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  • I just picked up a Phantom, if I decide to keep her, I might be interested in one of those sails if still available. I want to give her a spin this spring before I decide, let me know. Thanks
    I'm looking for parts to make new rudder - need a cheek assembly and the tiller straps. Do you have any?

    Another member on the forum suggested reaching out to you as perhaps you can help me out:

    In recently acquiring my 1981 Sunfish, I realized the rudder does not have the tension springs attached.

    1. Do you have an extra set you are willing to sell & ship to me to NJ?
    2. Can I substitute the Sunfish parts for tension springs purchased elsewhere?
    3. If so, what is the length & diameter of the springs?

    Thank you!
    Thank you for responding to my post in the Super Sunfish Rigging thread, Sailcraftri!

    Question: Are you offering two options for the Vang Assembly (3:1 or 4:1)?

    If so, which do you recommend considering my 13 yo son and I are beginner sailors?

    do you have all white sails with racing window back in stock
    I have class legal used race sails by North. Otherwise colored recreation sails with windows.
    SC - I saw your post about having plastic bushing/washers for a sunfish rudder? Do you still have them? I'm building a new rudder for a friend and have the old broken rudder I'm working off of a template. One other question I have, is there a bushing in the bolt hole itself? I assume so, otherwise the metal bolt would wear through the finish and expose the wood, but I only see posts about the flat washer.

    I know this message was a while ago. I was not looking at these alerts. I do have the plastic bushings available but by now you may already have some. There is not a plastic bushing in the bolt hole for the Sunfish. The Force 5 did use one. You can certainly add one if you prefer.

    I read an old post of yours that stated you had some old Phantom bailers for $5. Do you still have them? I own a couple of Sunfishes, but my daughter just scored an intact Phantom for $75. It needs a new sail (which I have many) and a little fiberglass work. It's got some issues buyt is her project boat. She'll have a nice little boat for about $200 when she is done.


    I guess this is the PM for you....I have got a hull and am working on restoring it to sailworthy. I was planing on making many parts, but you have lots of stuff listed, I need. If the prices are right and we can ship as a lot, I would take several things off your hands
    I'm looking for parts for an older sunfish rudder, specifically what looks like a bolt or pin maybe 8-10 inches in length that connects the assembly to the mounting plates on the upper and lower surfaces of the hull. I have most of the assembly but I know there is also a spring that holds it out of the water and a couple other small related parts. Thanks Phil
    I'd like three (3) drain plugs. Aside from eBay, I've never used my PayPal account. Can you walk me through it? 'Course, otherwise I can send you a personal check—including your estimate of postage.

    Do you still have new Sunfish masts available? If you do, I would be interested in buying one from you. I live on the North Shore of Boston, and could drive down to RI and pick it up. Let me know. Thank you, James
    I'm very interested in the vang kit. If it's still available please text me at (616)-499-5160. Thanks -Jacob
    I'm interested in a coaming splash gaurd if still available my son just got a 14 ft Phantom without one please call me 7812529843 thank you rick
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