Laser Island Voyages Back In The Day

Round #3 of mural pics:

IMG_9533.JPG IMG_9534.JPG IMG_9535.JPG IMG_9536.JPG IMG_9537.JPG IMG_9539.JPG IMG_9540.JPG IMG_9541.JPG IMG_9542.JPG

I like how the muralist painted himself into the Kartchner Caverns number, LOL... some notable caverns just south of Benson, I visited them in my "trucking daze." The longhorn mural is cool too. :rolleyes:
Last but not least, some shots of the kittehs:

IMG_9544.JPG IMG_9546.JPG IMG_9548.JPG IMG_9549.JPG IMG_9550.JPG IMG_9551.JPG IMG_9553.JPG

Ah, yes, life is rough for my furry little friends... look closely at that last pic and you can see Crackhead's snaggletooth, the product of a minor facial deformity. No worries, round here we judge our animals by character, not appearance, and we're not the kind to cash in a critter or send it to a shelter just because it doesn't meet someone's expectations of perfection. Little Crackhead is quite entertaining when he's rocketing around the house like a meteor, probably why he needed his rest in these pics, LOL. Sage, he's older so he has an excuse, he's nearly 20 years old and we've been through a lot together, including some memorable camping adventures. Well, time to hit the hardware store and carry on with the home rehab, sometimes I feel as if I've been pulling home rehab for 100 years, aye? :eek:

Made more progress yesterday on the property, my old sailor's rest home will be STYLIN' once I'm finished, LOL. Gotta rework some PVC plumbing today, some idiot put the water line directly over the 4" cleanout for the section of buried sewer line, so an auger thrashing about over the cleanout can easily break the PVC... clearly the work of some methhead, the freakin' rocket scientist. Just one more item on the home rehab list, but it's easy enough to fix... I helped install marine plumbing aboard more than one boat, including a burly PVC system for a live bait tank aboard a sportfisher, so it's nothing new to me. Little by little, the house is brought up to speed, kinda like bringing a boat up to speed under challenging conditions, LOL... ya start by tossing the methheads overboard, along with all the f/u "work" they've done, aye??? It still blows my mind, the fact that we have two trash pickups per week and I've filled the large bin to overflowing every time for at least nine weeks... damn. But the house looks WAY MO' BETTAH, and that's what counts, while the trash pickup rates remain the same no matter how full the bin. I've been getting my money's worth since I moved in, I can tell y'all that much... :confused:


IMG_9560.JPG IMG_9561.JPG IMG_9562.JPG IMG_9563.JPG IMG_9564.JPG IMG_9565.JPG

Well, that last pic shows the outer wall of a local pharmacy, but I liked the old school theme, LOL... CHEERS!!! :cool:
The plate below is broken, part of it is MIA, but it's still classic, LOL. Heaps o' cacti are blooming this time o' year, including this little guy in my yard... I like the bright colors!!! That last pic is for youse bikers out there in cyberspace, the funny thing is that there's a NEED for such a sign in Tucson, AZ, where I snapped the photo this morning on my way to Star Aluminum. DANGED REDNECKS, KEEP OFF THE SIDEWALK!!! :eek:

IMG_9592.JPG IMG_9594.JPG IMG_9595.JPG IMG_9596.JPG IMG_9597.JPG IMG_9598.JPG

Youse nautical heroes have a good weekend, I'll do the same... CHEERS!!! :rolleyes:
Well, it was a comfortable weekend, LOL. :cool:

IMG_9652.JPG IMG_9653.JPG IMG_9654.JPG IMG_9655.JPG IMG_9656.JPG IMG_9657.JPG IMG_9669.JPG IMG_9663.JPG

Sage in a camp chair on the deck: "Yo, while you're up, grab a beer for me outta the fridge!!!" :confused:

Crackhead in his favorite tub, he likes to stretch out in that one, LOL. :rolleyes:
And one more round of kitteh pics:

