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Laser Island Voyages Back In The Day

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Here's dinner, the turkey soup tossed into a foil roasting pan and cooked again with pineapple slices, cranberry sauce, cheese slices, all the cr@p that didn't make it into the first recipe, LOL. Meh, who cares??? This $h!t already smells PRETTY DAMNED GOOD, and the Monday Night Football game is on... even though the teams are COMPLETE FREAKIN' LOOOOO-SERS in the grand scheme of things, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! :eek:


It ain't done yet either, but it's gonna be MIGHTY TASTY, I GUARAN-F#%NG-TEE IT, LOL!!! CHEERS!!! :rolleyes:
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Hey, Wavedancer!!! Just wanted to wish ya a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!! Been busy at work, riding this gubmint gravy train... four paid days off in the past five weeks, four more paid days off in the next two weeks: Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve & New Year's Day, BWAHAHAHAHA!!! Damn, I love this job... wrenching on golf carts & mowers in scenic southeastern Arizona, shooting pool and watching football & monster surf on my 65" curved screen here in the high desert & mountains, LOL. Life could be worse, I could be lookin' at Compton, North Philly or the Lower Bronx, aye? Hey, every time I "test drive" a cart I just repaired, I back the governor off all the way and turn the cart up to maximum speed... each gas-powered E-Z-GO TXT Fleet golf cart has a whopping 13hp motor, so the piece o' junk will actually "drift" round the curves on the dirt and gravel service roads & cart paths on the course. :eek:

I must admit, drifting sideways in a golf cart is utterly ridiculous, but it CAN be done, LOL. You can even "hike out" while cornering at speed to obtain maximum drift, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Damn, as AC/DC said, "There ought to be a law!!!" Meh, I turn the carts back down after each test drive so that drunken golfers won't get hurt or killed... we had some fooliots run a cart into a tree at speed, causing considerable damage, but they claimed they weren't aboard when "the parking brake failed and the cart rolled downhill into the tree." Uh... yeah, right. And get this: some fooliot got bent after making a p!$$-poor shot, so he drove another ball at his cart, shattering the acrylic windshield, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Makes ya wonder why some wankers take up the game, you'd think they'd want to chillax amidst the magnificent high desert & mountain scenery... perhaps this windshield-shattering hero had one too many drinks off the friggin' Beverage Cart, LOL. :rolleyes:



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Happy Holidays to you as well!
I would like to warn you about 'racing' those golf carts; be careful or you will be drawing (government) disability funds before long. I rather die on my Laser...
With respect to the latter, did you look at the 1973 video of the Laser slalom races (post #10 in
Laser Racing Videos). That would have been your thing, I imagine.

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Haha, I hear ya... those things can easily roll over if they catch a rut while drifting. As in sailing, one has to choose his course wisely, lol. I reckon I'll check out that video tomorrow, tonight it's Green Bay at Minnesota, aye? Today was the best Monday ever at work: the day went fast, and now I have two paid holidays ahead, lol. Like Monday & Friday rolled into one, except I'm getting paid for the "holiday weekend" and I gots Monday Night Football to boot, along with a truckload of food & beer in the fridge, WOOHOO!!! I don't plan on leaving my property for 2-1/2 days, might even get some home rehab work done if weather permits, I wanna knock out those last remaining rehab tasks so I'm down to routine maintenance. If it rains, no worries, I get two more paid days off next week on New Year's Eve & New Year's Day... I'm beginning to like this gubmint gravy train, lol. Uh-oh, game time, gotta go fire up the 65" curved screen... don't have a pick to win the match, both teams are doing okay so I think I'll just kick back and enjoy the gridiron action. CHEERS!!! :rolleyes:

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Forgot to post these recent pics of dawn over the Dragoon Mountains:

IMG_6892.JPG IMG_6893.JPG IMG_6896.JPG

A bonus as I pulled covers off the fruit trees in my yard before heading to work, lol... and better-looking than the cloudy & occasionally wet slop we have today:


Meh, no worries, I'm having a rum drink as I share quality time with the kittehs... rum with berry smoothie and an ice cube, not bad at all. I reckon I'll string up some last-minute Christmas lights before watching tonight's college ballgame on ESPN. The Hawaii Bowl, Primo Hawaiian Kona Buds Bowl, or whatever they're calling it... works for me. Funny thing, the Surf Channel on TV Plus is my default channel whenever I turn on these Samsung 6 Series Smart TVs, so I always catch a little surfing action before dialing in the TV show I'm gonna watch. Almost makes me feel like I'm still living on the beach... almost, LOL. ;)

Last night, I macked this BURLY meatloaf sandwich during the Green Bay-Minnesota game, thing was the size of Rhode Island with melted cheese & ketchup on it, and it was SO GOOD that I fell asleep during the fourth quarter... no worries, The Pack had already taken the lead, so I didn't miss much, LOL. Woke to some bull$h!t after-game program and immediately turned to the Surf Channel, where I caught some killer surfing action before I finally called it a night and crashed on ye olde rack, surrounded by cats. These cats make good bed warmers, I can cut the central heating at night, cheap b@stard that I am, LOL. :eek:

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I just ordered some cat medicine from Australia via the Internet, and this thought struck me afterward: had this order been placed in the "Age of Sail" it would've taken... what... a year-and-a-half (minimum) for the order to be processed & delivered? Two years plus? Yet these cat drops will be delivered within 20 days, or so the website claims. Works for me, but I reckon nobody would've bothered placing such an order for a lousy cat (or cats) back in the day. In a way, this is a positive aspect of the worldwide web and "globalization"---no idiot elitists or bankster tards in the equation, at least not the kind that wanna run the world and think their $h!t doesn't stink, lol. CHEERS!!! :cool:

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...did you look at the 1973 video of the Laser slalom races (post #10 in
Laser Racing Videos). That would have been your thing, I imagine.
I watched that video and it brought back some memories... believe it or not, some areas of San Diego Bay and off Point Loma can get equally rough, and I mean GNARLY with the howling gusts. Heck, even in the bay and under the Point the wind can howl down those canyons and hit ya like a bullet train... and woe to the solo skipper who is not paying attention with a quick and loose hand, LOL. :eek:

The Salton Sea was equally gnarly, there are "wind events" out there which whip up the lake in that shallow desert pan, creating monster surface chop with heller gusts... evil gusts which are clearly trying to dunk ya in that funky-@$$ water, lol. Last place ya wanna be, swimming in the Salton, AYE??? Mark Spitz or Michael Phelps would not last long in that funky brew, and I'm not even factoring in the "Salton Kraken" (BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!). ;)

Sumb!tch chased me for several miles after I launched in 20-plus knots of wind, but the critter eventually veered off course when I dumped my gallon p!$$ jug off the leeward quarter during the stern chase, lol... had to throw the Kraken a curve ball, my urine was probably the CLEANEST element of that nasty brew, so it was "Confusion to the French!!!" as I hastily sped upon my way to ditch the unwanted house guest, 10-4??? :confused:

Going back to that "shallow desert pan" action, I believe the Bible mentions storms whipped up on shallow bodies of water in the desert... you know, fierce storms upon the Sea of Galilee or wherever? Fishermen capsizing and activating their EPIRBs, lol... or whatever they had back in the day. But my point is this: those bodies of water in shallow desert pans can get whipped into a frenzy during "wind events" with heller strong gusts. No beer drinking at those times, lol. :rolleyes:


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Holy Mackerel!!! I watched a surf flick that came on the Surf Channel before the first college bowl games, and even though the games began I still watched the rest of the surf flick, lol. No worries, I now have football on the big screen, but I really enjoyed that surf flick, reminded me of my youth on the beach... and in some vague way it reminded me of sailing to the islands. Ya know, now that I have a decent job again, I'll be able to go sailing on paid vacation, lol. Rip out to the coast and hang with friends & family, cramming as much sailing in as possible... rent a 30' boat and take folks out on a party voyage, don'tcha know? I get something like two weeks of paid vacay with this job, and I'll use every bit of it, same way as I'll use those paid sick days, lol. Might as well call 'em "paid dirt biking days" and be done with it... I'll drink a cold beer at Big-Nose Kate's Saloon in Tombstone afterward, just to cut the trail dust, aye? :rolleyes:

Anyway, that surf flick can be watched for free on the web, just Google "Innersection surf movie" and the video will be right there at the top... even the "official trailer" is cool with Pink Floyd on the soundtrack, lol. If ya watch the entire film, ya gotta wade through the lengthy credits at the outset, or just advance the film, the subsequent video clips are worth it with guys catching air and (even more impressively) catching LONNNNG-@$$ TUBE RIDES ON PERFECT WAVES, LOL. One hand was surfing in ice-cold water and the waves were so glassy that they looked really cool, almost like natural art. Big barrels too, but perfectly smooth and glassy... the two don't always go together, lol. Meh, I'm really enjoying my days off at this time of year, with football ramping up and my vacay time stacking up at work... got a fridge full o' food & beer, kick@$$ entertainment on my 65" curved screen, and I'm sharing quality time with my 4 cats, lol. ;)

The weather outside is cold & wet & windy, but the heater in my home is cranked to 70 degrees, and it works just fine, lol. I'm flipping back and forth between two college bowl games, but I'm really looking forward to the LSU-Oklahoma match later today, and the Ohio State-Clemson match as well, those will be some great football games for true fans!!! Moi, I love the game itself, always have since my friends and I played ball back in the day. I don't mean on the school team, I mean pickup games with no helmets or pads, and the action was fierce, lol. Sometimes we had our bells rung, sometimes we rang the bells of others... we beat the core crew of the league champion Islanders one time, that was a great game, and the young QB of that team was a real hand when it came to slinging the ball. Dude could hurl a football like nobody's business, and I was no slouch at passing the ball so I recognized his talent. Anyway, enough reminiscing... :cool:


P.S. According to the Oriental Zodiac, I was born in the "Year of the Tiger!!!" Coincidence? I think NOT, lol. CHEERS!!! :D
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First semifinal match was a blowout, the Sooners never showed up to play, despite the presence of the 'Sooner Schooner'---disappointing for Oklahoma, to be sure. But this second match is awesome, I thought it was gonna be another blowout but Clemson finally got on board with some amazing plays... how about that 67-yard run by Trevor Lawrence, was that NOT cool??? That young hand is tall so his running may seem ungainly, but he eats up the yardage with that gait, lol, and defenders have a hard time keeping up with him. NOW we gots a ballgame, AYE??? ;)

And I get to stay up late tonight, no rising early manana, so I'll probably watch a flick after this game... mack a fresh green salad and some burly ravioli later once I'm in the mood, I'm still partying with cold alcoholic beverages, lol. Unrepentant sinner, don'tcha know??? "AND LOVIN' IT!!!" [Maxwell Smart line, 10-4?] Good ol' Maxwell Smart, I used to watch that program decades ago, had the hots for 'Agent 99' because she was a looker, lol. What she saw in Don Adams, I'll never know... maybe he had a fat wallet. :eek:


P.S. Some shots of Crackhead in his new hangout, a shelf under the 65" curved screen with some towels added for comfort, lol. Here's Crackhead:

IMG_6948.JPG IMG_6949.JPG IMG_6950.JPG IMG_6951.JPG IMG_6952.JPG IMG_6953.JPG IMG_6954.JPG IMG_6955.JPG IMG_6956.JPG

Don't mind the rack in the foreground, I set up my home theater in the master bedroom, lol... the motorized reclining leather sofa wouldn't fit in the Pool Room with the 8' table and TV shelf unit. The sofa is behind ya and to the right from this vantage point. Hey, under the TV on the right-hand side of that shelf unit, you can see the 11 pairs of Carhartt work jeans supplied by my employer, I'll save a couple pairs for stylin' it around town, lol. You probably can't see the subwoofer on the bottom shelf, but the soundbar mounted under the TV is visible. I had to shift that cable next to Crackhead for a clear view of my Johnny Cash CD Set, lol. I really should straighten out that shelf unit and get all the cables tucked out of sight... a low-priority mission, beer drinking is more important. Note the Vans Hi-Top Skate Shoe acting as a doorstop... the cats love messing with that shoe, I hafta swap out the left & right shoes on a regular basis so the abuse is equal for the pair, lol. :eek:

P.S. Clemson Tigers in the lead, WOOHOO!!! My Internet sawbuck will be safe after all... :rolleyes:
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As an act of kindness, I brought some food into work today for the inmate crew, kinda felt sorry for 'em because they're locked up over the holidays... and one hand told me he hadn't tasted pepper jack cheese in six years. SIX F#%NG YEARS WITHOUT PEPPER JACK CHEESE!!! Damn, that's ugly... and I know for a fact that cold beer is NOT served in jail, so I gave these inmates some advice about straightening out their lives and enjoying the freedoms which regular law-abiding citizens often take for granted. These are inmates who volunteered for duty, not the dregs of society like thugs & gangbangers who refuse to work and would rather sit in jail, aye? Some of these hands bust @$$ and help out on the golf course, so I wanted 'em to know their work is appreciated. Meh, maybe I'm getting soft in my old age, lol... I'm actually rated as a "crew boss" at work, though I don't often stand on that authority since I have enough repair work to keep me busy, and the inmates usually handle tasks out on the course and not in the shop, but I will drop-kick problematic inmates in a heartbeat if the need arises, as I have already done. In this line of work, it's easy enough to weed out the slackers and those trying to game the system. But for those making an honest effort and helping my coworkers, I try to cut 'em a little slack, ya know? :confused:

I just thought it was a trip, that hand so happy to taste pepper jack cheese again... not to mention the Ritz crackers, thick-@$$ homemade chicken salad sandwiches with different cheese, avocado & onion (plus hot pickle chips and sweet hot mustard on the side), cookies, gallons of whole milk & chocolate milk, 2 liters of soda (Barq's Root Beer & Diet Pepsi), a bag of Halos (tangerines), some bananas, and whatever else. It's almost like a teachable moment for regular Joes, how we often take things for granted in everyday life. Think how it would be if you were deprived of freedoms and things you enjoy on a daily basis... this country may have problems, thanks to scumbag establishment politicians and traitorous sellouts to dirty globalist swine, but I still think it's the greatest country on earth, ya just gotta choose your location wisely so you can enjoy the personal freedoms which still exist in the right areas. I've lived "The Life of Riley" since I moved to Arizona, and I LOVE the great personal freedoms I have in rural and semi-rural Cochise County. Navajo County wasn't bad either, the White Mountains are paradise on earth, but the job situation wasn't as good... here I have a decent job and all the same freedoms. And when it comes to sailing, well, I'll just have to cram as much sailing as possible into those paid vacations, lol. :rolleyes:

Anyway, you hands who might be dissatisfied or even disgruntled with life, maybe working some cr@ppy job you don't like or dealing with some other messed-up situation, just remember that you're a thousand percent better off than jail inmates, AYE? You can still go to the store and buy what ya need, you can enjoy a cold beer at home or at some restaurant or bar, you can get in your car or on your bike and head for some place where you're not as stressed, the whole nine yards. Those little things in life add up, believe me. Here in my "Home 20" I have heaps of wilderness areas mere minutes away, including primo "sky islands" with entirely different ecosystems, wildlife, weather, etc., than what's found below in the desert. All kinds of dirt biking & offroading nearby, hiking & technical rock climbing, Tombstone half an hour away, I'm lovin' this area of southeastern Arizona. Cost of living is low, you can still buy a home for peanuts (relative to Kalifornia), folks are friendly, it's a separate reality, ya know? Just wanted to make these observations while my memory is fresh... seeing that hand enjoy that pepper jack cheese got me thinking about how good we really have it as regular citizens, provided we're not living in metro areas or leftist/libtard country, lol. The wilderness is my church, and life is good right now... I'll never live in a Big City again, and good riddance to that whole scene. CHEERS!!! :)

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GO, BILLS, WOOHOO!!! :rolleyes:

I'm rootin' for the Buffalo Bills because my gal pal "Special K" lives in Rochester, NY... Western NY, as she likes to call it, to distance her tax-paying self from all the welfare leeches in NYC, LOL. :eek:


P.S. For the rest of youse nautical heroes, I'll contact Special K during the game and tell her to check this website, LOL... :cool:

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Meh, bad officiating killed the Bills, even though the Texan was clearly a yard short in that one drive, pfffffft. My picks for this weekend are as follows, though I don't necessarily like the teams, LOL. :rolleyes:

CHIEFS, RAVENS, NINERS & THE PACK... we'll see if paid-off refs botch my selections. :confused:

Otherwise, I'm drinking beer and watching surf flicks, here are some recent photos:

IMG_7080.JPG IMG_7076.JPG IMG_7073.JPG IMG_7111.JPG IMG_7112.JPG IMG_7114.JPG IMG_7115.JPG IMG_7117.JPG IMG_7118.JPG

That jet heater is nice on chilly subfreezing mornings... I use it to warm tools before using them, otherwise they'd be FREEZING, LOL. :eek:


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Uh-oh, I fell asleep during the last half of the Titans game, that reclining leather sofa was just TOO comfortable after I macked my burrito plate, lol. Didn't miss much, since the Titans were already ahead... and I picked the Ravens, go figure, guess they didn't show up to play. Meh, no money riding on it, so no worries... got more football later today, I'm just having a cold beer and watching the Surf Channel before going back to bed, lol. I just sent a message to my brother overseas (one of my 7 brothers, there are several living overseas now), and I included some shots of Tombstone... can't remember if I ever posted these here, so I'll let 'em rip for you aficionados of the Old West. Cheers!!!

