Question Splicing Laser vang primary to top block and middle block

I am working on splicing laser rigging for a boat. I want to splice the primary onto the middle block and the upper harken wire block, but I've run into issues. In all of the Brummel lock splicing videos I have seen (
for example), the loop cannot be made around something because to create the lock you have to pull the loop through the line. My question is: Is there a way to create a Brummel lock around both the middle and upper block without creating a loop separately and then luggage tagging on? And are there any resources I should look at for doing this?

My this is some convoluted wording sorry.

Thank you!
Some thoughts.
1) You don’t really need splices on a Laser/ILCA. Of course they are stronger than knots, but it makes no difference in practice as Dyneema itself is so crazy strong to begin with.
2) IF you absolutely want to splice (admittedly it’s fun and the results look neat), use simple non-locking eye splices. They’re strong enough and don’t require much geometric trickery.
3) If you still want locking splices, make the loop at the key block end big enough that the block passes through it, take the vang key off the block, and attach the loop to the becket lark’s head -style (aka ”luggage-tagging”).
4) If you absolutely hate luggage tags, then switch the key block to the Harken 312, which has a detachable becket pin. Or simply add a shackle at the becket of the 466.