Looking for opinions on Laser vs Capri (14 ft range)


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Hi everyone, I've been searching the Internet and YouTube for discussions on these two sailing dinghies. There's nothing out there! Is anyone able to comment on the pros and cons or their experience between the classic Laser and the Catalina Capri? Any information would be appreciated. I grew up sailing and learned initially on a Laser. Though I've sailed a lot in early life, I could still be considered a novice since I havn't been on the water consistently in decades. I hope to aquire one of these boats asap to re-learn and teach my 2 children, ages 11 & 13 in Hawaiian waters (Hanalei Bay). What I want in a boat: room for 1-2 people, 1 (or 2 sails with a laser 2 or larger Capri), just fun cruising not racing and.....mostly something that's easy enough for one person to handle a capsize or turtle alone even if the boat is roomy enough to carry 2 people. WHAT IS THE MAIN DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A LASER AND CAPRI OF THE SAME SIZE/CLASS? Thanks in advance
There's is nothing out there because they are wildly different boats.
And to be honest, IMHO neither boat is compatible with your wishes, although the Capri might be a bit closer.
However, the Capri section on this Forum has a lot of comments on how easy the Capri capsizes (and turtles!) and how hard it is to get back in.
And a Laser just isn't made for two medium sized people.
I honestly think that you should expand your horizon. For instance, what do people favor in the area where you want to sail in Hawaii? Ask around...
Thanks so much for taking the time to reply. Mostly there are Hobie Cats here. Very rare to see a sailing dinghy of any kind except for the one small youth sailing program we have here. They only have 4! I really appreciate the info about the Capri, especially to hear there is a section for them in this forum, as I did not see that! I think I am going to pray for a Laser ll on the used market. Thanks again