1. T

    Wanted: Laser with trailer in Pennsylvania

    Hi, I am new to sailing and looking to buy a Laser / Sunfish with roadworthy trailer immediately. I would prefer to buy a complete package (i.e. boat, dolly and PA registered trailer ) but will consider just a boat. Age of boat and trailer is not too much of a factor, but I would need them to...
  2. B

    Minifish or Sunfish

    In the market for a small sailboat and found a nice Minifish at a decent price. I'm also interested in a Sunfish but have yet to find one in decent shape that's close. I realize it's the middle of the summer and prime sailing time so I'm not surprised. The boat I hopefully purchase will be...
  3. D

    Sunfish & Trailer - Excellent Condition $2500

    Excellent Condition. Hardly used. 2500 OBO. Includes trailer. Pictures available
  4. J

    Basic Repairs

    I'm new to sailing and bought a 1972 Sunfish to learn on. I would appreciate advise on the plug at the bottom (its only a hole now) and recommended videos and resources of sailing, maintenance and repair. I'm lookig forward to this new adventure. Jeff
  5. S

    Sunfish mast

    Used sunfish mast. Excellent condition. One owner. A spare rarely used
  6. jleonard99

    Heavy Sunfish

    Hey everyone, I just bought a 1978 Sunfish and once I got home and pulled it off the trailer I noticed it was heavy. The hull looks to be in amazing condition, but it doesn't have any inspection ports, so I figure it is time for that. I am planning on installing just one behind the splash guard...
  7. J

    New Sailor, Old Sunfish

    I'm new to sailing and bought a 1972 Sunfish to learn on. I would appreciate advise on the plug at the bottom (its only a hole now) and recommended videos and resources of sailing, maintenance and repair. I'm looking forward to this new adventure. Jeff
  8. J

    Newbie here has an embarrassing question

    Hello Everyone: Well, my hubby and I live in St. Louis, MO and we are beginning to think about the upcoming sailing season. We are newbies . . . period! We bought our 73 Sunfish at the beginning of August last year and took it to the lake for the first time about two weeks later. Well, to...
  9. M

    Newly Acquired Sunfish

    Hello, I recently acquired a 1977 sunfish! Very excited about sailing it this summer. Hull came in weighing about 160lb. That was before removing the drain plug and emptying it out. Once the weather got warmer, I decided to start looking into cutting an inspection port a few inches aft of...
  10. Garrett12

    1971 Sunfish Sailboat (Restored w/ upgrades)

    I have for sale a 1971 Sunfish Sailboat that I restored / upgraded with lots of extras. -1971 Sunfish Sailboat -Rudder upgrade (New rudder, tiller, tiller extension) -New sail -Refurbished Dagger Board -New Bailer -New hiking strap -Block -Access ports (1 with bag) -Deck cover (Mast down) -Spar...
  11. B

    Sunfish VIN plate

    I resently bought a 1970's sunfish sailboat to play around with over the summer on local lakes and creeks. I was planing on adding a small electric trolling motor for the slow days. But here in New Jersey the boat needs to be registered and the VIN or serial number plate that is needed to do...
  12. W

    1975 AMF Windflite

    I have a nice 1975 Windflite which has a Sunfish hull and deck but the cockpit is one piece. Comes with all rigging and sail including main sheet harken block. Tee Nee trailer with new bearings. I have too many boats starting to sell a few. $495 is a steal just need to move off club property...
  13. SmprFidels

    Mid 70s Sunfish and racing parts

    Please see add here. $1400 Sunfish Sailboat Nauty Heeler Ready to sail aprox. 1975
  14. Alan S. Glos

    Sailfish sail, spars, rudder assembly, and daggerboard

    Sailfish (not Sunfish) Sail, spars, rudder assembly and daggerbord for sale. Sail. This sail came from a standard fiberglass Sailfish, not the larger Super Sailfish. Overall very good to excellent condition. Very good aerodynamic shape. Age unknown, but it in remarkably good condition...
  15. J

    Two Complete Sunfish With Trailer

    I have 2 Sunfish sailboats for sale. Both are dry and have been stored indoors for most of their life and have been in fresh water. Both boats have standard rigging one has a new sail that was removed from the package but never used the other was repaired at doyle sail loft. One of the boats is...
  16. tag

    a sunset sail on Lake Michigan

    Just got back from a week's vacation on Lake Michigan. Perfect beach weather, but winds/waves/schedule only gave me 2 chances to sail, my son went out 1 more time but it was pretty light winds. We sailed one evening together as the sun was starting to set - me on the Sunfish (white sail) and...
  17. tag

    storing a Sunfish standing up

    Over this weekend, I needed to get my Super Porpoise out of the way to get my Sunfish and Minifish ready to take on vacation to Lake Michigan. my barn is in a bit of a disarray right now, so my best option seemed to be storing the boat vertically. I know it's been talked about various times on...
  18. L&VW

    Sunfish Mast, Repaired from a fracture...

    Original Sunfish mast broke in windstorm, then repaired with a sleeve--stronger than new! Ready for local pick-up, but call or text for alternative delivery options. I also have NEW masts for sale in New Hampshire--and in Florida, if you can wait a few months!
  19. Sailor Mom

    Storing the Sunfish - is upside down best?

    My son has a difficult time having to turn the boat upside down to move it from the dolly to the bunk. Is it bad for the hull to store the boat right side up? It would make moving it to and from the dolly much easier.
  20. S


    All the right stuff here. $ 750.00 for 1975 model, crisp sail, modern rudder, dagger board, good sheet and halyard lines, new cockpit self bailor, aft cockpit cubby, lite hull, sails well, decent shape. Does have repair at bow. Trailer not inc. 860-841-4258. BILL. Local delivery possible.