1. Mrs Hill

    KANSAS Vintage 1966 Sunfish & trailer

    Vintage 1966 Sunfish Serial # 35464 Wichita, KS boat, sail, etc + trailer for sale
  2. Alan S. Glos

    NEW YORK Sunfish Rudder Assemblies and Dagger Boards For Sale

    Sunfish Rudder Assemblies and Dagger Boards for Sale Sunfish rudders and dagger boards for sale. All have been refurbished and refinished with three coats of marine gloss spar varnish. Hardware has been reconditioned and burnished to like new condition. Blades are all mahogany; tillers are...
  3. P

    UTAH Seitech Sunfish dolly

    Seitech Sunfish dolly for sale. In really good condition. $250. Located in Park City, Utah. Happy to box it up and ship it at buyer's expense.
  4. V

    ILLINOIS Multiple Sunfish Boats from 1966, 1967, and 1980.

    Hello! We are a private club located in the northern suburbs of Chicago. We have 4 1966 available, 6 1967 available, and 2 1980 available. These boats are all in good condition with the exception that some are missing the daggerboard. This is an easy purchase for any sailor! Please contact for...
  5. Bostonian

    ARIZONA Sunfish old style rudder, tillers, daggerboard, extension

    Some nice condition old style sunfish parts. one rudder, nice condition. Includes all the associated brass. I removed to clean. one dagger board, nice condition, minor wear on trailing edge. two tillers, both are slightly twisted at the end. good condition. one has the brass straps, one...
  6. 4cpus4me

    MICHIGAN AMF Alcort Sunfish Sailboat with Trailer - $800 (Midland, MI)

    This looks pretty decent and just got listed in Michigan and has a trailer: Sunfish with trailer
  7. Alan S. Glos

    NEW YORK Super Sailfish Mark II Spar Sets For Sale

    I have two nice Super Saillfish Mark II spar sets (mast with mast head halyard block, upper boom, lower boom with Wilcox-Crittenden mainsheet blocks, gooseneck and all end-caps and connecting hardware.) These are freshwater spars in good to very good condition. These spars are for a 75 sq. ft...
  8. 4cpus4me

    MICHIGAN Vanguard Sunfish - $500 (Battle Creek, Michigan)

    Saw this just get listed in Michigan: Sunfish
  9. Benswingin

    Wood roof-rack for Tacoma

    First post, just joined today. Heading to Lake Moomaw. My wife bought me a sunfish for $50. I was scared to open the sail bag, but turns out the sails are new. Lucky me! Boat has been sitting turned over in the woods in a pile of leaves for 3 years. I built a wood rack for it a couple of nights...
  10. J

    1976 Sunfish for Sale in Northern New Jersey

    1976 Sunfish in excellent condition. Clear Title. Newer Sail and Original Sail. $1000. Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you for viewing my post.
  11. I

    How to transport a sunfish

    Hey all! I'm heading up to Maine next weekend and would like to bring my sunfish up there with me. Gonna get a hitch installed on my car... then I need to figure out what sort of trailer I can get to do this. Looks like Load Rite has some that would work, but they're pretty expensive. I'm...
  12. Sailing Sasha

    Beat up used Sunfish vs. Newport Panther - is it worth it?

    Hi everyone, this is my first post on this forum. So I just got back from sailing a friend's sunfish and have decided I really want one. After checking my local Craigslist, I found one that has certainly seen better days, and I'm not sure if it is worth the $250 asking price. The hull looks...
  13. K

    NEW YORK 1968 Alcort Sunfish For Sale

    Serial # 53608. 14' It was in the last owner's family since new, we are the 2nd owner. Unrestored survivor. Its always stored dry and covered or garaged. Sailed only in fresh water (Lake George). Original aluminum top deck trim and coaming are completely intact and all rivets still in place...
  14. 4cpus4me

    Sunfish Rack

    Here's my attempt at a rack for my Sunfish when I keep it in the lake. Just 2" schedule 40 pipe over some aluminum posts I augered into the lake bottom. I lift the front end and slide it into the goal post which sort of holds it while I walk around to the back end and lift it up on to...
  15. B

    PENNSYLVANIA Sunfish racing sail wanted

    Please contact me if you have a Sunfish racing sail for sale that is in very good or better condition. Obviously, the price will be adjusted based on the condition of the sail. Thank you.
  16. M

    1972 Sunfish for Sale

    1972 Sunfish sailboat in solid, recreational sailing-ready condition, including all of the following gear: Varnished Daggerboard and Rudder Classic wooden tiller Mainsheet deck block with deck cleat Your choice from among three sets of sails I have for the boat - the blue and white pictured...
  17. M

    SOLD 1996 Sunfish Performance Sailcraft w Dolly, cover and trailer - BARN FIND

    1996 Performance Sailcraft Sunfish with dolly, trailer, cover, North racing sail. This was a barn find - it has been used once in the last twenty years. It looks great and is ready to get out on the water. Includes a FRP daggerboard and varnished rudder. Full price offer will include a 2nd...
  18. Clark_Lake

    1965 Sunfish Restoration

    Hi, I'm new to the forum and thought I'd share some pics of my "quar-project"...restoring my grandma's old Sunfish. My parents took it out a few years ago so I know it floats, and other than that it's been in a garage or basement the past 25+ years. I think most of the parts are original, but...
  19. WolfHertzberg

    Sunfish Mainsheet Block Installation

    Hi all, I see that there've been a lot of threads on various mainsheet upgrades, with a ratchet block sitting on a stand-up spring seemingly the best option. But what I can't find a conclusive answer to is whether it's enough to simply drill the eye strap directly into the deck with machine...
  20. B

    NEW YORK Clean - AMF Sunfish Sailboat

    Clean 14ft AMF Sunfish sailboat. Hull is clean, dry and has a nice shine. No repair work. Has a new sail, original drain plug, & newer spring rudder. Can help with delivery to NY/Long Island, NJ and CT area