IMG_9680.JPG IMG_9666.JPG IMG_9672.JPG IMG_9675.JPG IMG_9676.JPG IMG_9678.JPG IMG_9690.JPG IMG_9691.JPG

Well, that first pic is of my bar at zero-dark-thirty, couldn't sleep so I got up to have a beer or two before lying down again. Crackhead can be quite stealthy, but the ceramic panther has him beat, LOL. Both kittehs approve of the carpet, inside and out, they flop down on it to take catnaps and provide obstacles, 10-4? :confused:


Got the table up and running, along with the cue racks, chalk holder, etc., so we're in business with the billiards. Went ahead and paid some hand $300 to make the table sweet again, it's now perfectly level and the felt is nice and smooth:

IMG_9735.JPG IMG_9737.JPG IMG_9739.JPG IMG_9740.JPG IMG_9744.JPG IMG_9745.JPG IMG_9746.JPG IMG_9748.JPG IMG_9749.JPG IMG_9750.JPG

We're not particular, we set up our 9-ball racks either way, LOL. Looks like the Star of India on that black coaster, I want folks to have places to set down their beers before making shots. That small table in the corner also lets us have a beach in the Pool Room, LOL. CHEERS!!! :rolleyes:

P.S. This Pool Room is larger than the one I had set up in Show Low, so there's more cue room... which is good. Easy decision for a confirmed bachelor to make: largest room in the house, that's where the pool table goes, LOL. ;)
I'm a bit distraught today, my cat Sage is MIA and he didn't turn up for breakfast, which he NEVER misses... until this morning. Poor ol' Sage, I hope he didn't get picked off by coyotes, I've seen those varmints in the 'hood before. Maybe he's just disoriented and lost, but I've already searched the neighborhood twice with no results, and I even left a descriptive message with the Animal Control officer, just in case he somehow got scooped up, which seems unlikely since he's wary of most strangers. Man, it would suck to lose him, it was bad enough losing Jingle Belle in Show Low... Sage has been with me for a LONNNNNG TIME, sure hope the little guy is alright. Here's hoping that he'll turn up later today, otherwise it'll break my heart... :(

No sign of Sage, and Crackhead is in a funk because he has no playmate... only thing to do is jailbreak another kitteh from the local shelter, even if Sage turns up we have enough room for another cat. Maybe a young female cat to keep Crackhead company, house sure is depressing with Sage gone... never knew how much he meant to me after all these years. :(


Upside down?
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Sorry to read about the loss of your cat. 'Outdoor' cats typically don't live as long as indoor ones for a variety of reasons. As an example, one of our cats was hit by a car.
Well, in this Forge of Life, that hammer blow came outta nowhere... and there's still no sign of Sage, the best four-legged friend I ever had. There is the remote possibility that he will make some sort of miraculous reappearance in the future, but I'm thinking he may have bought the farm... the harsh reality here in rural or semi-rural Arizona is that the outdoors can be a dangerous place for small domestic animals, particularly at night when predators tend to step up their game. And this place is thick with predators, coyotes & raptors (including owls) constituting the main threats, but there are also venemous snakes, Gila Monsters, etc., to test a cat's mettle... I've searched the 'hood several times, stopping to call out Sage's name, with absolutely zero response, just an empty silence. Poor ol' Sage, I reckon he slowed down a tad too much due to his age, and some varmint(s) jumped him from ambush or whatever. Maybe he'll still turn up, I've alerted the Animal Control officer and I'll check the "Found" ads in the local rag, but I think I've lost my little buddy for good... and as it has happened too many times in the past with friends & loved ones, I never got to say "Goodbye" to my pal of so many years, didn't even get to bury him at the Stronghold, the way I buried Jingle Belle in the White Mountains when I lost her, 10-4? :(

These are the hard facts: there's an attrition rate in life, and nobody here gets out alive, that much is guaranteed. Seems like half my high school class (mid-to-late-'70s, Class of '79) has already died, with good friends dying bizarre untimely deaths in their 20s, 30s and 40s... way too early to be checking out, but that's the way it goes, Death comes to all of us in the end. I know I've cheated Death on several occasions in the past, enough to make me reconsider and reevaluate certain personal behaviors and extreme sports activities in which I participated... one can cheat Death by taking calculated risks, but like a good poker player, Death always wins in the end. My only consolation here is that I gave Sage 15 or 16 good years on this planet, and he lived to be around 20, might have even been a bit older, hard to tell since he was "rescued" at least twice during his life. I did the best I could, and henceforth all my other cats will be locked down in the house at night, it's just too dangerous out there after dark with all the critters in this high desert country. Oh, yeah, I didn't rescue just one animal on Friday, I chose to jailbreak two young kittehs so the house wouldn't feel so lonely in Sage's absence... they've been hiding under the couch for three days now, but they're eating well, taking water, and thankfully using the litter box which I placed (temporarily) at one end of the sofa. Here's the new blood:

