Laser Island Voyages Back In The Day

"Flee the sanctuary city" with Black Rifle Real Estate... now I've seen it all, a realty outfit that specializes in strategic relocation, must be disciples of Joel Skousen, LOL. Listings are way too pricey for my wallet, but the website is funny. Got my eye on a lot up near Westport, but there are old CC&Rs still on record, even though the original founders are probably all dead and there doesn't seem to be any HOA, which I do NOT want. Kinda leery about the CC&Rs, though my steel building doesn't appear to fall under any of the restrictions. Last thing I need, lifestyle police telling me how to live... :confused:

Gotta find a lot soon, I've been stalling on the fabrication release form for the building since my purchase of the lot in South Bend fell through again. Tried three times to buy that lot, but the seller won't clear it and he won't drop the price enough to make it worthwhile for me to clean up the lot and get rid of the cr@ppy old trailer... so to heck with it, I'll keep looking at listings. This lot up near Westport is a good deal, too bad the damned CC&Rs are still on record, otherwise I would've already thrown down the cash. I can get it for a song, but it sold for $80K in 2006, LOL. :rolleyes:

Sometimes all these miserable rules & regs, gubmint codes, etc., make me wanna ditch everything, buy a boat and sail to Costa Rica... maybe clear down to Chile, aye? Where some jackhole would undoubtedly be waiting to pester me with demands for passport, visa, customs bribe, and all that bull$h#t... I should've been born centuries ago, before all this gubmint cr@p got outta control. Gimme hostile tribes over gubmint bureaucrats any day of the week, life is easier with the hostile tribes, go figure... dealing with gubmint tards is an entirely different matter. :eek:

Stumbled across this video today... damned if they aren't making it harder for me to pound beers & urinate down to leeward while under way, not to mention tap dancing & steering with my feet like a nautical chimpanzee, LOL. :eek:

As if things aren't tough enough these days for the recreational sailor, pffffffft... cue the "WAR PIGS" line by Ozzy:

"YOU... B@STARDS!!!" ;)

One of youse NAUTICAL HEE-ROES needs to cook up a foiling Laser so I can go back to my peaceful urination while bending on the knots, LOL... :rolleyes:
Oh, hell, my memory is slipping again, that line is from "SABBATH BLOODY SABBATH" and not "WAR PIGS"---meh, it's still Ozzy, call it a Black Sabbath line if ya wish, aye? This is just one more reminder that the old days of heller partying are catching up to me... I can't remember the details, LOL. I could've sworn on a stack of SKATEBOARDER and ROCK & ICE magazines that the line was from the "WAR PIGS" tune, but I reckon I'm losing whatever marbles are left upstairs... :confused:

Haha, I hear ya... problem is, it'd be hard to fit a Laser through that hole, unless ya put her up on a rail and wrote off the rig, LOL. :confused:

You'd hafta hunker down in the cockpit, make yourself small and dodge the mast as it got ripped out or snapped... daggerboard & rudder might get shaved as well. :rolleyes:

Time for some cold beer & NFL Playoffs action on the curved screen... Wild Card Weekend for diehard football fans. :cool:
Well, I'm going off the web and possibly the grid in the near future, I've decided that this place really isn't for me after all... so I'm heading back to the high desert & mountains of Northern Arizona. Never did find a suitable fixer here in coastal WA, though I looked at fifteen different homes in my price range. Meh, too moldy and bombed-out in this wet climate, gotta go back where my money can still do some good. Get out while I still can and buy a place free & clear down there in AZ... makes me wonder why I ever left, it'll be an expensive lesson, LOL. I sure miss that AZ sunshine, weather here has been dismal and dreary for quite some time, but I'm about to solve that problem, cut my losses and head back to where the cats & I can find a decent affordable home. I'm over this wet weather too, been feelin' like Jack in "THE SHINING" lately with this severe cabin fever, I tell ya... every time I open the door, it's raining. I'm over it, LOL. Anyway, y'all catch a break while I relocate yet again, unless I'm in a Wi-Fi hotspot with the laptop... unlikely to happen if I'm camped out on lake or river with the cats, taking the occasional spin to check out a property. WTF, somebody has to do it, and this dreary cr@p here ain't cuttin' it, though I had a blast camping in the fall when the weather was still primo. 47 days in the field, and about a month with the kittehs in car & tent, huge bald eagles soaring overhead and all... a new personal record for sure, and the kittehs miraculously survived, LOL. :rolleyes:



P.S. Charts went to a commercial fisherman to update his collection, so they weren't entirely f#%ng wasted, LOL. :cool:
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Haha, I hear ya... that was an ugly trip, straight through to Vegas with the two cats, they don't travel well and we're all strung out. Got lost twice in the backwoods of Oregon, tacked on three hours and wound up running a dirt road for 20 miles to pick up US20E, I'm talking full-on offroading in a cheesy loaded 26' Budget Rental truck, towing an auto trailer and cat-loaded Camry astern. Wouldn't have been the same if the cr@ppy auto trailer hadn't sported bald tires with canvas showing, aye? Big ol' rocks & mean ol' ruts along that 20-mile stretch of dirt road... in smoother sections, I hammered on it and drove 60 m.p.h., the truck rattling like crockery in a 7.2 quake and a thick plume of dust stretching half a mile astern. The truck only had one small fuel tank on the port side, so I coasted into two fuel stops on absolute vapors... thought for sure I was gonna run outta fuel in the desolation of SE Oregon and BFE, Nevada. When I made each fuel island and unscrewed the fuel cap, the tank hissed with vapors, like opening a soda after shaking it. Thank God some truck makers cut ya a little slack and ya still have a few miles to run even when the needle of the fuel gauge is below E and out of the red. :confused:

I wised up and started topping off every time I saw a fuel pump, even if I still had 3/4 fuel. Was topping off at zero-dark-thirty in some podunk little hamlet in BFE, Central Nevada, when a hand barely nosed into the tiny service station before his truck died, out of fuel. He was towing a boat on a trailer which stuck out onto the two-lane blacktop highway, the boat just waitin' to get demolished by a big rig with a tired truck driver. I made some comment to the hand and he told me "You need to F#%K OFF, you're blocking the fuel pumps and my boat is in the highway!!!" Here's the funny part: it would've been the easiest thing in the world for me to open the box on the rental truck, grab one of the two plastic gas cans sitting right there at the end, swipe my card and run a couple gallons so the guy could dump it into his tank and get off the highway. But the hand said I needed to "F#%K OFF"---so I said "Okay" and climbed into my truck, dropped it in gear and tore on outta there, LOL. Dude is probably still stuck in that hole, I don't even remember the name of the hamlet. Truth be told, I have a long history of f#%ng off, but that's another story... :rolleyes:

Then there was Vegas... GOOD GOD, what in the hell happened to that burg??? INSANE BUSTER-@SS TRAFFIC, TWEEKIN' CRACKERHEADS & A BILLION ZOMBIE TROLLS!!! I mean SCARY TROLLS too, HOLLERIN' TO THEMSELVES OR AT PASSING RIGS... their troll numbers too unfathomable to count. I'm talkin' about a SH!TLOAD OF TROLLS, trolls to the horizon and trolls in every direction as far as the eye can see, 10-4??? "THE WALKING DEAD" has NOTHIN' on that VEGAS SH!THOLE, I tell ya. I guess my brother Pete said it best: VEGAS WOULD LOOK GOOD AT THE BASE OF A MUSHROOM CLOUD. Place sure has gone downhill since I ran through Sin City twice a week back in the late '90s. I've been to the worst ghettos in NYC, Chi-Town, North Philly, Compton, etc., but I'm thinking Vegas now has 'em all beat, hands down. I honestly don't know what people see in that burg, it's a mystery to me. What an absolute dump. To me, hell isn't the Fiery Pit, it's where Satan smiles and tells ya: "I HAVE A SPECIAL TREAT FOR YOU, YOU'RE GOING TO SHUFFLE THE STREETS OF LAS VEGAS FOR ETERNITY!!!" :eek:

Anyway, I'm in Arizona again, feels good to have that high desert sun glaring down... particularly after the bout of cabin fever up in Coastal Washington. I'm in a cheap motel room in Kingman, my cat Crackhead is in the room with me but Sage is still hiding in the enclosed cavity under the padded bench next to the driver's seat of the truck. I cracked the windows and left him a litter box and some water... might have to starve him outta there, aye? Poor little Sage, he hates traveling, and he has the loudest vocal complaint I've ever heard in a cat. I think he's bearing a grudge against me, perhaps plotting to take his revenge once he makes it into the motel room. Ol' Sage & I have been through so much together... he must be pushin' 20 years of age as I key this message. At least this motel room is WAY BETTER than the fleabag motel room in Vegas... had a LONG NIGHT THERE, the cats would just get settled down when some freakin' troll in an adjoining room would make noise and set 'em off again. Honestly, this is the LAST TIME I EVER DO THIS, haulin' all my stuff and jugglin' two cats while traveling well over a thousand miles... I'm just gettin' too old for it, I can't take any more of the abuse, LOL. ;)

Time to check some real estate listings as I POUND COLD BEERS to ease the stress... I need a hot shower and about 12 solid hours of sleep, but that won't be happening quite yet. This has to be the last time I ever do this miserable relocation business, I think my blood pressure is through the roof and I'm starting to entertain mass murder fantasies, 10-4??? I was in the Infantry too, AR or Automatic Rifleman in the USA INF, so I'm talkin' about sprayin' a whole heap o' rounds, LOL. Naaah, just kidding, but I sure felt that way lately, especially in Vegas with its myriad trolls and rude drivers. Hunter S. Thompson has nothin' on me, I'll go for the historic casualty numbers. Did ya know that firearms can be freely purchased at any swap meet in AZ, the only paperwork being the CASH that changes hands, LOL. I'm thinking one can probably order fully automatic weapons on the web nowadays: "JUST SHIP 'EM IN A PLAIN CARDBOARD BOX!!! NOW HERE'S YOUR MONEY!!!" Well, I gotta get started on those real estate listings, might grab a hot shower first to cut the funk & trail dust. Boy, this has been one heckuva trip, I'll be glad when I'm settled in a *new* home. The way I've been feeling lately, it might just be a padded cell in "VEGETABLE LAND, HOME OF THE CRIMINALLY INSANE!!!" :D

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The stories on the first page will take you to the islands... Los Coronados, a separate reality from San Diego, CA, but only mere miles apart. Wish I were there now, but I'm looking at a home in Southern Arizona this morning... a fixer, of course, but it has a nice view of Cochise Stronghold. :rolleyes:
Well, there's light at the end of the tunnel... I'm buying this home in Southern Arizona, the price is right and it doesn't need too much work, just some fresh paint, new carpet, some fixtures to be swapped out, etc. It's a cash purchase so escrow should close in about two weeks---looks like another glamping run in the high desert under Cochise Stronghold, no way I waste money on hotels & motels when I can camp for free in the boondocks. I'll save the money for steaks & beers, LOL... I already bought a "handle" of rum and some pre-made margaritas, I'll pick up food, beer, ice, etc., on my way outta town manana. By this time tomorrow, I'll be kickin' it in my comfy camp chair with my hand wrapped around an alcoholic beverage, 10-4? Cats will go in the car at night to keep the varmints from bagging 'em... coyotes galore in the high desert, they'll be serenading me to sleep for the next two weeks. Got a line on a cord of wood to be delivered to my campsite, it's cheaper & easier that way. Otherwise, it's time to relax by a campfire and check out millions of stars overhead... maybe pull the occasional Swiss yodeling number or loud Tarzan yell. With luck, I'll meet some technical rock climbers out there and par-tay hard as I burn time, AYE??? Climbers are always classic, we can swap lies & tales of adventure round the campfire every night, LOL. CHEERS!!! :rolleyes:

P.S. Kinda wish the cutie from the U-Haul office was coming with me, she was a really nice gal... I'd invite her out there, but no need to begin my new life here with a cop call, no future in that, LOL. She DID seem friendly though... unlike those friggin' sand crabs in Coronado. :confused:
Hey, Wavedancer!!! Guess we should change my handle to "Cactus Cowboy" after all... nothin' BUT cactus where I'm headed, 10-4? Of course, REAL cowboys might take umbrage at this sort of poser action... tougher than dollar steaks, those real cowboys, and ready to swing on ya at the drop of a hat, LOL. Meh, that reminds me, I'll be able to wear my cowboy hat again, it's a simple straw Justin number to keep the sun off my goldurned haid & red neck... picture me in my comfy camp chair in the high desert, sittin' in the sun while wearing nothing but slaps, board shorts, cowboy hat & sunglasses (on a goon cord, no need to mess up my good Bolle shades). Wait, there are scorpions & rattlers out there... better swap the beach slaps for sturdy boots, LOL. Might hafta pull a regular inspection prior to par-tay action:


2) HANDLE O' RUM???---CHECK!!!






And the list goes on, LOL... ah, the sacrifices I make to find pure invigorating freedom. Meh, SOMEBODY has to do it, looks like it's my turn, WOOHOO!!! :rolleyes:
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Holy Cow!!! The camping in subfreezing weather was a tough gig... thank goodness I had plenty of alcohol, a truckload of firewood & a million-dollar view of Cochise Stronghold, LOL. The kittehs & I are now in our *new* digs, place needs heaps o' work but it has great potential... gonna have an awesome view of the mountains as I shoot stick on the 8' pool table. I guess that big room up front is the living room, but I don't care, I'm a confirmed bachelor and it's the largest room in the 1440-square-foot home, so that's where the pool table is going... a no-brainer, 10-4??? Do y'all know the definition of a confirmed bachelor? That's a hand who never makes the same mistake ONCE, LOL. ;)

Alright, Boyz, I'm off to the house to crack a cold beer... right now, I'm like a general massing his forces & equipment for a full frontal home rehab assault, I'll be caught up in this project for at least two months but I know it'll be sweet once I'm done. Just gotta chip away at the stone and knock out one task at a time, otherwise I'll get burned out like a hand who has seen too much of the rotten human race, LOL. Y'all be good, I'll check in every so often to let y'all know how the battle goes... perhaps I should call it a home rehab war, there are several battles to be fought on different fronts, aye??? HASTA LUEGO, YOUSE NAUTICAL HEE-ROES!!! :cool:

P.S. Y'all know that as I toil in drudgery, my mind will be on the islands, LOL... VIVA LOS CORONADOS!!! :rolleyes:
Snowed the other day in southeastern Arizona, more on the way according to weather reports...

IMG_8569.JPG IMG_8570.JPG IMG_8571.JPG IMG_8572.JPG IMG_8573.JPG IMG_8574.JPG IMG_8575.JPG IMG_8576.JPG IMG_8579.JPG

That's my cat Crackhead checking out the snow-covered weeds in the yard. Last shot shows dawn view of the Dragoon Mountains from my patio... seen more colorful dawns here, just happened to have the camera handy this time. :rolleyes:
A few pics from our recent camping trip:

IMG_8546.JPG IMG_8547.JPG IMG_8549.JPG IMG_8551.JPG IMG_8555.JPG IMG_8552.JPG IMG_8553.JPG IMG_8556.JPG IMG_8558.JPG

Rain fly for the larger tent was still in the storage unit in town, second night out it rained and things got wet... had to dry my sleeping bags in the sun & wind the following day. Also broke out the smaller tent which DID have its rain fly, and I spent the remaining nights in this tent to avoid another soaking. :confused: