1. T

    FLORIDA 2008 Sunfish with Dolly - Pristine Condition, Like New

    2008 Sunfish with dolly - Only sailed 3 times. - Has been kept inside storage. - Excellent condition. Like New. Looking for a good home for it. For more information, please call 407-876-2831. Thank you.
  2. B

    NEW YORK 2002 Vanguard Sunfish - Like New

    2002 Vanguard Sunfish sailboat. This boat is clean, light weight and comes ready for use. The hull is clean, no repairs and shines nicely. Blades and sail are also in nice shape. Can help with delivery to NY/NJ/CT area.
  3. Alan47

    Sunfish Assisted Capsize Recovery

    At North Shore Yacht Club (on L Michigan in Highland Park, IL) we have developed techniques that enable a buddy sailing in another Sunfish to come to the aid of a capsized Sunfish sailor in recovering the daggerboard (in case it slipped down), righting the turtled boat, and re-boarding the boat...
  4. W

    OHIO Nylon or Aluminum Sunfish Rudder Head / Cheek

    Looking for a used nylon / plastic or aluminum rudder head or cheek for a 1981 Sunfish restoration project. I also need a pintel pin but could easily obtain one new elsewhere. As you know but for clarity, what I want attaches to the rudder blade to make a complete rudder. I have a set of...
  5. Flieger

    DePersia Bailer Removal

    Hi all, I bought an old Sunfish fixer upper and am trying to remove the old De Persia bailer. The nut is missing, but try as I might, I'm unable to remove the bailer. Any tips what to do here?
  6. storm petrel

    Sold - Sunfish Project Boat for Sale - Sold

    Purchased this sunfish as a project boat for my children, but it ended up mine:mad:. I don't sail. I have added access ports and dried it indoors for a year. I believe it is completely dry, but the blower used to dry it is included. There was suspect crack in the cockpit that I plugged with...
  7. JC707

    Sunfish Project

    It’s been two months but I’m not disappointed.
  8. D

    DELAWARE 3 boat rack for trailer or ground storage -- $800

    Seitech rack that holds 3 Sunfish, Lasers or similar. I have used it to carry kayaks as well. Aluminum frame with stainless hardware. Pads and U-bolts included. Rack with pads & U-bolts is nearly $1600 retail. This rack in perfect condition is half the cost. (Note: does not include trailer.)...
  9. JC707

    AMF Sunfish Cool Cat Cooler

    I’ve seen a few pictures and read about it in the Sunfish Bible. Does anyone one know where I can get a Cockpit cooler? There’s none on Ebay. Thank you, Jac.
  10. W

    Sunfish transportation tips and advice.

    Good Morning! I recently placed a bid on an ‘05 sunfish sailboat. Once the auction goes off I’ll only have a couple of days to pay and then drive a few hours to pick it up. Since I’ve never owned a sunfish before, I’m looking for transportation tips and advice. Things like, what’s the best way...
  11. C

    New Project Questions

    I'm new to Sunfish and sailing in general. I just bought an old Sunfish last night. She doesn't have a HIN but a serial number instead. According to Timeline.pdf I think she was manufactured in 1966 and is among the last to have a halyard block. It...
  12. Alan S. Glos

    NEW YORK Sunfish Parts, Gear and Hardware For Sale

    Sunfish and Sailfish Parts, Gear and Hardware for sale. Mostly used but some new, old stock. Vintage, pre-1972 hardware available. If you are restoring or upgrading a Sunfish or Sailfish and need hardware or hard to find parts, I have most of them at decent prices. Rudders, daggerboards...
  13. sinogin

    RHODE ISLAND Sailing Boat Swap and Sale at Zim

    A local club brought in a bunch of old sunfish and parts to sell at our Boat Swap this Saturday. See details below. Saturday April 6th from 9-3 @ Zim Sailing's Headquarters! 33 Broadcommon Rd, Unit 1, Bristol RI, 02809 Used Boat Auction: Sell your Opti, 420, Sunfish, or Laser. Find a great...
  14. M

    TEXAS Vintage style sunfish rudder for sale $150

    Hello, Selling a vintage style sunfish rudder. It is in good condition as seen in the pictures. $150 + Shipping from 76039
  15. W

    OHIO 1976 Sunfish race ready F/S Buyer backed out

    Offering my white hull and green striped deck 1976 Sunfish for sale. Has the original Green and White striped sail installed . Boat has Hexarachet block for main sheet installed. Boat has no inspection ports. Boats hasn't leaked very low use. Comes with Sunfish trailer. Boat has a standard...
  16. K

    58 Mile Trip

    Hello all, This is my first post on this forum (Hopefully I'm posting this in the correct section). I have been tossing the idea around of doing a long trip in my 1981 AMF sunfish, I have recently restored her back to her former glory and am happy to say that she is as dry as can be (with the...
  17. B

    NEW YORK 2002 Racing Sunfish (Vanguard)

    2002 Racing Sunfish sailboat. Clean, light weight and ready for use. Hull has a nice shine and has been stored indoors when not in use. No patches. Bottom is clean. Race equipped with North race sail and rigging, hiking strap, fiberglass daggerboard and wood rudder. All parts and lines included.
  18. S

    1987 North American Sunfish with Trailer For Sale

    Boat has been garage stored it's entire life. Galvanized trailer included. Racing style sail with clear window. Email for more information.
  19. T

    CALIFORNIA AMF Alcort Sunfish

    Rudder and Daggerboard missing. The boat in in great condition.... Beverly Hills CA.
  20. W

    Buying a used sunfish - first timer needs advice

    Hello Everyone, Like many of the people on this forum, I recently got my first taste of sailing and I’m pretty sure I’m addicted. Buying my first boat any day now. Looking at a used sunfish and got the following response from the seller. What are your thioughts on this opportunity? I’ve...