1. G

    Sunfish: race ready with Roll-On dolly trailer

    Fully rigged for racing. 2004 Hull All new covers: sail, top, bottom. Blade bag, extra light air main sheet. View port, Cam block with deck jam cleats. Right on trailer (boat remains on dolly and rolls onto trailer) in like-New condition. Boat used only for frostbite season. Unused for past 2...
  2. Z

    2003 Sunfish with Trailex Trailer

    2003 Sunfish in great condition with Trailex Trailer. Comes with a cover and everything else you need to get out on the water. See images here: 20180421 164931 20180421 165115 20180421 165141 20180421 165823 20180421 165828 20180421 165849 20180421 165911 20180422 171630 20180422 171707
  3. M

    List Prices for Sunfish Over the Years

    Is there any available record of the the List prices for Sunfish over the years? I seem to remember as a child in the mid to late 1960s that the list price was somewhere between $500 and $1000 US. At that time I was sailing an O'Day Javelin which I "remember" my father purchased new with a...
  4. C

    Clean Vanguard Sunfish Sailboat

    14ft 2000 Vanguard Sunfish sailboat. Very clean and light-weight. All parts (sail, blades, spars) included and in nice shape. Sets up in less than 5 minutes- perfect for beginner sailers. Call 845 558 5270.
  5. L&VW

    1971 Sunfish, Complete, Original Sail, Bronze Rudder Parts, Red deck.

    Just brought down from New Hampshire, this Sunfish has a faint oval ring on the bottom that indicates it was moored for much of its life—and it shows! Stored under a house, the registration sticker shows 1999. :eek: While the deck needs polishing to bring back the shine, the underside retains...
  6. C

    Restoring a 1964 Sunfish

    I'm currently restoring a 1964 Sunfish that I picked up for $300. I want to restore it 100% back to how it was the day it was produced. My Depersia bailer is stuck and I have tried a lot of different things to try and get it unstuck. Does anyone have one for sale or know of another way to get...
  7. mhans

    Sebago Canoe Club sailing class

    We featured the annual Sebago Canoe Club of Brooklyn sailing class in our video series. Such a joy introducing people to sailing with this seasoned and special boat.
  8. D

    Sunfish Sailboat Mahogany Daggerboard

    Used Sunfish mahogany daggerboard. Very nice condition
  9. R

    WANTED: Super Porpoise Sail

    That pretty much covers it. Trying to get this old boat going and the original sail ripped to shreds in 3 kts of wind on the trial run. Thanks, Marty Canandaigua, NY
  10. Alan S. Glos

    Sailfish (not Sunfish) Mahogany Daggerboard For Sale

    Rare, genuine factory issue Sailfish mahogany daggerboard for sale. 31" length overall, 9.5" wide and 3/4" thick, This will fit any of the original wood or fiberglass Sailfish hulls. Can be used as-is but could use a coat or two of varnish. No splits, cracks or major dings. Side handles are...
  11. Joeslost

    My 100$ Sunfish find

    Hey guys just picked up a second fish for 100$! Its pretty rough but I think I made out well. The sail is immaculate and there are two daggerboards. The upper spar is bent, the auto bailer is trashed and it needs all new lines. There are some pretty bad repair jobs on the hull. Let me know what...
  12. CodyPereira

    New (to me) Fish

    Hey everyone, I wanted to take a moment to say hello and also a thank you to all the accessible knowledge available on this site. I finally picked up my own fish (1981 Alcort Sunfish), after wanting one for years after sailing them every day during Boy Scout Summer Camp as a kid. I look...
  13. SmprFidels

    Sunfish Racing parts and North Racing Sail

    Sunfish Racing parts and North Racing Sail for sale Class legal North Racing sail (barely used it is crisp, stored inside) $330 Newer style aluminum tiller and wood rudder assembly $250 Racing Dagger-board, White, new version with no handle hole. $200 Spar set (both booms) with goose-neck...
  14. JonThomas

    Looking to start competing

    Hi all, Learned to sail on a 'Fish back when I was about 12 looking to get back into it and would like to start competing. Im 22 and looking for advice about what year boat I want to look at, or more specifically which years do I not want to look at. Also what obstacles should I expect getting...
  15. L

    1965 Sunfish with Highlander Trailer

    Helping settle my grandmother's estate... Here is the information I have been provided regarding the sailboat in the attached pictures: 1965 Alcort Sunfish with Highlander Trailer Sail, mast, and boom are included but are currently stored in a separate location (so therefore aren't shown in...
  16. V

    77 Sunfish and trailer

    77 Alcort Sunfish in good condition, fully rigged and ready to put in the water. Has some okay repairs done by previous owner that are to a flat section of the hull. Has a spot on the edge trim where something hit the hull. Lots of work done and upgrades, we sailed her last weekend. Trailer is...
  17. C

    Late 1970s Sunfish Sailboat w/ Trailer

    Late 1970s Sunfish sailboat complete with fully operational, and registered, trailer for $1350 (o.b.o.). Sailboat comes complete with keel, rudder, paddle, sail, rigging, ext. Fully operational (tons of fun). I am moving out of state, so I must sell quickly. Small crack within passenger footwell...
  18. Wavedancer

    Sunfish Nationals 2017

    It was windy! 2017 Sunfish North American Championship - sycphotos
  19. Joeslost

    Whoops there's foam here: On inspection ports

    Hello all! I just last week purchased my very first Sunfish sailboat for $350. The previous owner expressed some concern that some water made its way into the hull, and after my first expedition on the water (wow what a blast) there was defiantly water in the hull. At this realization I made...
  20. T

    Wanted: Sunfish with Trailer in Pennsylvania

    Hi, I am new to sailing and looking to buy a Sunfish / Laser with roadworthy trailer immediately. I would prefer to buy a complete package (i.e. boat, dolly and PA registered trailer ) but will consider just a boat. Age of boat and trailer is not too much of a factor, but I would need them to...