Laser/ILCA C series rigs


Hello everyone, it’s been a minute since I last visited this forum and I hope y’all doing well
I remember couple of years ago we were full of leaks/teasers from PSA about brand new full carbon rig + laminated sails
If I remember correct it was the C3/C5 and finally C8 rigs. Though since then I’ve never heard anything about them and maybe a year later LPE presented ARC rig but even this thing has gone down
So now I wonder why these rigs never got a chance to see the world?
Thanx in advance!
I wonder why these rigs never got a chance to see the world?
The short answer is that the class association got more important things to do at the time. Also, there doesn’t seem to be any great in-class demand for them, and the pressure from newer classes pretty much died down as well after 2019.

There were three ”C” rigs developed, 5,6 and 8, that roughly corresponded sailor-weightwise to the ”traditional” Laser rigs which are now called ILCA 4,6 and 7.

The C5 was the only one that was commercially available at the time, but I don’t think many were sold. There was this idea that it would be a big hit in Asia, and that just didn’t happen.

However, as always, the future is unwritten.

(By the way, did you get any compensation for your destroyed boat?)