1. EastCoaster19

    FLORIDA Tons of Laser Goodies, Parts, Gloves, etc

    Tonnes of Laser Goodies, Parts, Gloves, etc. Click through all the pix, see what you'd like and then message me a fair offer.
  2. EastCoaster19

    FLORIDA Laser Rite-On Road Trailer, travel solo with your boat

    This is the awesome (!) used, Laser Rite-On road trailer. This is super cool because it enables you to travel and launch your laser by yourself, you don't need to find a second person to lift your laser on/off your car; you can take this off the trailer, and put it back on, on your own! It's...
  3. W

    RHODE ISLAND 2 different 2005 Laser packages for sale - junior sailors

    2 different 2005 laser packages for sale. Essentially the same, but different colors and each has a hull blemish. Overall great condition and only moderately used for 4-5 seasons for junior sailors. Each has 3 complete rigs and multiple sails, Fulls new or next to new. More pictures...
  4. D

    2015 Laser for Sale - Race Ready - $5,400

    Excellent condition Laser full rig for sale. The boat was manufactured in 2015 and used in one regatta that year. Sail number is 209653. I bought the boat in the fall of 2016 and used it lightly for frostbiting, weeknight racing and three, two day long regattas. Includes a Dynamic dolly...
  5. G

    CONNECTICUT 2005 Laser - Race Ready

    2005, blue hull, 181803. One owner since new. Very carefully maintained - extremely good condition - you won't believe its a 2005. Stored in garage when not at regattas. New top section, 2 booms (one new). 3 sails. All the usual race gear. Top cover (new) and blade bag. Seitech dolly...
  6. D

    CALIFORNIA Laser + Trailer for sale in Huntington Beach, Ca

    Laser sailboat – Standard size mast & sail, Harken Racing Rig (cost $350), self-bailor, new lines, newish padded hiking strap, new weather resistant and breathable deck cover, sail in great condition; with trailer. Boat and trailer registration are both current. A lot of fun! $1700 obo
  7. NickolasG

    LPE introduced new ARC-1 and ARC-2 rigs!

    Just opened my Facebook and updated my news feed and appeared post from LaserPerfomance with their new video about these rigs. To see the video tap on the link below [here|] Seems pretty interesting, but I guess the price will start from 3000€. Absolutely new sail, absolutely new spars that are...
  8. Nigelp

    CALIFORNIA Wanted - Laser standard mainsail and Daggerboard

    Hi, Looking for Laser standard mainsail and Daggerboard. Not worried about condition as is for old laser we have for kids to learn to sail in the harbor. Based in Los Angeles and happy to pay shipping. Thanks Nigel
  9. mike167233

    NEW JERSEY 1999 Laser

    1999 Laser for Sale. Asking $2,000. Full rig spars with 2 sails. Mojo rigging. Only sailed consistently for about 7 summers. Also have a trailer for a negotiable additional price. Contact with any questions! Email:
  10. NickolasG

    Laser Repairing

    Hi all! I'm about to make mini "service/repairing" on my laser, because I've noticed that somewhere silicone is gone, somewhere I still have glue marks on a hull, somewhere I have some weird black lines (probably from rubbing with something). And the questions I've got are: 1) If I'm going to...
  11. joy664

    GEORGIA Wanted laser in Georgia

    Looking to buy a laser in or near GA. I recently graduated from college and am looking for a laser or laser radial (preferred since I am 5'4 and 125lbs). I plan to use it to start to compete in the laser class. It will be well taken care of and used 3-4 times a week. Looking to get one around...
  12. G

    NEW YORK Laser for Sale - Southampton NY - Great Racing Quality

    Wonderful Laser for Sale Southampton, NY Year of Production 2009 Hull Number #195920 Condition: Good aesthetic and working condition History: Raced at the Shelter Island Yacht Club, owned by multiple SIYC families over the years. Leased to a SIYC for the 2019 season...
  13. Tucacas

    What did I get

    Hi everybody, I am new to the forum and new to sailing. I just finished helping a 70 year old neighbor lady get rid of junk (filled her a 10 ton dumpster). She is just getting ready to move to FL. She is a beautiful person and I wish her the best. Well, after I got done (2 weeks later) she...
  14. 4

    Hypothetical Helium filled laser

    Just out of curiosity- would it be possible to cut a few pounds by filling a laser with helium? I know at least one America’s cup has used this technique to raise their waterline. Does that mean it isn’t illegal? How much helium would it even take to fill a laser? If you were to fill it up...
  15. G

    NEW YORK Beautiful Laser for Sale

    Price $4000 Year of Production 2009 Hull Number #195920 Condition: Very good aesthetic and working condition History: Raced at the Shelter Island Yacht Club, owned my multiple SIYC families over the years. Includes Radial racing and practice sail, upper and lower mast, boom, blades, full...
  16. M

    Laser Radial Mast and Sail for Sale

    Used class legal Laser Radial Mast and Sail in Very Good Condition - Suitable for practice, club and local racing. Comes with a Laser radial sail bag, a set of battens, a plastic tube for rolling the sail and long bag for the rolled sail. $450 for both or, separately, $250 each. Per the last...
  17. NickolasG

    The ILCA Dinghy became a reality

    Hi all! Just opened insta and found something interesting. What's your opinion about it?
  18. Flash13385

    ARKANSAS Laser Dolly and/or Bottom Cover

    Want a dolly for Laser that can be easily disassembled Also want a bottom cover for Laser
  19. D

    DELAWARE 3 boat rack for trailer or ground storage -- $800

    Seitech rack that holds 3 Sunfish, Lasers or similar. I have used it to carry kayaks as well. Aluminum frame with stainless hardware. Pads and U-bolts included. Rack with pads & U-bolts is nearly $1600 retail. This rack in perfect condition is half the cost. (Note: does not include trailer.)...
  20. NickolasG

    Carbon tiller

    Hi All! Europeans RDL in Athens are done, and I've got a boat after that event. Aussie 210... in very good condition. Now I have everything, including tiller and tiller extension and now I'm stuck with 1 question : is better to use carbon tiller (flat) or continue sailing with a stock one (...