IMG_9859.JPG IMG_9858.JPG IMG_9896.JPG IMG_9897.JPG

That's Tiger on the right in the first two photos (his shelter name, he lacks the scrappy disposition of Sage the Tyger), and Tabby on the left with the white markings. I may keep Tiger as the young male cat's name, but the young gal will undoubtedly receive a new moniker, I'm thinking "Phoenix"---not as a nod to the metro dump, that ghetto hellhole, but as in rising like a phoenix from the ashes of Sage's memory, yeah??? :confused:

Here are some shots of Crackhead, he has been kinda sad over Sage's disappearance, and he's not sure about the youngsters yet:

IMG_9890.JPG IMG_9891.JPG IMG_9867.JPG IMG_9869.JPG

Poor Crackhead, like me he has been in a funk, but hopefully he makes friends with the new blood and they can be playmates... there's been a hiss or two over the weekend, but I reckon that'll soon pass and they'll get along famously, it's only a matter of time. I did note that one of the youngsters was already exploring the house at night, saw the kitteh as I visited one bathroom in the wee hours, but I couldn't tell which cat it was in the dark, I think maybe Tiger. So that's a good sign, they should both be cruising around their new home before long, and they seem happy enough under the couch for the present. :rolleyes:

Who knows? In time, they may even venture into the yard, but only during daylight hours... I meant what I said about locking 'em down in the house at night, but they can go out during the day. Sage disappeared overnight... that's when the coyotes creep up the wash by the boneyard and work their way up to the level of my street. Anyway, the walk-through gate to my yard (east side, where the deck and BBQ area lie) now sports this sign, a gift from me to one of those friends I mentioned earlier, he passed away at age 41... he was one hell of an archer, shot a primo Black Widow longbow at the tournament level, and he dug this sign when I first presented it to him. Now it's on my gate, go figure, but it'll serve as a reminder of our friendship. We met in high school as young skateboarders & social outcasts... skateboarding was still a crime in those days, aye??? :eek:

IMG_9865.JPG IMG_9866.JPG
Some friends visited over the weekend and we had a chance to BBQ some burgers and shoot a few good games of pool... made some excellent combo shots, which helped ease the grief over Sage's disappearance. I also climbed back aboard the home rehab horse, had to keep busy so I wouldn't dwell too hard on Sage. Got more painting done and put up some more decor, including these primo decorative plates & tiles with lighthouses on 'em:

IMG_9835.JPG IMG_9836.JPG IMG_9837.JPG IMG_9838.JPG IMG_9839.JPG IMG_9840.JPG IMG_9853.JPG IMG_9854.JPG IMG_9856.JPG

That kitchen island looks so much better all whited out, instead of that ugly, dark, dingy blue it used to be... it reflects more light into my home too, as you'll see in a moment. I like that Greek tile with the old sailing ship, that thing has my name all over it, LOL. I was trying to balance out the plates and tiles, hence the placement as shown... one thing's for sure, whoever enters my home will know that a sailor lives here, aye??? :rolleyes:

P.S. Oh, yeah, that old Pt. Loma Light in the third pic is the same as the one you see in the collection in the fourth pic, and its position can also be seen on the chart on my wall in the dining room... kinda ties together a whole slew of good memories. :cool:
I added some lizards to the kitchen island, they look cool on the columns, LOL. They fit perfectly too, which is how I'm doing this decor number: if something fits, then THAT is where it goes, aye? Same way the mermaids are now over my wet bar, they fit nicely in that wall space:

