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I am a surfer who lives in Cornwall. I surf my laser in breaking waves. I'm keen to start a laser surf series (similar to zap cat racing in the surf zone). It is a cross over between sailing, surfing and windsurfing. Whilst it's fun and classed as extreme, I feel that course racing in flat water seems a bit 2D (even on foils).

Let me know if you are interested in racing and we can meet up. I sail in Bude and would love to race against other boats here.

P.s. This is not for the faint hearted.

Check out the link below for some idea of how this works:

That looks great fun.

Two questions:
1. Do the surfers get grumpy about you dropping in on all their waves?
2. Have you broken any spars yet?

P.S. I'm half way around the world in windy Wellington, New Zealand where we regularly get the same sized waves in our 'flat water' course racing.


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The surfers are quite accepting. Some funny looks to start as dinghy sailing in this area is non existent (due to the exposure of the coastline).
I'm in the water surfing a lot myself so most of the people who surf here are familiar faces anyway. When sailing in the surf I also abide by surfing (drop in) rules as I would if I were surfing so no real problem. You have to be very quick on righting the boat after a wipeout though because the next wave would wreck the boat unless the nose is pointing into the surf. You get very quick at doing this (and at keeping the boat from capsizing). It's just another level of buzz for me because it is so demanding on your true ability to sail/surf in critical situations.

...and yes, I have broken two topmasts so far. I'm badgering laser uk to help get the surf racing concept off the ground!