IMG_8633.JPG IMG_8647.JPG IMG_8638.JPG IMG_8637.JPG IMG_8639.JPG IMG_8631.JPG IMG_8636.JPG IMG_8632.JPG IMG_8629.JPG IMG_0537.JPG IMG_0538.JPG IMG_0536.JPG IMG_0609.JPG IMG_0553.JPG IMG_0554.JPGIMG_0542.JPG IMG_0561.JPG IMG_0543.JPG IMG_0563.JPG IMG_0547.JPG IMG_0549.JPG IMG_0551.JPG IMG_0564.JPG IMG_0568.JPG IMG_0570.JPG IMG_0633.JPG IMG_0573.JPG IMG_0571.JPG IMG_0575.JPG IMG_0540.JPG IMG_0578.JPG IMG_0579.JPG IMG_0593.JPG IMG_0594.JPG IMG_0605.JPG IMG_0603.JPG IMG_0602.JPG IMG_0595.JPG IMG_0596.JPG IMG_0597.JPG IMG_0617.JPG IMG_0634.JPG IMG_0627.JPG IMG_0618.JPG IMG_0630.JPG IMG_0631.JPG

Gotta look beyond the tourist shtick & bull$h!t to see the REAL HISTORY behind this burg, and there's plenty of it, lol... Big-Nose Kate's is my favorite saloon, but the Crystal Palace is also classic with 19 bullet holes in the original ceiling. My kinda place, lol... just walking the dusty streets & wooden boardwalks of this town makes me feel like I'm in an old Western, and the folks I meet here are interesting: pilots, gunsmiths, ranchers, cycle riders, all kinds of cool people, lol. Well, guess I'll get back to my surf flick, might just mack another burrito plate before I crash, it's only 0330 but I'm starting to get hungry again... gotta keep my 150' tapeworm happy, don'tcha know? CHEERS!!! :cool:

P.S. That hip flask that says "I'm Your Huckleberry" is one I bought for rodeos & the traveling circus, it's great for having a snort during the show, lol. And I like the machine work on those keg urinals in Big-Nose Kate's Saloon, I'd like to have one of those here at my house, AYE??? :rolleyes:


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Championship Game tonight after work, WAHOO!!! :rolleyes:

As a cat lover, I gotta go with the Tigers, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! ;)

Seriously, I like both football programs, but I think LSU will probably be victorious, they're unstoppable like a runaway freight train... :eek:

But I'm off to work first, gotta get that pesky bill-payin' number outta the way before I crack a cold one and watch the game... :confused:

Y'all be good, I gotta get going and this Internet bull$h!t wastes too much time, lol... :D

P.S. I gots an Internet sawbuck that says the LSU Tigers win... :cool:

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Oh, man, I'm enjoying the heck outta this Championship Game, "GO, TIGERS!!!" :rolleyes:

Howzabout that visit by Donald & Melania Trump? Hottest First Lady in ages, "The Donald" is stylin' it in the White House, LOL. ;)

I've had a few cold beers, but I'm gonna graduate to a blender full o' booze here pronto... probably sail to MargaritaVille and enjoy some o' that Blue Agave juice, it ain't bad even though I gots the cheapo mixer, AYE??? :eek:

Meh, sometimes ya just gotta MAN UP and go with the CHEAP CR@P, LOL... :confused:

Same way ya drinks watery domestic tinnies under way, no glass breakage (a safety hazard in the cockpit at sea), and if ya spill one, WHO CARES??? :p


IMG_7125.JPG IMG_7126.JPG IMG_7131.JPG
IMG_7127.JPG IMG_7128.JPG IMG_7129.JPG
IMG_7133.JPG IMG_7136.JPG IMG_7137.JPG


P.S. That plubber cr@p on the car roof was supposed to keep the Minifish from scratching the paint, blanket & all, but now it looks like hell due to age & solar abuse... good news is that NOBODY here in REDNECK LAND gives a FLYIN' F#%, LOL. :D

CHEERS!!! :cool:

Edit: There's the pot o' burrito mix just waitin' in the wings... er, I mean the fridge, LOL. Got huge tortillas, grated cheese, guac & sour cream, and extra cilantro salsa to drizzle on top as garnish... presentation is very important when one is $h!tfaced drunk, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! ;)
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Gonna crash early tonight... those Margaritas were strong last night, but they tasted pretty darned good. Boss man never even made it into work, lol, and I only got three carts done, but any progress is good progress. I've now completed "fleet service" on 47 carts, so we're slowly winning 'The Great Golf Cart War.' I probably have about 15 or 20 carts to still service, we started with 72 but some of those are kaput and are designated 'parts carts.' We keep 'em out back and cannibalize parts out of 'em when we need 'em. Once I finish the fleet service (which has to be done every six months), I can focus on several problem carts which require more attention... but the fleet service is important because it keeps the operational carts running. :rolleyes:

Some of these carts have not had oil or filter changes in THREE YEARS, same goes for belts plus fuel & air filters. The black degraded oil and sludge coming out of 'em is disgusting, an affront to any gearhead, lol. I'm surprised some of the carts are still running, given the abuse & neglect, but once I'm done with 'em they run strong and should be good for awhile. I'm going through boxes & boxes of parts, getting these carts running smoothly, but the boss keeps those parts coming, so no worries... must be one heck of a bill to pay, but that's not my problem, lol, my mission is to get the fleet running smoothly so more golfers will be drawn to the course. And I'm seeing more golfers out there, so maybe word is getting out that the carts are no longer likely to break down on the course, aye? :confused:

Anyway, I'm having a quiet night tonight, just a beer or two as I trash around on the Internet... I'm watching a surf flick on the Surf Channel, kinda reminds me of my youth, having that channel as the default setting on my TVs. Every time I turn on these Samsung 6 Series "smart TVs" I see some surfing, no matter what I'm eventually gonna watch. Well, the light is fading here, I'd better check the NOAA Weather website and see if the temp will drop below freezing tonight, gotta cover the fruit trees if it's gonna get cold. Doesn't take but five minutes, and I've done it in the dark with a headlamp, but it's easier when there's enough light to see by as I cover the little guys... they're hanging tough so far, I thought I'd lost the lemon tree but the lower part is still alive, trunk is green and there's an offshoot too, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Be nice to have fresh lemonade in the summer, yeah? :)


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Man, oh man, what glorious weather!!! Supposed to be like this all weekend too, and I get another paid holiday on MLK Day, go figure, this gubmint gravy train is almost ridiculous... almost, lol. WTF, I'll take every paid holiday they throw my way, before I started this job several months ago I hadn't seen a paid holiday in YEARS... gotta make up for lost time, AYE? ;)

I've been cleaning house and doing dishes and puttering around the yard on my day off, enjoying quality time with the kittehs on this fine day... I'm expecting company this weekend, we'll probably shoot pool and possibly BBQ, though I have some cheesy Stouffer's Lasagna in the freezer. I can make better lasagna myself, but sometimes it's convenient to just throw ready-made cr@p into the oven while we shoot stick & watch the big screen in the Pool Room. :rolleyes:

Gots football manana, should be some good games too... Conference Championships, guess I'll go with the Titans and The Pack, I always favor the underdog, lol. Those Titans might just be hungry enough to knock off the Chiefs, same for The Pack against the Niners... we shall see tomorrow. In the meantime, I slung my hammock for the weekend, might even catch some sun later in this beautiful weather... Corona with lime on the side, 10-4? :cool:

Got a fridge full o' food & beer for the holiday weekend, hard to tell from the photos but there are some kick@$$ leftovers in there, plus burgers to BBQ, lol. The leftovers include some primo 15-bean soup with veggies & giant ham chunks in it, as well as some pasta shells to add body... that stuff is FILLING too, with some French Bread with real butter on the side. I froze some of that bean soup mix earlier when I made two huge pots of it, now it's paying off nicely... :)

Meh, let's get to the kitteh pics, here we go, I even tossed in some other shots for good measure... might as well dig up a shot of my hammock too, lol.

