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Help identify this 1978 craft. Minifish or Flite 12?


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I have just purchased what was listed as a 1976 Sunfish. I have since learned that it was an inaccurate listing! I knew something was off when I bought it, but I just figured I was misremembering what a Sunfish looked like as I’ve only used one a few times and it was probably 10+ years ago.

I am hoping someone can help me identify which model I actually have. There is a hull number embossed which tells me it is a 1978 AMF. I have narrowed it down to either a minifish, minifish 2, or a Flite 12. But I cannot find information on the differences of these 3 crafts.

Notably, there is no bailer, just an indentation in the cockpit where one would go. Also, there is no front handle (bow handle? I’m new to the boat lingo). I’ve attached pictures. Does anybody know how to differentiate between these 3 crafts?


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The logo on the sail should tell you. I suspect it’s a Minifish. But could be a Flite 12. That sail is not a Mini II.

That boat has a few unorthodox modifications , with some extra parts screwed on here and there. Looks like someone covered the bailer - what is on the bottom of the boat?

A Mini is a good boat. If you weigh say 175 or more you might want a Sunfish. But the Mini is lighter and easier to lug around, and sails well. Parts are interchangeable with Sunfish, although the sail is smaller.


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I believe the sail is from a sunfish. It’s identical to the sail shown here: Sunfish (sailboat) - Wikipedia

The bottom is smooth, no apparent repair or patch job where a bailer would have been. I do not believe there was ever a hole there. The indentation in the cockpit has old silicon patching a crack where the indentation outline is.
If it is a Minifish it should have an overall length of 11'10" and the beam (width) should be 3'10". That should give you a good idea. It looks like a Minifish from the photo's I have seen. Looks like a clean boat Congrat's and welcome to the club.


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Agree with the above. It looks like a modified Minfish. I have two of them. You can compare the photos.

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