sale

    Hi everyone! Hope you're doing well. I had a posting last year but it seems to have closed. I have a 1999 Laser (#167233) for sale. Asking $2,000. Two older full rig sails, 1 older radial sail. No radial bottom section, though. Has the mojo rigging. Boat is in good shape and hasn't been used...
  10. chernobylworker

    Should i pick the standard or radial

    I Weigh 75 Kg and i dont know if i pick the standard or radial. Can anyone help me?
  11. J

    CALIFORNIA WANTED Laser Radial around $2000-$3500

    Laser wanted in and around $2000-$3500. Preferably in Orange County but anywhere in Southern California is fine. Preferably with a dolly, cover, nice foils, and also 2 sets of sails, practice and race sails. Text me at 9494850384.
  12. L

    NEW YORK Laser Hull (Needs Work)

    This laser hull needs work, it has a good bottom (perfect gel coat) and a relatively soft deck (as comes with intense use here in the Northeast). The foam hull blocks (it is an 1985') are waterlogged, and the boat is 50 pounds overweight as a result. The hull/deck joint is not watertight in the...
  13. M

    SOLD 2005 Pro Rig Laser w Radial and Full Rigs, Dolly, Kitty Hawk trailer, Carbon fiber Tiller & ext and Harken mainsheet blocks

    Selling my 2005 Pro Rig Laser w Radial and Full Rigs, Dolly, Kitty Hawk trailer, Carbon fiber Tiller & ext and Harken mainsheet blocks. The photos show it before I set if up for Pro-rig and Harken main sheet blocks. And the carbon fiber tiller that comes with it is not the one pictured. This...
  14. S

    OREGON Wanted - Laser Radial

    Looking for used Laser Radial with dolly ready to sail; trailer, cover, and decent race sail a plus.
  15. G

    DELAWARE Laser Pico wanted

    Looking for a used Laser Pico < $2,000. With trailer would be ideal, but not a must. Willing to travel in the NE or Mid-Atlantic regions to pick up.
  16. B

    2001 Laser - Radial and 4.7 setup

    Good condition, upgraded gear and parts, dolly, 2 sails 4.7 and radial lower masts. Top and bottom cover. 2
  17. A

    INDIANA Laser Sailboat Wanted. Ideally around the Midwest, but I'm open minded.

    I'm located in Bloomington, Indiana and I'm looking for a quality Laser Sailboat. My budget goes up to 3500 USD, but It is flexible. Email me at or call at 6174879879 (email or text if i don't answer I never check voice mail). Thanks, Andre
  18. Benn Smith

    SOUTH CAROLINA 2014 Laser Standard in Charleston SC

    I have a 2014 Laser for sale. It can be included with both radial and MK2 full rig and bottom sections. Carbon Top Section. Professionally roped with good centerboard and rudder Carbon Tiller and extension. Boat has sailed many different high level events (Miami World Cup and others). Located in...
  19. D

    Laser repair suggestions (split sandwich)?

    Hi everyone! Long time reader from Norway here. So the Covid-19 isolation leaves plenty of time for work that hasn't been done earlier... I have a 1983 LASER that is taking in some water. The boat is in general good overall-condition, the mast step is tight and the drains have been replaced...