IMG_7175.JPG IMG_7176.JPG IMG_7177.JPG IMG_7178.JPG IMG_7179.JPG IMG_7180.JPG IMG_7181.JPG IMG_7182.JPG IMG_7183.JPG IMG_7184.JPG IMG_7185.JPG IMG_7186.JPG IMG_7187.JPG IMG_7188.JPG IMG_7189.JPG IMG_7190.JPG IMG_7197.JPG IMG_7198.JPG IMG_9072.JPG IMG_9107.JPG IMG_0109.JPG

What do we have? Kittehs on catnip, I pour the stuff on the slab under the east side awning... and there's a pic or two of this morning's view of the Dragoons, taken while I was having a cuppa Twinings Earl Grey Tea, lol. There's Crackhead "break dancing" on the mat as he always does... whaddya expect from a crackhead? There's the fridge, there are hidden grinds in there that would feed an Ethiopian village for at least a month... :confused:

And of course I had to include some file photos of my hammock, it's a comfortable sling for this old hand, lol. Oh, yeah, I tossed in a BBQ shot, even though we'll be BBQing burgers instead of chicken this weekend. I think I'll leave the hammock up night & day, so I can do some stargazing at night, if only for 15 minutes per session. It'll still be cold at night, this being January, but the high should hit around 70 degrees today, so I'll be taking advantage of it... :D



P.S. Back to this crazy "KEANU" flick, I only put it on the big screen because it had a cat in the picture, lol... it's pretty funny though, even if it's not really my genre, AYE??? ;)

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Having a great weekend, weather is awesome and I've been talking to my bank (USAA) about a cycle loan... been drooling over new bikes at a dealership in Anthem, they have some awesome bikes there. Saw a sweet Husqvarna FC 450, problem is I'd have to add lights & horn & whatnot to make it street legal... same for the bad boy Suzuki RM-Z 450, nothing wrong with an RM, a friend of mine had one and those bikes rip in the dirt, lol. I'll probably wind up buying a street legal thumper as a compromise, something ready to roll on pavement so I don't have any trouble with Johnny Law. Suzuki makes a DR-Z 400 which doesn't look bad, and it's a few grand cheaper than the Husky or the RM... I'll probably go look at Hondas & Kawasakis in a moment, just in case there's some bike there on clearance, it all boils down to which bike is the best overall deal. :D

I thought about buying a secondhand bike off C/L, but I want a new bike, something nobody has THRASHED yet... I'll do the thrashing on my new thumper, and nobody else, lol. I'm targeting bikes in the 350-450cc range, that way I have mondo power yet I can still sling the bike around like so much hash in the dirt. Once ya get above 450cc, the bikes get heavier and are more difficult to handle on tricky rutted & rocky trails, ya know? That's why I'm not buying a 650cc bike, too much weight to sling around... a 400cc bike would make a good compromise, not too heavy but plenty o' power for riding out to the Stronghold, preferably with a climbing partner on another bike, in a Jeep or lifted "disco truck" or whatever. There's a HUGE adult playground out there in the Dragoon Mountains, and I intend to put it to good use as I rack up two weeks' worth of vacay hours for a sailing mission in Dago, LOL. :cool:

So that's how my weekend has gone so far... enjoying the sunshine & quality time with the cats, and drooling over new bikes on the Interwebs, lol. Normally, I don't buy anything unless I can pay cash for it, or use my USAA Visa debit card, but spring is just around the corner and I'm ready to have some fun... job is going well, no worries there. Even though I've made WAY more money with certain trucking outfits, the benefits are too good to pass up with this gubmint job, all the paid days off and paid vacay are a nice touch. Besides, I get along pretty well with my coworkers, and even the inmate crew, though I often do my own thing and don't interact with 'em much. The Boyz In Orange, some sort of modern fashion statement... and some gals actually LIKE the bad boy image, go figure, must be dumber than a box of rocks, lol. Meh, not my problem, I have enough to do with wrenching on carts & partying while off duty. ;)


P.S. Those orange outfits the inmates wear have big black letters on 'em, ADC for Arizona Department of Corrections... wonder how much fun I could have while wearing one of those outfits around town, eating at a Mexican restaurant and shopping for beer & booze at WallyWorld, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Who knows? I might even get lucky with one of these redneck country gals... I have full medical coverage now so I can handle a trip to the nearest STD clinic, LOL. :confused:
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Wait, forgot the latest kitteh pics, cuteness factor off the charts, lol... :rolleyes:

IMG_7327.JPG IMG_7330.JPG IMG_7331.JPG IMG_7332.JPG IMG_7326.JPG IMG_7322.JPG IMG_7323.JPG IMG_7324.JPG IMG_7369.JPG IMG_7368.JPG IMG_7370.JPG IMG_7372.JPG IMG_7373.JPG IMG_7374.JPG IMG_7371.JPG

Here's Crackhead in the kitchen sink:

IMG_7333.JPG IMG_7334.JPG IMG_7335.JPG

And MuuMuu the Barn Kitty showing this fool where the problem lies at work:

IMG_7337.JPG IMG_7338.JPG IMG_7340.JPG


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Stayed up late watching video reviews of various bikes on the web... the Suzuki DRs are off the table, one hand didn't like the brakes for road use, while the bikes are tall and the wheels & tires are too skinny. A tall rig is great for sailing, but I like to sit lower in the saddle while slinging a bike around in the dirt like so much hash. Might go with the Honda 450L, that looked pretty good in the review, and even though it has less power, I also liked the Kawasaki KLX 250 in Camo Gray, that would be a great bike for stashing in the brush while climbing crags out at the Stronghold, lol. Only problem with the 250cc class is motor noise at freeway speed, a thumper would be much more quiet on the road, no high-pitched whine at speed (which can be annoying). Meh, I'll keep looking, I gotta do laundry today anyway since I put it off yesterday during my bike search. I've seen some cool road bikes for sale too, full-on rice rockets which would be EXCELLENT for tooling around on pavement, but NOT so hot in the dirt, and that's a high priority for any bike ridden to the Stronghold... a rice rocket would be ridiculous out there, and downright dangerous, lol. Ah, well, it's another beautiful day here with a forecast high around 70 degrees this afternoon, might have to get out in the sunshine for awhile, between beers & laundry loads & web searches for the ideal bike... CHEERS!!! :cool: :rolleyes: :cool:

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TGIF manana... Friday is always my easiest day, MuuMuu & I have the barn to ourselves for much of the day and we can make improvements, reorganize to our hearts' content, clean up so the boyz who work weekends and the rest of the crew (including myself) who come back on Monday morning will have a nice clean shop to enter, etc. I'm not the kinda slob who lets a shop get filthy, sure ya have daily dirt & debris with so much equipment coming in and out the bay doors, but I make a point of keeping the shop clean, or as clean as it can realistically be kept on a daily basis with operations going on and missions being completed out on the course. I think of it as a never-ending battle, and that includes job security, lol... :confused:

Having been in the Infantry, and having kept my own home clean for decades, I'm not scared of a broom or a mop, aye? And I'm not too proud to look down upon such work, I get paid the same wage no matter what I do, and sometimes simple cleaning activity gives ya a break from a difficult mechanical problem... gives ya time to think about things and perhaps reach a creative solution, lol. We do fabricate in this shop, and we'll weld up stuff if necessary, grind stuff down if we think of a superior way to rig the machine, you name it... in a way, the problem solving is kinda fun, and time flies as we stay busy. I'm not a clock-watcher or a lazy b@stard, I'd rather stay occupied and that way the day goes by quickly, lol. :rolleyes:

Meh, life is good and my job is going well... that's the greatest priority, everything else revolves around gainful employment, since the job pays all my bills and allows me to live like a friggin' king while off duty, lol. Sure, I'd like to be a rock star playing some instrument, or a motocross hero sponsored and having fun, or even a professional sailor... Bill Bennett was one heckuva hand (or skipper or tactician or whatever else) aboard a boat, but he always referred to himself as a "struggling sailor" and made me laugh countless times when we worked together. Good ol' Billy Bones, I used to call him that out of respect, the honorific title taken straight from TREASURE ISLAND by Robert Louis Stevenson, lol. I was bummed to read about his death years later... :(

A good man, Billy Bones, he is missed to this day... and that's probably the best eulogy any hand can ever hope to receive after he's dead. We all got it coming too, no doubt about it, lol. But I digress, lemme get back to more cheerful topics, even as I hoist my beer and offer one more salute to Billy Bones, one of the funniest and most competent sailors I ever met. "R.I.P., BILLY BONES, YOU WERE DA MAN!!!" Hopefully he's up there looking down on my sweet setup in this AZ bachelor pad, and not in the hotter place looking up, yeah? LOL. We shared some hilarious moments in the relatively short time I knew him, he was a good coworker too, not some ignorant or incompetent slob, that's for GODDAM SURE. :cool:


P.S. Could've done without all the chick-related drama in the film, but I'd seen it before so I simply fast-forwarded those parts... not to diss the gal too hard, she looked like a cutie, but as a technical rock climber I was more interested in the vertical sequences and film clips, lol. CHEERS!!! ;)

Wait, here are shots of the crags toward sunset, the "alpenglow" lighting up the rocks as usual... awesome views here, the Canon cam doesn't cut it, lol. :mad:

IMG_7455.JPG IMG_7456.JPG IMG_7458.JPG

Pretty soon, I'll be riding a big ol' thumper out there to the West Side of the Dragoons & the Stronghold, that'll be heaps o' heller fun, LOL. :D
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Quick throwdown of shots before I make dinner, today was a good day on the course and I took some pictures, some were taken in 'Creative Shots' mode on the pinner Canon cam so the colors are enhanced, but y'all will get the general idea, lol... :rolleyes:

IMG_7517.JPG IMG_7518.JPG IMG_7521.JPG IMG_7522.JPG IMG_7523.JPG IMG_7524.JPG IMG_7525.JPG IMG_7526.JPG IMG_7527.JPG IMG_7528.JPG IMG_7529.JPG IMG_7530.JPG IMG_7531.JPG IMG_7532.JPG IMG_7533.JPG

Back in a flash with the second round of pics... ;)

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Round #2 of pics:

IMG_7534.JPG IMG_7535.JPG IMG_7536.JPG IMG_7537.JPG IMG_7538.JPG IMG_7539.JPG IMG_7540.JPG IMG_7541.JPG IMG_7542.JPG IMG_7543.JPG IMG_7551.JPG IMG_7552.JPG IMG_7554.JPG IMG_7555.JPG IMG_7556.JPG

There's Master Mechanic MuuMuu the Barn Kitty macking lunch on my desk, and goofing off afterwards to the tune of some redneck song on the radio, LOL... gotta love Fridays, when we have the joint to ourselves, LOL. :cool:


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TGIF... it was a good week, but also a long week, all five days with plenty to do. But we're winning the war on sloth & neglect, getting that maintenance shop (or barn) cleaned up and reorganized. Still not done yet, but it looks a thousand percent better than it did when I arrived. Took some photos during the past few days, just shots taken here & there to give my own friends & family an idea of what I'm doing here in the wilds of southeastern Arizona, lol. Here we go with a few rounds of pics, I'll add a comment or two after each set of photos... :rolleyes:

IMG_7654.JPG IMG_7655.JPG IMG_7657.JPG IMG_7658.JPG IMG_7659.JPG IMG_7660.JPG IMG_7661.JPG IMG_7663.JPG IMG_7664.JPG IMG_7673.JPG IMG_7672.JPG IMG_7693.JPG IMG_7692.JPG IMG_7694.JPG IMG_7696.JPG IMG_7677.JPG IMG_7676.JPG IMG_7697.JPG

Overnight temps have dipped into the 20s lately, so the rough areas of the course have taken a hit, but the tee boxes, fairways & greens aren't in bad shape, and spring is just around the corner, lol. We had daytime highs around 70 for a few days, but those have dropped into the 40s & 50s recently, part of the cold front that has been passing through and bringing cooler temps. :confused:

There's the Cart Shed up by the clubhouse, on that day the weather was great and most of the carts were out on the course, a good sign as far as business goes. I've been the sole hand bringing the cart fleet up to speed, and I'm not done yet, but I only have a few problem carts left to fix. One of them (which I dubbed the Demon Cart .38 Special) roared to life today, a satisfying result after so much trouble. The name stems from the cart number 38, and of course all carts are given names: 9 would be the 9 Millimeter Cart, 22 the Long Rifle Cart, 32 the Peashooter Cart, 44 the Magnum Cart, 45 the Samuel Colt Cart, etc. We also have carts unrelated to firearms: I dubbed 52 the Deck o' Cards Cart, while 37 was difficult to name so I dubbed it the Prime Number Cart, lol... and the list goes on. Hey, we don't drink on the job, so we have to find our fun somehow... ;)

Those red welder's gloves are mine, they keep my hands nice & toasty as I rip around in that green Yamaha electric cart, which I also use to tow the white E-Z-GO carts back & forth from shop to Cart Shed. That reclamation pond right by the barn is pretty big, and the winds have been strong enough lately for me to consider buying a radio-controlled or RC Yacht. My coworkers & friends work that site, they wouldn't care about an RC boat ripping back & forth across the pond. Wouldn't harm the waterfowl either, they'd probably trip on it, lol. There's a shot of our actual boat, used for working on various ponds... I should add a name to her transom, maybe "TITANIC" with an iceberg to either side, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Other shots include our operational tractors, a defunct cart we forked out of "The Boneyard" to strip some parts needed to repair another cart, and my lonely Camry parked on the west side of the barn, nobody else present for at least half the day, just MuuMuu the Barn Kitty & I, which suits us fine on Fridays. :cool:

P.S. Looks like my cart needs a bath, I'll hit it with the power washer soon enough... I usually keep it pretty clean, lol. It's a fast cart too, and I like the electric model instead of the noisy gas-powered carts, it makes cruising the course that much more pleasant. No fumes either, a big plus... I don't know why these folks even bought gas-powered carts for the golf course, I would've gone electric all the way: less noise, less hassle, less maintenance, the whole nine yards. :D
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Okay, here's the barn or shop which we've been cleaning up and reorganizing, a monumental task considering what an absolute clusterf#% it was when I arrived. Meh, it's slowly getting better, at least we now know what we have and roughly where to find it, lol. We're also going through each machine or piece of equipment thoroughly and documenting the service & repair, as no reliable maintenance records were kept in the past, and some of these machines literally have not been serviced since dinosaurs roamed the earth. For example, we've been working on a Toro Dump Bed over the past two days: when we drained the oil, it was a thick & disgusting black sludge, dinosaur bones & all, while the air filter was so caked with dirt that one could've grown crops in the soil. :eek:

IMG_7698.JPG IMG_7680.JPG IMG_7681.JPG IMG_7682.JPGIMG_7683.JPG IMG_7684.JPG IMG_7685.JPG IMG_7686.JPG IMG_7687.JPG IMG_7688.JPG IMG_7699.JPG IMG_7701.JPG IMG_7702.JPG IMG_7703.JPG IMG_7704.JPG IMG_7705.JPG IMG_7706.JPG IMG_7708.JPG IMG_7709.JPG IMG_7710.JPG IMG_7715.JPG

Looks like a scene from "THE GOOD, THE BAD & THE UGLY!!!" Of course, the machines see heavy use so some of them are thrashed, though they're still operational. We will go through each machine and improve it to the best of our ability, swapping out parts and whatnot and making the engine run smoothly. Hard to believe some of this equipment is heller expensive: that 5-reel Toro 5610 Fairway Mower alone is between $40-50K, but it does one heckuva job, my coworkers call it "The Beast" because it cuts fairway mowing time in half, lol. There's our Crusty Demons Welding Helmet, the chain between the teeth adds a nice touch. And there's that Toro Dump Bed we're bringing back to life, it was in pretty ugly shape as evidenced by the filthy compartment beneath the bed, but we'll clean it up as we repair it... and a dump bed with hydraulic rams is a handy piece of equipment to have on a golf course. That John Deere Pro Gator is also a dump bed, and we have to give her a thorough tuneup soon, she can & will run much more smoothly once we're done with her. Meh, we'll get there, in the meantime it's all job security, lol. :rolleyes:

P.S. Nice upholstery in that Toro Dump Bed, I'll have to borrow it when I go out on a date with one of these redneck country gals in Cochise County, LOL. :cool:
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Some shots of "The Boneyard"---believe it or not, there are some expensive parts worth salvaging out there, but we need to reorganize that equipment as well, using a fork attachment on the Deere tractor to lift the carts & mowers and place them in line, or drag them into line with heavy-duty chains, lol. Build some sort of shelter for the equipment to keep it from further solar abuse and exposure to harsh weather. We have an inmate crew to help with that project, it ain't rocket science, and the overhead shelter doesn't have to grace the cover of Architectural Digest, not in a remote field here in Redneck Land, lol. :eek:

IMG_7665.JPG IMG_7666.JPG IMG_7667.JPG IMG_7668.JPG IMG_7669.JPG IMG_7670.JPG IMG_7671.JPG IMG_7674.JPG

If only those machines could talk, I bet they'd have some stories to tell, lol. Hey, that last pic shows groups of obsolete Club Cars, I counted 21 carts in all (some consisted solely of a stripped-down chassis), and some optimist just bought the lot at auction for $1K, lol... saves us the trouble of paying to have them hauled off, and I suppose the buyer could piece together half a dozen carts or so if he's lucky, maybe make a little money off the deal. Too much headache for this kid, I have enough carts to work on in the E-Z-GO fleet, so good riddance to this Club Car eyesore. :confused:

Having said that, I've been talking to a hand at work about putting together a full-on Mad Max/Road Warrior Offroad Special, using parts gleaned from "The Boneyard"---make a bad@$$ shifter cart, or some funky contraption taken straight from the movies, lol. Drop a big ol' motor into that thing and see what we can break in our initial stress-testing run, lol. We'll make the front page of the local rag, above the fold: "1 KILLED, 1 CRITICALLY INJURED IN HIGH-SPEED GOLF COURSE WRECK & EXPLOSION!!!" Meh, WTF, I have full medical coverage, and life insurance to boot... a man's gotta live sometime, or die tryin', lol. ;)

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Shots of a vehicle near mine in the WallyWorld parking lot... I stopped there to grab some beer after work, but I wound up spending 1-1/2 hours & $350, lol. Came out just before dark and saw this rig... what locals use to make beer runs in southeastern Arizona, 10-4? Street legal too, lol... not bad, but I'm thinking we can put together a Road Warrior Special that blows doors on this thing, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! It'll be more redneck too, like that song: "I'M REDNECKER THAN YOU!!!" Makes a difference when you're dealing with these country gals, believe me... the rednecker, the better, LOL. :eek:

IMG_7716.JPG IMG_7717.JPG IMG_7718.JPG IMG_7719.JPG IMG_7720.JPG IMG_7721.JPG

Either rig would be fun for blasting out to the Stronghold and climbing some crags... meh, soon enough, life is going well, I'm off to grab another cold one outta the fridge, CHEERS!!! :rolleyes:

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Classic mattress surfing clips in this video... what we used to call "freeboarding" when towed while riding a surfboard back in the day. Pretty funny video, and I always CRANK the tune whenever I hear it, whether I'm at home, work, or in the Mighty Camry, LOL. :confused:


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Aaaaaah, took a little nap earlier so now I'm staying up late & drinking beer, lol. No worries, I don't have to get up early for work tomorrow... er, I mean later this morning. I just worked my way through this thread again for the hell of it, and there's some good music in these pages, along with some heller good videos, lol. Dean Potter, Dan Osman, Jeb Corliss... all cutting-edge pioneers in extreme sports, and all dead now, but their legacy lives on, and will live FOREVER on the Interwebs. That Lance Mountain video (Flip Extremely Sorry) is good too, he's as good a rider or better than Tony Hawk ever was, no disrespect meant toward the Bird Man, since they both rip, lol. I LOVE those grinding sequences on the pool coping in that video, those are SWEEEEEEET!!! :rolleyes:

Meh, my skating days are over & done, but I can still vicariously relive my youth by watching videos like these, one positive aspect of the worldwide web. And I have plenty of life left in me to go dirt biking & rock climbing, I just won't climb any heller hard routes, lol. No quadruple backflips on the bike either, I'll leave that to the Metal Mulisha Boyz, I just like tearing down trails at high speed, 10-4? And if I bash myself during a wipeout, meh, I now have full medical coverage, not to mention short-term & long-term disability insurance, lol. Can't wait to get out on those crags, riding the thumper out there first on approach... that'll be cool. This corner of Arizona was MADE for offroad action & world-class technical rock climbing on primo Stronghold Granite. Cochise was no fool, lol... :cool:

Ya know, working my way through this thread again was like reliving the past several years: leaving the Socialist Republik of Kalifornia, buying a home in the White Mountains and having an absolute blast, venturing up into the PNW (or Pacific Northwest), returning to Arizona to buy another home in Cochise County, pulling all that tedious home rehab work to make my *new* home sweet, getting gripped over NOT finding a decent steady job, FINALLY receiving the call about scoring such a job, and slowly pulling ahead in this Forge of Life... I gotta admit, there were times when I felt downcast over the fake felony charges in Kalifornia holding me back, especially when trying to find work, but now I'm set for life with a primo job, so p!$$ on the lyin' wankers in Dago, those corrupt p.o.s. tards. ;)

I'm really looking forward to sailing outta Dago again, pulling stealth trips to that burg just to get out on the ocean, no badge-sportin' greaseballs involved, lol. No corrupt p.o.s. Darwin Failure D.A. either, and good riddance. As recorded in the Clash tune, that p.o.s. should be "BREAKIN' ROCKS IN THE HOT SUN..." But no worries, I'll soon be at the tiller (or wheel) again, enjoying myself aboard a boat as usual, lol. I get 12 paid days of vacation per year, so I've decided to break that into three trips: two 5-day jaunts (plus the bracketing weekends) to Dago in the spring & fall, and the last two days of paid vacay tacked onto a holiday weekend for a camping trip to the White Mountains, or anywhere else in beautiful & scenic Arizona, lol. Er, that "beautiful" modifier doesn't include Phoenix... :confused:

No point to camping in that Third World ghetto, I already saw enough of it in my "trucking daze"---only possible reason I could ever have to revisit that dump would be to buy a motorbike, and hopefully I won't have to go that far, lol. Which reminds me, I e-filed my taxes today (state & federal), and I'm getting a thousand bucks back, even though I've only been on the job a few short months, lol. Damn, I LOVE this job, it's gonna see me straight through to retirement, no lie, and then I'll REALLY be stylin'...that's if I do NOT get struck & killed by a drunken golfer in an out-of-control cart, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Sometimes I slay myself, lol... but those drunken golfers are a CLEAR & PRESENT DANGER on the course, ya gotta watch those fooliots, kinda like driving in Tijuana. :eek:

Boy, just keying that word brought back some memories... "TI-A-JUANA" or "TEE-HWANNA" (take your pick), it's a SEPARATE REALITY down there, like being on another planet, lol. Not exactly the SAFEST place either, especially at night when the varmints come out from their hiding places. Best to be strapped, but then ya run the risk of being JAILED for life, lol. Meh, I'll take Arizona, where a hand can walk around with a pistol belted to his waist, or a rifle slung to his shoulder... 2nd Amendment FREEDOM, and no traitorous political scumbucket and sellout to globalist trash will ever change the fact, not here in the wilds of AZ Redneck Land, LOL. Just say NO to political scum, in a perfect world they'd all be swinging from wire nooses, the birds pecking at their rotting corpses, LOL. :)


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Okay, youse nautical hee-roes, I have some course & kitteh shots to post, not necessarily in that order... in fact, all that cr@p takes a back seat as I mix a blender full of Margaritas, LOL. This Blue Agave Cuervo is delicious too, tastes like candy in the mixer, AYE? As AC/DC said, "There OUGHT to be a law..." But wait, I'm partying in my own home and I have a deed to the property, LOL... so P!$$ on the law, PFFFFFFFT. :rolleyes:

I had a long week at work, as well as a long yet wonderful day today, the Beverage Cart Cutie has taken a shine to me and she's absolutely gorgeous... of course she's younger so that's an issue, but it doesn't mean we can't be friends. I was telling her a funny story about a rabbit which MuuMuu the Barn Kitty brought in and deposited on my desk... I was busily working away on a cart on the 9,000-lb. lift when the cat loudly meowed to get my attention, right? :D

So I stop what I'm doing, walk a few paces over to the partition wall and look over to see what looks like a dead rabbit on my desk. Small bunny, only 5" or so in length, maybe a juvenile, and I ask MuuMuu why she had to kill the little guy (or gal). I figure I'd better get the carcass off my desk before MuuMuu makes a bloody mess of it, so I walk over and grab the dustpan with a handle on it, then grab a short broom I use for such tasks. :(

Well, when I gently swept the bunny into the dustpan, it sprang to life, totally unhurt---it was playing possum to escape from the cat, who evidently carried it in by the nape of its neck like a kitten, right? Next thing I know, I'm chasing this cute little bunny around the shop, trying at the same time to keep the cat from killing it. I eventually corner it and gently push it into the dustpan again, this time talking to the little rabbit:


Well, evidently the critter understood me, because it hunkered down in the dustpan like it was taking a ride in the bucket of a front-end loader, and stayed that way till I walked it clear out to "The Boneyard" (which we are currently cleaning up & rearranging). I set the dustpan on the ground and encouraged the little bunny to split, whereupon the critter tried to hop BACK toward the maintenance shed or barn. I had to put myself in between the two:


The little critter FINALLY figured things out and hopped off into "The Boneyard" and its numerous hiding places, so everything worked out after all... "ALL'S WELL THAT ENDS WELL" as Shakespeare once wrote, and I hope the little bunny pays more attention when MuuMuu is around, because she's a real huntress and she has eaten bunnies this size... or partially eaten them like goddam "GREEN INFERNO" material, AYE? :eek:


IMG_7816.JPG IMG_7818.JPG IMG_7820.JPG IMG_7824.JPG IMG_7828.JPG IMG_7830.JPG IMG_7831.JPG IMG_7832.JPG IMG_7833.JPG

Somehow, those first few shots of the kittehs remind me of life in the Royal Navy back in the day, LOL... they would've slung hammocks instead, but the funky scene is the same, AYE? Man, there must have been some BAD B.O. and other funky odors 'tween decks in those days, trucking was bad enough when I first started my OTR career, LOL. At least I got along with my truck driving trainer, he was younger but also an ex-service member, and he knew his $h!t because he hailed from an Oklahoma ranching family and he had started driving the hay truck at age 14 or whenever. I'm talking generations of truck drivers too, Grandpa had retired but this guy's dad still drove, and my trainer was a REAL HAND when it came to blind-side backing in tight spots, lemme tell ya. I'm probably fortunate that I had him as a trainer, otherwise I surely would've KILLED wagonloads of nuns & children on the road, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! ;)


Edit: Forgot to say that we've deliberately lowered the water level in the ponds to clear some cattail reeds which have overgrown their station... a coworker of mine and some inmates have been using that aluminum skiff I posted earlier to get close enough to the reeds to use a propane flamethrower, LOL. No friggin' casualties yet, but I'm waiting to hear a loud explosion as several inmates get whacked by shrapnel... have to cue the Ennio Morricone tunes as the drama plays out, AYE? Hopefully the Beverage Cart Cutie is nowhere around when the tank blows, killing multiple inmates and possibly some drunken golfers, LOL. It would bring TEARS to my eyes to hear of the Beverage Cart Cutie's untimely death... she's so scorching hot, I burn my fingers just LOOKING at her, LOL. :)

Edit #2, this time for my Beverage Cart Cutie, LOL:

WOOHOO!!! :cool:
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Gee, haven't been to this thread for awhile... the foot injury probably has something to do with that, lol. Right now I'm watching some monster waves on the Surf Channel, but I gotta tell y'all about this Roku Streaming Stick I just installed on my 65" curved screen. I was paying $50 per month for the YouTube TV app, on TOP of my $60 per month high-speed Internet bill, and I originally intended to try a digital antenna, but some young gal working at WallyWorld told me the Roku Streaming Stick was "infinitely superior" (her own words, though I've used that phrase myself in the past, lol). :rolleyes:

And if you happen to belong to my generation, ya know these kids nowadays are more clued in to the whole digital scene, so I took the gal at her word and bought the Streaming Stick. Set it up this evening and wound up watching "LEGENDS OF THE FALL"---that is one beautiful old wooden schooner in the flick, the director should've included more footage, lol. Furthermore, I'm now using this 'Smart TV' the way it SHOULD be used, streaming 4K HD flicks on a 4K HD TV, the picture is AWESOME and the sound is EXCELLENT with the soundbar & subwoofer, just like a movie theater, WAHOO!!! :eek:

I'm very happy with the purchase, even though I'm only exploring the free options in usage at this time, later I may add certain apps but they won't cost anywhere NEAR as much as the YouTube TV app, AYE? I actually 'paused' my YouTube TV service for 6 months, so I haven't written it off altogether, and I may use the YouTube TV app during football season to get the maximum number of games, but we'll see what happens as I experiment with this Roku device. So far, so good, and the shots of that beautiful schooner were awesome in the 4K HD mode, lol. A pretty boat, to be sure... :)

If I ever hit the BIG TIME, strike gold or win the freakin' lottery or whatever, I'll buy an old wooden schooner and show her some serious love, bringing her up to speed and putting her in Bristol condition. WTF, I'd employ an entire crew to be slaves to varnish and keep that ol' girl lookin' good, lol. I wouldn't crack the whip quite like Captain Bligh and his officers, but anybody laggin' would probably get a boot in his @$$, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! "Oh, yeah, and yer FIRED!!!" LOL. Toss some severance pay his way and show him the gangplank in my usual tyrannical fashion, or maybe just the plank, don'tcha know? :confused:

Anyway, this program on the Hawaiian Pipeline was awesome, got some reggae going as the credits roll, but there'll be some other surf program on shortly, and I'm enjoying a cold alcoholic beverage as I key this message. Sitting at the dining room table as I am, I can see the flatscreen in the Pool Room perfectly, and of course I have the remote at hand to control the volume... this modern technology is the bomb, lol. Muting advertising tards is part of the deal, but I'm quick on the remote trigger, learned the fine art in Tombstone, 10-4??? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Damn, I LOVE living in Redneck Land, it's so freakin' COOL!!! ;)


IMG_7904.JPG IMG_7905.JPG IMG_8025.JPG IMG_8055.JPG IMG_8056.JPG IMG_8126.JPG IMG_7949.JPG IMG_7958.JPG IMG_7963.JPG

Oh, yeah, we gots some cool Redneck Rig shots as well, might as well toss those into the mix, lol...

IMG_7992.JPG IMG_7993.JPG IMG_7999.JPG IMG_8001.JPG IMG_8004.JPG IMG_8005.JPG IMG_8008.JPG IMG_8009.JPG IMG_8007.JPG IMG_8066.JPG IMG_8068.JPG IMG_8072.JPG

Gotta love the Pillsbury Doughboy throwin' that German salute over the "White Flour!!!" motto, right next to the Metal Mulisha sticker, LOL. Damn, I LOVE livin' in Redneck Land!!! And how about the 'U.S. Army' Jeep? Now, I served in the USA INF and I know the Aaaaaarrrrghmy doesn't actually have Jeeps like this, though they DO have some bad@$$ rails and recon vehicles... sheeeee-it, if I had the money I would buy this Jeep today, solely on the strength of the 'U.S. Army' decals, LOL. Thing would get me out to the Stronghold no problem, it's not a bad-looking vehicle either in that OD color scheme with black trim. Meh, some other hero will pick it up, unless I win the lottery this weekend and tell the seller to hold it for me, that way I'll quadruple the asking price of $16,500 obo, LOL. Y'all be good, I'm back to my surf program (Mexico this time), and I might even make another cheeseburger, I used that 'Devil's Spit' BBQ sauce on the last one at lunch today, along with some Jalapeno Ketchup, and the combo was MIGHTY TASTY, LOL. CHEERS!!! :cool:

P.S. Those first two kitteh pics show little Phoenix rolling in catnip on the concrete slab on the east side of our home... she sure is a funneh little kitteh, LOL. :)

Edit: Gotta love the upside-down sticker top front & center of the 'U.S. Army' Jeep windshield: "IF YOU CAN READ THIS ROLL ME OVER!!!" :rolleyes:
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Wait, is that 4G HD? LOL... this is why I look toward the younger generation for advice on the digital scene. Anyway, I forgot to include these links to primo wingsuit videos, I know I posted some '3-D Sailing' action videos in this thread before, but here are a few more, and I even included a video with some gal leaping off gnarly drops, LOL. Hey, I'm all for the empowerment of women, I've actually met beautiful gal rock climbers who could climb better than most guys on this planet, including me, and those gals looked GOOD too, all fit & trim. :cool:

So here we go with some video links, I'll leave it to y'all to decide if this wingsuit flight is or is NOT 3-D sailing, LOL... :rolleyes:




Alright, I'm back to my cold beverages and some entertainment on TV, perhaps a burger in awhile since I'm getting hungry, LOL... CHEERS!!! ;)

Edit: Gee, only 10 Bloomberg ads in the past few minutes, idiot must be throwin' down MILLIONS in his effort to buy the Democratic nomination, LOL... :confused:
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Well, I'm finally on the right track with my foot injury, I hobbled into work today and talked to my supervisor, showing him my funky left foot as compared to my healthy right foot, and he's totally behind me 100%. I have an appointment with a well-respected Tucson podiatrist in a couple of hours, nothing but positive reviews & high ratings on social media. She's a looker too, go figure, but I'm gonna show her my funky foot with the 'Great Red Spot' on it (like the planet Jupiter, lol). Maybe she can help turn things around with regard to the incorrect gout diagnosis given the by the Third World quack doctor when I was sent to the local ER. Hey, here's a lovely pic of my funky-@$$ foot, looks like I have a combo of leprosy, gangrene & friggin' jungle rot, AYE? It could probably double as an ad for 'Bag Balm'---I'm gonna save this pic and send it to prospective dates on the Interwebs, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Damn... :eek:


SWEEEEEEET!!! The brownish-yellow tinge under the swollen ball really adds a nice touch, I'll have to slap filters on those Internet dating site profiles, looking for gals with foot fetishes... "Have I got a foot for you!!!" :confused: LOL.

P.S. This post should probably contain a warning, otherwise some site members will be "traumatized" and wind up sobbing on Jerry Springer... ;)
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Progress!!! This new doctor is on it, she thinks I may have shaved off some cartilage bits when my foot was all scrunched up & compressed, the bones bent nearly double as I strained against a stubborn cart which weighed 780 lbs. Heard & felt a popping or cracking noise in my left foot, same way one might crack his knuckles, but I didn't think much of it at the time, since I felt no immediate pain. Took awhile for that devilish injury to swell up and become excruciating, but we have its number now... next step is an MRI of my foot, which will confirm this second opinion. I'm gonna get the MRI even if I have to pay for it through my health plan... would've gotten it today but I ran low on cash. No way I let those Work Comp wankers stick me with an ER bill for the first quack and the incorrect gout diagnosis, that ain't gonna happen because I'm gonna shoot the diagnosis down with evidence of actual physical damage. :confused:

Also, before I ever went to see the good doctor, I went into work and showed my supervisor the funky left foot, and he's behind me %100, which is a relief as far as job security goes... remember, I'm still on job probation, and despite busting @$$ for four straight months and whipping the cart fleet into shape, I felt my "repair cred" slipping as this foot injury fiasco dragged on, particularly with the quack and an incorrect diagnosis in the picture. Gotta watch these ObamaCare Specials, otherwise THEIR mistakes wind up costing YOU thousands. Hopefully, once the MRI is done and my foot is treated properly (at last), I can get back to work and not fret about the job probation. That was a big concern, since I like this job and the benefits are unreal, best I've ever had on any job, to be sure. I was actually surprised that I could visit a specialist directly without a referral, no other plan I ever had let me do that without first wasting heaps of time. :rolleyes:

Meh, all's well that ends well, and an occasional bout of severe pain gives one perspective in a Zen Buddhist kind of way: makes one thankful to have good overall health throughout his life, not all people are so fortunate. When I worked down at the Shores (tall condo towers on the beach in Coronado), some of those rich folk were absolutely miserable due to serious ailments & afflictions, one dude even hurled himself off the 12th floor and splattered all over the concrete terrace below, it was pretty ugly with his head spread out in every direction. I remember another local, a decent hard-working family man, who shot himself after struggling with a health problem for decades. Left a wife and kids behind too, guess he just couldn't take any more of his ailment and it got the better of him. Sad case, really, I was bummed to hear about his death because he was a cool hand, big ol' strappin' dude who looked like a full-on Viking. R.I.P., Jon, hope you're now in a better place. :(


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Okay, we gots some kick@$$ shots from Redneck Land, just gotta give me a little time to sort things out, 10-4??? ;)

Here we go with some CLASSIC PICS outta FRIGGIN' REDNECK LAND, LOL:

IMG_8354.JPG IMG_8356.JPG IMG_8357.JPG IMG_8358.JPG IMG_8359.JPG IMG_8360.JPG IMG_8361.JPG IMG_8362.JPG IMG_8363.JPG IMG_8364.JPG IMG_8365.JPG IMG_8366.JPG IMG_8367.JPG IMG_8368.JPG IMG_8369.JPG IMG_8370.JPG IMG_8371.JPG IMG_8372.JPG IMG_8373.JPG IMG_8374.JPG IMG_8375.JPG IMG_8376.JPG IMG_8377.JPG IMG_8378.JPG IMG_8379.JPG IMG_8380.JPG IMG_8381.JPG IMG_8382.JPG IMG_8383.JPG IMG_8384.JPG IMG_8385.JPG IMG_8386.JPG IMG_8387.JPG IMG_8391.JPG

Okay, some of those shots show cr@p I bought for the wild birds in my yard, some friggin' GENIUS figured out how to place a 'bee guard' on those hummingbird feeders, and I've had some trouble with a nearby hive of bees invading my yard, AYE??? Otherwise, I took some shots of cr@p I bought in defiance of the initially-incorrect doctor's diagnosis of GOUT, lol... P!$$ ON THE F#%ING WANK, YEAH??? And I believe I'll dedicate those PINK FLOYD & JOHNNY CASH pics to Breeze Bender & Norcalsail, y'all have EARNED 'em, LOL. Same goes for Signal Charlie & ChuckLane in the Sailfish thread, ya both ROCK!!! Alright, back to my vino for the night, the beer & Cuervo Blue Agave Tequila are on temporary hold, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I could pour that cr@p any time I choose, but tonight I'm taking the vino route, AYE??? WTF, it is what it is, LOL. CHEERS!!! :rolleyes:

Edit: Note the hood ornament turned lengthwise on the pink pimpwagon for aerodynamic effect at freeway speed, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Damn... :confused:
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No, I'm NOT high on crack, just high on life here in the wilds of southeastern Arizona. And get this, today I'm gonna drink a ceremonial beer at Big-Nose Kate's Saloon in Tombstone, since I'm now over the hump with regard to this foot injury. Boy, that was some severe pain, but it's slowly going away and I should be back to work by Monday. Had to burn some of my paid vacay hours in my absence, thanks to the worse-than-useless Work Comp pogues... I don't even know what PLANET those fools are on, but I already told my employers I want NOTHING more to do with 'em, all they've done is obstruct my efforts to get my foot properly treated. I also told my employers I don't CARE about the $400 I spent in health plan co-pays out of my own pocket, good thing my tax refunds arrived, AYE? :eek:

Today I'm also gonna visit some friends o' mine, they're putting up a sweet spread on 7.5 acres on the west side of town... really nice place, these folks have more money than I do, but my view of the Stronghold is better, lol. These friends have been planting Saguaros on their property, BIG CACTUS, each one weighs a ton or more and ya need heavy equipment to put 'em in the ground. Some nurseries sell Saguaros for up to $100 per foot, but my friends searched around and found a seller for half the cost or less... I'm gonna snap a few pics when I visit, then we're all coming to my place to shoot pool, drink some alcoholic beverages, and grill some yardbird with Famous Dave's Devil's Spit BBQ Sauce on it, that stuff is mighty tasty! Make a nice side salad with some fresh veggies I bought, maybe even cook that Famous Dave's Cornbread, that sounds pretty good right about now, lol. ;)

Anyway, here are some more kitteh pics, they were all laid out on ye olde rack while I was watching "THE AMITYVILLE HORROR" last night... that's a spooky movie, every time I watch the flick it gets creepier & creepier, lol. Makes me wonder if the film itself is haunted... meh, no worries, I can always blast my 65" curved screen with a goddam shotgun, teach those ghosts to stay outta my face, lol. I sure like this Roku Streaming Stick I bought recently, thing is working pretty well, though I'm still exploring all the free options available through the device. Now I'm using these Samsung 6 Series TVs the way they're supposed to be used, streaming 4K HD shows on 4K HD devices. Nice picture too on the 65" TV, I'm perfectly happy with it even though there are larger screens on the market. This one is perfect for my home theater, fits well in my master bedroom with the leather motorized reclining sofa opposite the TV. :D


IMG_8399.JPG IMG_8400.JPG IMG_8402.JPG IMG_8403.JPG IMG_8405.JPG

There's little Phoenix cruising around, she sure is a slender little thing, guess she's never gonna grow much larger than she is now... but I still love her, she's a real sweetheart, lol. CHEERS!!! :)