1. B

    NEW YORK Red/white/blue 14ft Sunfish - Excellent Condition

    Classic red, white, and blue 14ft AMF Sunfish sailboat. Sunfish is in excellent condition. Very lightly used over the years and always stored indoors. Hull is clean, has a nice shine, and no patchwork. Light weight hull. Sail is in like new condition, no rips or tears. Blades are also in great...
  2. B

    NEW YORK Mint Alcort Sunfish Sailboat - New Style Rudder

    Mint condition 14ft Alcort Sunfish sailboat. Hull is clean, light weight, and was very lightly used. Mint condition, all original parts in great shape. No repairs or major scratches to the hull, hull has a nice shine. Sail is in great shape with no rips. Wood blades are also in great shape. New...
  3. S

    2017 Sunfish

    I have a really nice 2017 Sunfish sailboat for sale. Has brand new never used sail with window, new sail/spar bag, class legal daggerboard, rudder, mast and booms. Includes mainsheet ratchet, hiking strap, new mainsheet, dyneema halyard, new spectra sail ties, aluminum tiller and tiller...
  4. sadkins372

    PENNSYLVANIA Used Dolly and Spars/Mast Wanted (Western PA to Rochester, NY)

    We are looking for a used Sunfish or Laser dolly (Dynamic/Seitech or equivalent). Also looking for an extra set of spars and mast. We live in Western PA (Pittsburgh and Pymatuning Reservoir) and also traveling to Rochester NY this week (RCC). Thanks for any leads. I had to put a price but...
  5. S

    Sunfish sail

    Used sunfish sail with window, good condition. Can ship for shipping costs.
  6. S

    North Race Sail

    Older North race sail, good condition. Can ship for shipping costs.
  7. Trumanwalker

    Wooden Sunfish Floor Boards

    So I am working on this wooden sunfish and it did not come with original floorboards. So I made some quick out of 1/4" okoume marine plywood and put a coat of primer on them. I know there should be finger holes but I'm not sure if I got the dimensions quite right and would appreciate any insight...
  8. Seashells

    Question  Sunfish similarities to the Butterfly?

    Hi all, I’m a complete beginner to sailing. My friend and I recently acquired a Sunfish but haven’t had a chance to take it out yet. I also recently went on a vacation at a lake house and had full access to a Butterfly sailboat for about a week. That was my first time ever sailing. I got used to...
  9. B

    Expired  NEW YORK Mint Condition - Original Alcort Sunfish Sailboat

    Original Alcort 14ft Sunfish sailboat. Excellent condition. Stored indoors and lightly used on local lakes. Hull is clean, glossy, and there are no repairs or patches. Original matching Alcort sail in great shape and wood blades. Everything works as it should including original rudder pin and...
  10. JC sunfish

    Missing world sailing plaques on 2021 and newer boats

    Heads up to anyone out there with a 2021 or newer sunfish. The following are the recent emails from the ISCA regarding the forged or missing world sailing plaques, just discovered my boat doesn't have one: #1 "World Sailing Plaques: Additional news is that ISCA has been working closely with...
  11. S

    Expired  RHODE ISLAND New Sunfish Sails

    I have brand new Sunfish sails for sale. These are 3.8 oz Challenge dacron sails with stainless steel grommets and a clear window. These are race cut sails, not flat. No cunningham grommet though. I have 11 colors to choose from, some in limited quantity. Will post actual photos soon. Shipping...
  12. J

    Expired  NEW JERSEY Vanguard Sunfish

    Vanguard Sunfish - '99 I think; new Intensity sail & blades; upgraded lines, bungee, tiller extension etc; virgin Vanguard spars; used for club racing on local NJ lake (fresh water, no waves, no stress); nice hull, no damage, no repairs; some wear scratches and sun fade of deck stripe.
  13. LostSailor

    Vang Solution with a Deck Cleat Only?

    Hey Now, I rigged my sunfish for the first time this morning — just in time for the wind to die out. I followed a how-to video showing the rigging of a mast with a cleat on its side, but my boat only has a deck cleat, so the procedure for tying my vang had to differ. Eventually, I managed to...
  14. LostSailor

    TEXAS Sunfish Rudder Assembly (Or Rudder with)

    Hey Now, I'm bargain hunting to replace the missing rudder assembly on an 81 sunfish. I have the tiller, blade, and mounting bracket, but no head/cheek plate or hardware. If you've got a spare cheek assembly, carriage bolt, springs — or even a complete rudder, I'm in the market!
  15. LostSailor

    Old-Style Rudder Cheeks?

    Hey now, This 81 sunfish belonged to my late father. I took her on, and as I was prepping to sail later this week, I discovered there's no damn rudder cheek assembly (main bolt, tension springs, etc) — looks like he never got around to mounting his latest homemade blade. God knows where the...
  16. N

    Paddling/Motoring from canal out to lake

    Hey everyone! New to the forum here. I've been sailing Sunfish on and off now for close to 10 years, and finally got the chance to buy my first boat. This forum has been super handy for advice for getting the boat dry, cleaning up the bottom gelcoat, and repainting the top (previous owners put...
  17. Trc4897

    PENNSYLVANIA Sunfish Trailer Wanted

    Hello! I am looking for a sunfish trailer. Cartopping is not as easy for me as it used to be. And a trailer would let me go by myself. Also interested in a trailer/sunfish combo (new rudder style) as my pre 1972 rudder has been giving me issues lately. I am in Erie PA but willing to drive a...
  18. tag

    MICHIGAN MSU sailboat auction

    full disclosure: these are NOT mine, just posting so others are aware of the auction. Link here: Search: 6 results found for "sailboat" the Michigan State University (MSU) surplus store - East Lansing, Michigan - has several sailboats up for auction, including 4 (older) Sunfish. and an O'day...
  19. S

    RHODE ISLAND New Sunfish Sail w/window

    New Sunfish sails available in the following colors: Blue Wave (1 available) Dragon (2 available) Go Navy (1 available) Modified Sunrise (1 available) Primary (2 available) Gator (1 available) Shipping available, New sail rings also available.
  20. S

    RHODE ISLAND New Sunfish Sail

    New sunfish sail in Gator color scheme, orange, blue and white. Includes stainless grommets, window and sail/rope bag. $185, shipping extra. New sail rings available as well.