Laser Mast Step Replacement - my experience

Here's a recap of my recent mast step repair using the Diversified Fiberglass kit. I didn't find much online when I was preparing to do this, so thought I'd share. She's seen about 20kts so far and is rock solid.
Hi SaltyAK. I'm in the process of repairing my Laser mast step with the same kit you used from Diversified. (Here's a look so far: )

After you put the replacement step in, let it cure, and removed the screws, you mention that you used "a thickened epoxy to level out the seam for a flush finish." I haven't done fiberglass repairs before so I want to be sure I understand you - what exactly do you mean by "a thickened epoxy"? Do you mean just that you added hardener to the epoxy as usual, or do you mean you added some kind of filler?

Also, can I ask you what kind of marine paint you used at the end?

Finally, how is the repair holding up? Thank you!
I finished my mast step repair (my Dad's 1974 Laser) using the Diversified kit, and got the boat back in the water. If anyone is interested to see the process, there are photos (many, many photos) with descriptions at: Laser Mast Step Repair

If you are experienced with fiberglass repair, you will likely get a good laugh - I started with zero experience working with fiberglass, although I've sailed on fiberglass boats since I was old enough to dog paddle (Dad made me and my siblings his crew for Sunfish racing as soon as we could reliably hold on to the mast and keep our heads down). These photos are not instructions about how to do this project, they are only how I did this! But if you've never worked with fiberglass and find yourself wondering if you should attempt to fix your own broken Laser mast step, maybe the photos and descriptions will help you. (And if I could do it, you probably can too!)

I first started sailing this Laser when I was 15 after learning on the Sunfish, so I must say it was great to have it back in service again, and available for my own kids to use. Much better than discarding the boat.