IMG_9843.JPG IMG_9844.JPG IMG_9848.JPG IMG_9847.JPG IMG_9861.JPG IMG_9875.JPG IMG_9862.JPG IMG_9863.JPG IMG_9864.JPG IMG_9881.JPG

I put up that Dixie Land plate as well under the bar counter, reckon we'll have to call it the Dixie Land Mermaid Bar, that should keep EVERYONE guessing, LOL... damn, I LOVE living in Redneck Land!!! That's the South Tower of the Hotel Del Coronado on that one tile, I may still hang that somewhere, but for now it's resting on the bar counter. There's that galleon tile art that ya like, I repainted the frame and stuck it there on that wall by the bar so visitors can see it as they approach. That's some nice tile art, always liked that number... :cool:
Here's a closer view of that galleon:

IMG_9882.JPG IMG_9900.JPG IMG_9903.JPG IMG_9885.JPG IMG_9827.JPG IMG_9828.JPG IMG_9829.JPG IMG_9830.JPG IMG_9831.JPG IMG_9832.JPG

I put up the Cremona Stradivarius poster in honor of me dear departed mum, she played violin for Tommy Dorsey back in the day... and there's a story behind that old photo you see in the third pic, it was taken aboard a Finnish steamer back when I was 6 or 7 years old. Remember how I told ya that my family would load up the VW Bus and go camping every summer when we lived in Europe? Well, that summer we drove from Athens to Scandinavia, taking hydrofoils and steamers (or ferries) en route... I met that kid aboard the boat, we had a grand time exploring every deck, compartment, etc., during the hours-long voyage, and pics were taken by both sets of parents for a rather unusual reason. You see, as my folks were chatting with Harry's folks while sitting on the fantail or afterdeck, they discovered that we not only shared the same birthday, we were born in the very same year!!! Classic coincidence, and perhaps the reason why we got along so well during the voyage... Harry stood for Harold or Harald, his family was Finnish and there was a language barrier all the folks managed to overcome. I can still remember running everywhere aboard that boat, being admonished by the crew for running as that kid & I poked our noses into every compartment and void, often being told to move on if we were in an unauthorized area, LOL. That was some voyage, and the multi-deck steamer was just large enough to keep us occupied for hours... the pic was taken toward the end of the voyage, after we'd had so much fun exploring every deck. You can see how happy we were, I'm the fooliot on the left with the bad haircut and lousy sense of fashion style, LOL. :eek:

What else do we have in this last round of pics? Hmm, the Wells Fargo Pony Express plate which went up in the dining room, that always garners attention here in Arizona where there are so many horseback riders. We also have the shot taken in a local RV/trailer park, some dude had that pet tyrannosaur chained up in his yard... Ol' Tex (short for T. Rex) was pulling guard duty out front, you see, gotta love redneck humor, LOL. Meh, it's only 98% redneck, a pink plastic flamingo in Tex's jaws would boost it to 100%, yeah? Still worth taking a free pic, not every day ya see a tyrannosaur on guard duty in an RV park, 10-4? The last five pics are of some redneck rig in the parking lot at WallyWorld... not exactly my choice for rims & wheels, but the suspension will do the job out by Cochise Stronghold, and the Iron Cross hubs get extra credit. WTF, it's not a bad truck... for a Ford, LOL. I'm a Chevy man myself, and occasionally a Dodge fan, but I wouldn't turn down this rig if I won it in a contest or whatever... it would work just fine for camping, no doubt. Anyway, that's all I got today, I'm off to WallyWorld (again) to resupply with food, gonna make some spicy homemade chicken burritos after I finish painting this afternoon... I hope to have the kitchen entirely done before the week is out, then it's on to the bathrooms to get them done as well, I've about had it with the painting in this home rehab, LOL. :confused:

Been busy, trying to keep my mind off Sage's absence... here are some recent pics, including shots of last night's sunset:

IMG_9926.JPG IMG_9927.JPG IMG_9928.JPG IMG_9929.JPG IMG_9930.JPG IMG_9931.JPG IMG_9932.JPG IMG_9933.JPG IMG_9934.JPG IMG_9936.JPG

There's Crackhead saying, "DUDE, WHEN'S THE BBQ???" ;)

Dunno what kind of plant that is in the last pics, but it looks pretty cool in my yard... :rolleyes:
Another round:

IMG_9937.JPG IMG_9938.JPG IMG_9952.JPG IMG_9953.JPG IMG_9954.JPG IMG_9955.JPG IMG_9939.JPG IMG_9940.JPG IMG_9941.JPG IMG_9942.JPG

That's a prickly pear cactus flower, also in my yard... looks almost like a rose, me dear departed mum would've liked it, she was always a green thumb gardener, 10-4? Some more decor shots back toward my room or in my room, gotta have my wall decor, it's the only real clutter I allow myself to have, LOL. Everywhere one looks in my home, he or she will see some unusual item of decor... just the way I like it. Woke hungry this morning, so instead of the usual fruit smoothie I had a big ol' chicken burrito for breakfast... it was damned delicious too. WTF, I have another long day of house painting & beer drinking ahead, so I wanted something substantial... plate probably had 12,000 calories on it, but no worries, I'll work it off, LOL. :rolleyes:

Funny how things work out... even here in the high desert, upon a shelf in the Benson Public Library, this lifelong sailor finds ship models to remind me of voyages made in the past:

IMG_0011.JPG IMG_0013.JPG IMG_0015.JPG IMG_0016.JPG IMG_0017.JPG IMG_0018.JPG
IMG_0019.JPG IMG_0025.JPG IMG_0026.JPG

Got a matching set of totems above the huge DVD collection as well, the library in this little burg is surprisingly well-stocked with books & DVDs. I've been watching movies in my home theater as a way of unwinding after home rehab, and as a way of keeping my mind off Sage's disappearance. Still no sign of Sage, but I can't write off the possibility that he might make some sort of miraculous comeback, kinda like Dennis Conner back in the day, LOL. For the present, I miss my little four-legged friend... :(
The youngsters I rescued to fill the void have begun to stray from under the couch, I've seen Tiger & Phoenix exploring the other rooms, with Tiger doing most of the exploration. That crazy little cat is a tremendous leaper & climber, on more than one occasion he has sailed across my vision as he leapt from a high perch... he does this at night as I walk down a darkened hallway or through a darkened room, so he's livening things up a bit in Sage's absence. Phoenix isn't quite as intrepid, but she is making strides as the shy cat of the group. I'm not rushing things either, the two youngsters can stay under the couch as long as it takes for them to feel comfortable in their new surroundings... they usually emerge at night once I've crashed in the back room, I can hear them stooging around as they test the waters, so to speak. Here they are in nap mode, Tiger on the left and Phoenix on the right, with a few shots of Crackhead thrown in for good measure:

IMG_9991.JPG IMG_9982.JPG IMG_9983.JPG IMG_9984.JPG IMG_9973.JPG IMG_9974.JPG IMG_9975.JPG IMG_9976.JPG IMG_9977.JPG IMG_9979.JPG

I tossed in some plant pics, everything is going off now and the colors are beautiful. I have one ocotillo in my yard, while my elderly widow neighbor has three, they look pretty cool with those flame-tipped branches. I have several young Joshua Trees in my yard, while another neighbor's agave has that huge spear growing out of it, looks like a medieval lance, LOL. If I didn't already have a large bottle on my bar, I'd make some tequila out of that thing... :eek:
This library also has some plane models, but they hang so high that the only way to get a close-up would be to stand on a chair or table, LOL... :confused:

IMG_0020.JPG IMG_0021.JPG IMG_0022.JPG IMG_0023.JPG IMG_0024.JPG IMG_0027.JPG

That last shot shows some cool astronaut patches, perhaps donated by somebody involved in the space program, or somebody retired from the space program. Might have to bag some close-up shots of those patches later, some are quite impressive... you members of the Flat Earth Society, disregard the last pic, LOL. Well, time to head back to the ol' hacienda and carry on with the kitchen painting, I made a serious dent in it yesterday and I'd like to break the back of the job today... it's a very tedious task, painting the kitchen, since it has so many cabinets, corners to cut in, etc., but like all the other rooms in the house, once I'm done it will look great (and I'll never have to do it again). Y'all be good, I'm off to pick up brush & roller... :eek: