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Stumbled across this forum while reminiscing about island voyages aboard Laser #2069... a sweet boat with good karma. The islands in question are Los Coronados, off the northern end of Baja... I used to sail my Laser out there all the time, particularly during "stealth voyages" wherein I landed, derigged & camouflaged the boat, ascended to the summit, explored each island and partied like a rock star under a primo night sky. No light pollution out there in those days, you understand. The islands remain wildlife sanctuaries (est. 1924), and one is supposed to have permission from the Mexican gubmint to land anywhere in the chain... guess that made me an illegal immigrant (temporary overnight status on each voyage), but WTF, somebody had to do it. Here's a spam-free link to some island pics taken during various voyages, including my initial voyage to Isla Sur... if this link goes through alright, I'll post links to stories of my three initial voyages, plus a couple of other nautical tales of adventure, including sailing the length of the Salton Sea aboard a 12' Minifish. Got pics of that voyage too, the Salton is an awesome sailing venue, most clubhouse kooks & posers are totally clueless about it. Meh, first we'll see if this island link goes through, I haven't bothered reading all the website terms and whatnot.

Random outdoor adventure shots... - Outdoor Adventure USA, LLC

Well, back to my college ballgame, I'll check manana to see whether the link made it... there are four sets of pics on two pages in that thread, not all are island shots but you'll figure it out. Got a thousand photos posted elsewhere, but this old site will do for starters. Cheers!!! :cool:

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Well, I made it back to this forum, here are several links to stories I wrote about my first three Laser voyages to Los Coronados. The first story was published in the San Diego Reader back in 1992, and I received a lousy $500 for it. In the completed electronic manuscript for my book, I incorporated photos directly into the text, and of course there are no cheesy ads and whatnot to distract the reader. However, the text of each story is identical, and you diehard Laser sailors out there in cyberspace will probably get a kick out of these old school tales of seafaring adventure...


Isla Norte

Illusion Dweller

Here's a tip: if you click on that little "Tales of Adventure" line just above each story title, you can access two pages of stories I wrote back in the day, including "THE CULT OF THE LASER" and other tales. You old school vertical skateboarders out there, check out "TRIX ARE FOR KIDS"---a classic saga of skating back when the quest for vertical and overhang was all-consuming, LOL. That story earned me a lousy grand when it was published in 1993. Alright, I'm done here, gotta go, you diehard Laser sailors enjoy my tales of nautical adventure and Los Coronados... :eek:

P.S. Read the stories listed above in the order they appear, which is also the chronological order of the voyages. Might wanna grab a drink before ya get started... CHEERS!!! :cool:
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Oh, yeah, I almost forgot to post pics of Salton Expedition II, or at least a link to some pics. On Salton Expedition I, a friend and I sailed the breadth of the Salton Sea, launching from the jetties outside Salton City and reaching across the lake to a point near Bombay Beach. On Salton Expedition II, I decided to solo sail the length of the lake, launching from the basin behind NSYC (North Shore Yacht Club), reaching out to the centerline of the lake, then sailing right down that centerline to some mud flats near Red Hill Marina. Awesome sailing venue, the Salton, the foul stench along shore is gone once you're far enough out... wading through the muck and shoals of rotting fishbones turns most people away before they ever get a clue, LOL. Largest lake in CA and I had it all to myself, not another intrepid explorer in sight... largest lake in terms of surface area, Tahoe probably has it beat in terms of volume, since the Salton lies in a shallow desert pan and the greatest depth is only around 50'. Anyway, here are a few pics of that memorable expedition, I posted some at another site but I'm damned if I can remember where, these will have to do for now, it's no great secret anymore that I suffer from CRS, LOL.

The Three Amigos... Sage, Dixie & Wingnut!!! |

Scroll down to Post #14 in this thread, and you'll see the pics of Salton Expedition II. Long after I'm dead and the Salton Sea has vanished, that Crudweiser shot will make me famous... CHEERS!!!

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Gettin' hammered on rum drinks, figured this video link would work, LOL...

Hope it works as well for y'all as it did for me, LOL... :confused:

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Uh-oh, looks like I was buzzed last time I visited, LOL. I've been watching the bobsled runs from the Olympics, wish my old Laser could go as fast, AYE??? Might be kinda hard on the boards, making that run down the course, LOL. The gelcoat too, for that matter... "DUDE, WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR BOAT???" My response: "TOO MUCH PAR-TAY, LOL." Meh, WTF, as an old school vertical skateboarder & technical rock climber, I just like those overhanging berms or turns on the bobsled course... my old Laser would be rippin' edger carves down those, 10-4??? "BRING ON THE OBAMACARE!!! WOOHOO!!!" Okay, I'm done, back to more ButterShots, this cr@p tastes pretty darned good, and I still have some of that cranberry-flavored redneck moonshine which Friend Doug made... he uses real berries in the mash, of course, plus he makes 'shine in flavors of strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, etc., all with fresh berries in the mash and in the finished product. Dude should open a business slinging this 'shine he makes, I'm tellin' ya... like craft moonshine, LOL. I should take a picture of the jar so y'all can see what I mean... might just take a small sip while I'm doing that, I'll be back in a few to post the shots, y'all be good and remember that patience is a virtue, BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Damn. Alright, lemme get on it, I need a fresh drink anyway... :eek:

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Okay, here we go, I reckon it's easier to just start a new post, AYE??? Hmm, lemme see, what do we have here... [shuffles the stack]... aah, just the ticket:


That last shot is of my double-walled Margarita drinking vessel, LOL... gotta love the White Mountains, YEAH??? Which reminds me, here's a shot of a painted pallet down the road that says it all with one word:


And a few shots of the fire in my wood stove the other night when the temp dropped faster than OneAustralia back in the day, LOL. Was that Bertrand's boat? Hell, it has been so long I've forgotten, but I still have the video on VHS cassette somewhere (dating myself here). Meh, here are the fire shots:


Ya wouldn't know it by lookin' at it, but that wood stove F#%G CRANKS, it kicks out heat till the digital thermostat in the hallway reads 90 degrees, like friggin' Tahiti, LOL. Every time I start a fire in that stove, I swap out clothes for board shorts and a tank top, 10-4??? Otherwise, I'd be sweatin' like a criminal in the dock with a harsh sentence looming, LOL. Damn. Alright, Buoys & Gulls, time for this kid to grab another drink, funny how fast these ButterShots go down, but no worries, there's more beer and a full bottle o' Root Beer Schnapps in my fridge, not to mention that smooth cranberry 'shine that Doug made. May not look like much is left, but that cr@p is POTENT, AYE??? I'll hafta keep it away from the cats, or there'll be a prison riot... :eek:

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Meh, might as well toss in a shot of the wall opposite the wood stove, it has a chart of my home town & a poster of Poseidon, God of the Sea, LOL...


That's how we roll here in the White Mountains of Arizona, LOL... last bastion of freedom and conservatism in the Southwest, don'tcha know??? Sure don't miss that overcrowded seaside ghetto depicted in the chart, that f#%g dump... and I say that as one BORN there (military, not rich, more's the pity, LOL). :confused:



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Wait, forgot to post this CLASSIC AERIAL FOOTAGE, don't f#% up, wait for the video footage with the "BULLET TRAIN" tune as a soundtrack, some of the best flyin' is exhibited in that part, LOL. When ya get right down to it, aviation is a lot like seafaring, and vice versa: port, starboard, etc., AYE??? Here we go, enjoy the BAD@$$ SCENERY, I'm not big on phony modern wars fought for greed & not principle, and I say that as an ex-USA INF soldier whose pop & one brother were CDRs in the USN Submarine Service (one diesel, one nuke), as well as other relatives who served as USA Combat Engineers, USA Trauma Nurses, the list goes on... I just like the flying sequences presented in this video. Here it is:

And there it is, don't forget to wait through the halftime dark period of seconds to see & hear the awesome "BULLET TRAIN" footage, LOL... CHEERS!!!

Edit: Ya know, that shot of Wingnut flyin' over the dam, that would be YOURS TRULY going like the Hammers of Hell in an F-18, LOL... except I'd have Laser #2069 plastered all over the aircraft in lieu of military insignia & ID numbers, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh yeah, I also like the footage where those Krazy Flyboys scrape wingtips and/or vertical stabilizers (rudders) across those mountain outcrops, AYE??? WTF, I've probably CLIMBED ROUTES on some of those outcrops, or put up FIRST ASCENTS, LOL. Meh, somebody else always gets the glory, PFFFFFFT. No worries, Wingnut still gets my vote for PRESIDENT, LOL. Damn. Okay, NOW I'm off to make trouble, y'all be good, HASTA LUEGO, NAUTICAL HEE-ROES!!! :eek:
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Well, Boyz, I was just waxing nostalgic and reminiscing about my short-lived friendship with Bill Bennett, a.k.a. "Billy Bones"---they used to call him "Baby Dennis" due to his uncanny resemblance to Dennis Conner. In his own words, Bones was a "struggling sailor"---always right up there with the best, and a fine sailor too, far better than I'll ever be, I reckon. But for a few brief months in 1992, we were good friends & fellow deckhands aboard the "Golden Swine"---or Golden Swan, a multi-decker cattleboat of the first water, and the largest spectator craft during the '92 Cup Series held off the coast of Dago. Billy Bones also did the commentary during races, as he had probably forgotten more than I'll ever know about sailboat racing, LOL. Mike in hand, he would squawk about various racing maneuvers, strategies, tacking duels, etc. Anyway, we met as deckhands aboard that Golden Swine p.o.s., and I wanna relate a funny incident which occurred during our mutual employment...

That cattleboat had been brought to the U.S. as deck cargo aboard some sort of freighter, solely for the purpose of making money for the rich Australian wanks who owned her, aye? As deckhands, we helped clean her up and refit her so she could start making money off the races... she was also destined to pull harbor tours and dinner cruises when the races were not going down. Well, problem there was that the rich Aussie wanks who owned her had not done their web research regarding the Jones Act: as a foreign hull, the boat was required to hit the sea buoy three miles offshore every time she left the dock with paying passengers aboard ( I think it was three miles, somebody correct me if I'm wrong, LOL). Anyway, we were steaming down the channel one night during a dinner cruise, somewhere near Shelter Island while outbound for the sea buoy, and Bones & I were chatting topside in the darkness, enjoying the spring weather and keeping an eye on the boat as she held her course.

Up came one of the rich Aussie wanks, he saw us nonchalantly gabbing and told us to start bussing some dirty dishes and mugs nearby, right? The wanker split and went below, and I grabbed a mug, wound up like Catfish Hunter in the ninth, and heaved that mug as far as I could over the side... it fell with a splash about 100' to port, and I told Bones, "BUS THIS, MOTHERF#%R!!!" Now, Billy Bones was a comedian in his own right, and he gave me the funniest expression I have ever seen: jaw dropped, full-on astonishment on his face, the whole nine yards, LOL. We were hired on as deckhands, you understand, not as friggin' waiters or bus boys aboard that stinking cattleboat. Anyway, it was just one of many comical moments aboard that heap, and it wasn't long afterward that I drop-kicked those Aussie wanks for trying to cut my pay, the cheap b@stards. Shortly thereafter, I made my first Laser voyage to Los Coronados and wrote a story about the adventure, and that story was subsequently published in the San Diego Reader for a lousy $500, LOL.

I saw Bones again during the '95 Cup Series, he was crewing aboard one of the boats, and during some public event I brought him a gift: two bottles of Samuel Smith's Winter Welcome Ale, which in my estimation is the finest beer brewed on the planet. Those boyz at Ye Olde Samuel Smith's Brewery in Tadcaster, Yorkshire, England, well, they know how to make good beer, and that's all there is to it. Bones was happy to see the gift, he always did enjoy drinking good beer... we used to raid the fridge aboard the Swine and pound bottles of Broken Hill Lager, as well as bottles of Old Australian Stout. Well, I used to raid the fridge, Bones just enjoyed the plunder, AYE??? Good man, Billy Bones, and one heckuva sailor, I read his obituary a few years back, seems he was racing over on Lake Michigan, they don't call Chi-Town "The Windy City" for nothing, 10-4??? I don't recall how he died, I just remember thinking, "DAMN, WE'RE LOSING THE WRONG ONES." :confused:



In honor of Billy Bones, I hereby post a link to a Pistols video:

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Hmm, I just Googled "sailor Bill Bennett" and ran across some fine tributes to Billy Bones... it was good to see him again, as far as photos go, he was a damned good man and he is missed to this day. We shared some good times and I can't think of any better way to honor his memory than by cracking a cold beer, which I shall now proceed to do, LOL. Evidently, he made the same good impression on many other folks, which is the best a man can hope for in life and death, I reckon.


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Went out and had a big ol' BBQ with friends in Cedar Country. Those boyz built a sweat lodge complete with stone pit for holding the hot rocks: heat the rocks in the fire pit outside, use tongs to put 'em in the pit inside, then douse the rocks with water. I didn't get pics of the lodge yet, we were too busy burning a fatty, LOL... but I got a few pics of the trippy framework for their igloo-like windbreaks and man cave. They'll build up that framework by hand, bit by bit, then use mortar and stone to build walls, maybe a little stucco too... when they're done, as they are with the lodge, I'll get some more pics, I was simply trippin' on the construction methods, LOL. WTF, these are the White Mountains, ya don't need a permit to build a sweat lodge on your property in an unincorporated area. When these guys are done, there'll be four or five little rooms out there behind those windbreak walls, kinda like a little cluster of stone huts. Anyway, check out these pics, I can just see these boyz building a boat the same way, aye? BBQ was a huge success, we macked thick NY Strips, BBQ corn and taters, simmered beans, the whole nine yards... I am officially full, urp. Oh, yeah, that's the older Heeler in those two photos, playing with a stick, the younger Heeler must have been running around. Nice tracks right alongside this dog, LOL. Here we go:


That should keep Y'ALL guessing, LOL... cool place, I'll get some pics of the burly sweat lodge later, it's a real work of art. BTW, this is the 2-acre property they bought for $308, LOL... paid the back taxes and now they're legally squatting on it, they have a camp trailer with deck for a base of operations. I thought squatter's rights were a thing of the past, dating back to pioneer days, but in Arizona they are still alive & well, LOL. Nobody has challenged the boyz yet, pretty soon it'll be their property, not a bad deal for the acreage, and the night sky is full o' stars... just the way it should be. :rolleyes:

Edit: Once the boyz are done with the walls, they'll put down flagstones in mortar for the floors, or something similar, maybe pavers in some areas. There's gonna be a super cool circular area around the large central fire pit, the fire open in all directions (between the beams or tree trunks, LOL), with a conical flue or chimney above the pit itself. THAT is going to be REALLY COOL, like a little circular stone village with the sweat lodge and various other rooms arranged in a circle around the central fire pit area... more flagstones around the fire pit, of course. It's gonna be half spiritual center, half par-tay center, LOL. :cool:
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Forgot to mention that once the sweat lodge complex is finished, the boyz are gonna put in a cowboy sauna or Jacuzzi, guess they'll use one of those water tanks for stock... you know, the circular metal kind from which stock drink. Dunno how they're gonna heat the water, maybe dump hot rocks into it, LOL. Have a deck or more flagstones around the tank, with the tank lowered most of the way into the ground so you can easily step in and out of it. Interesting concept and prehistoric construction methods, but it'll be radical when it's done, and there's always the camp trailer & RV they're gonna situate near the sweat lodge complex. Later, a mobile or a stick-built home, but right now, the boyz are just doing the sweat lodge complex. No point in putting up a mobile or stick-built home till they know for sure the property is theirs. Seems like the former owner is dead and the county can't find any known relatives... last known address for the former (elderly) owner was the Tar Heel nearly four years ago. :confused:

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Some more shots of the property those Montana Boyz are squaring away, shots of the road in, the entrances to the semicircular dirt driveway out front, and shots of dirt roads the Boyz are creating upon their land:


That home ya see in third pic belongs to the nearest neighbor, but ya only see it up front... once ya walk, ride, or drive deeper onto the property, that home vanishes and it is quickly forgotten. That stack o' cactus (Nopalitos) is what the Boyz have been clearing off the land, they don't want the two Queensland Heelers running up on that cr@p and injuring themselves, AYE??? It's low-lying cactus too, ya don't see it till you're right up on it, I've stepped on several cacti already but fortunately I was wearing burly work boots, LOL. Would've been a different story with bare feet... :confused:

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Check out these pics of the PAR-TAY PRIMITIVE, LOL:


Meh, pics don't do the place justice, it's actually much larger than it appears in photos, and I've failed to photograph key areas which will tie it all together... too busy moving the travel trailer yesterday, then partying hard & BBQing, AYE??? We had to tow that travel trailer down to ballpark position, then back it up against one end of the hut complex, THEN level it and place cement piers, blocks, etc., underneath it for stability. Broke a few wooden beams & tree trunks before we wised up and broke out the jacks, LOL. Meh, no worries, the project is coming along and it is already a PRIMO PAR-TAY & BBQ PAD, WOOHOO!!! When it's done, it's gonna be AWESOME, I can tell y'all that much, and I'm an old partying rogue dinosaur off the beach, done the Baja thing and all more times than I can remember, since I suffer from CRS, 10??? :confused:

Anyway, the Montana Boyz are thinking of doing a "soddy" instead of all stone, which means a low stone wall around the base of the hut complex, then chicken wire fastened to the wooden framework & sod laid down upon the wire, the sod secured in such a way that the roots will eventually take to the wire and wooden frame, yeah? Raspberry vines or bushes planted all atop the soddy... nothin' wrong with fresh raspberries off the vine, and they do well in this particular climate. Blackberries too... good $h!t, Maynard!!! LOL. We had fun after moving the travel trailer yesterday, BBQing like fiends and sharing it all with the Heelers... those goldurned dawgs nearly wore out my throwin' arm, the knucklehaids are FOOLS for chasing sticks & tennis balls, next time around I'm gonna "walk 'em" with that dirt bike, that'll settle their hash. :eek:

It was heller fun BBQing in that Tolkien-esque hut complex, which will be SO F#%G COOL once the project is finished... don't be misled by the cheesy pics, this Canon camera of mine is a p.o.s., the place is much more roomy than it appears, though I may have gotten the wrong angles due to being drunk or stoned, LOL. We threw down a nice pallet deck with half a dozen pallets under the trailer entrance, leading into the large room where we BBQd the burgers, dawgs, cheddarwurst, etc., yesterday afternoon. Once we (and the Heelers) macked, we built a fire in the central fire pit (actually square for the present) as the ambient temp dropped, and that fire was kickin' out some HEAT, BIG-TIME!!! Felt pretty darned good, and no smoke inhalation with the bomb hole in the ceiling for venting, LOL. Next time, I'll try to bag some more pics of crucial elements, we were just too busy this time around making things happen. :rolleyes:

BTW, the whole place will be STYLIN' once the stone or sod is in place, not to mention the flagstone floors (or pavers in certain areas). It's gonna be like some PAR-TAY PAD & BBQ CENTER straight outta Tolkien---ol' J.R.R. would've been HAPPY to join us, "10-DASH-FO'???" Too bad he's DEAD... maybe his spirit will visit us as we kick it in the sweat lodge or the "Cowboy Jacuzzi." That's probably where I'll drown after TOO MUCH PAR-TAY, LOL. Picture me kickin' it under a million stars, a belly full o' da kine BBQ and beer, maybe a few shots or some o' Friend Doug's craft moonshine, and suddenly I'm going under like the goddam Titanic, gasping my last as I focus upon a meteor streaking across the night sky... there are worse ways to DIE upon this planet, I assure you, LOL. Believe me, I've seen too much of Death already, when my time comes I'll accept it as a gift... I've cheated Death a few times in the past, but like a good poker player He always wins in the end. ;)

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Nice Forty-Mike-Mike brass belt hangin' off that one interior tree trunk, LOL... them Boyz gots enough firearms & ammo to handle the Zombie Apocalypse, no problem. Stoopid f#%g zombies will wish they'd NEVER encroached upon the property, AYE??? :eek:


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Well, those Montana Boyz hit the road early this morning, they're heading back up to Big Sky Country for the growing season... the roofing trade slowed down here, and they've got work lined up in MT, so we said goodbye yesterday, I may not see those knucklehaids again if I flip this house and buy a lake home farther east. I drank a few beers yesterday and helped 'em pack up, plus we had another meal, which was cool... gave 'em a couple of parting gifts as well, since right now it seems likely that I'll be moving outta Mormon Country. Meh, I've enjoyed my time here in the White Mountains, but things haven't been going my way lately, so I may just pull stakes and try my luck in White German Land. Actually, I'm looking at several areas: Truman Lake in Missouri, Bull Shoals Lake in Arkansas, and several of those lakes in eastern Oklahoma. I wanna be near a good-sized lake so I can go boating, or ride a PWC like Craig Morgan in "REDNECK YACHT CLUB"---that's a great song, I crank it on my stereo, LOL. Anyway, we'll see what happens, I've kinda soured on room rentals after the last idiot I let under my roof, still gotta go to court next week over that bull$h!t. Gee, going back to a nice quiet drama-free life with no greaseball cops in it... wow, what a concept. Meh, I reckon my days in the White Mountains will soon be done, I hate the thought of relocating again while juggling the cats, but it'll hafta be done if I flip this house. WTF, I can always buy another pool table on the other end, too much trouble to move this one, I'll just sell it with the house. I'll also have to do the fixer thing again on the other end, unless I choose the right property... that may limit the fixer action. I'll probably go with a slightly smaller house, instead of this 4BR home... if necessary, I can put the new pool table in the living room, LOL. :cool:




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Manana, I face the demon known as crooked law enforcement greaseballs from hell, so I figured I would share these few video links with those of ya who still appreciate FREEDOM in its MOST PURE FORM: STYLIN' IT IN THE WILDERNESS WHERE THERE ARE NO BADGE BULLIES, YEAH??? Here we go:

Uh, watch the second video first, I had to delete some videos due to ad content, hopefully you won't have to deal with the same BULL$H!T... :confused:

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Here's another video:

Don't be fooled by the bull$h!t, there are MANY other hardcore climbs to be done, I POI-SONALLY GUARANTEE IT, LOL... :confused:

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Gee, um, before I get banned, I just wanna add that my REAL climbing heroes are Dan Osman & Dean Potter, both dead now because they operated on the CUTTING EDGE of FREE SOLOING & CLOSE PROXIMITY WINGSUIT FLIGHT. Well, Dean Potter pulled the wingsuit action, "Dan the Man" was better known for his outrageous solos & his gnarly "rope jumps"---like bungee jumping, except he used climbing rope and had to set up the jumps in such a way that he would arc out and subsequently swing back or pendulum to reduce the shock load on the rope & anchors, LOL. His masterwork upon the Leaning Tower in Yosemite was INSANE, complete with Metallica soundtrack, 10-4??? But he also pulled MANY hardcore free solos, and y'all can see them on the "Masters of Stone" videos... maybe just Google Dan Osman and get a clue, LOL. Dean Potter too, that boy was radical, he was in on slacklining too and put up some gnarly canyon crossings. Y'all think that $h!t is easy, all I can tell ya is: "GO DO IT, LOL." :eek:

P.S. BTW, as a technical rock climber, I had to clue in more than a few sailors with regard to using soft climbing harnesses for mast work, rather than bulky and heavy "bosun's seats/chairs" which routinely hung up on the rigging, LOL. Remember, kids, lighter and more efficient is always better, AYE??? :confused: Thus endeth the sermon, CHEERS, YOUSE NAUTICAL FOOLIOTS!!! :cool: