Laser Island Voyages Back In The Day

Making progress on our home, the Pool Room is looking good and I'm working my way back through the other rooms. After today's resupply run (more beer), I'll throw down some Kilz on the subfloor, or at least half the total area. The subfloor isn't in bad shape, but it's the original subfloor from 1977, so a couple coats of Kilz won't hurt... I have two 5-gallon buckets of Kilz, should be more than enough for the job. A little different from painting boats, but it has to be done if I'm gonna make this place livable. The home already looks WAY better since I stripped out all the junk, it's gonna be a stylin' bachelor pad & mini pool hall when I'm done. Some hand ground down all the welds on the hex head screws and carted off the security bars for doors & windows, so my home no longer has that "institutional" look. Perhaps I should say "correctional" look---felt like I was in jail with all those bars in place, LOL. Good riddance to 'em... my home will be streamlined and comfortable once I'm done, with killer views of mountains in several directions. And I'm ex-Infantry, so if any perp breaks into my home, I'll shoot the tweekin' crackerhead myself, aye? That'll fall under the heading of "Entertainment"---well, time to hit WallyWorld and resupply with beer, it's the cheapest place in town for purchasing multiple 30-packs, LOL. :eek:

P.S. Every now and then I'll throw down some rum & mixer, but only at the end of the REALLY long days... otherwise it's more beer, some dinner and a well-deserved break to sleep like the dead for about 8 hours. :rolleyes:
Still in the middle of painting, but the home is looking WAY better... had some friends over last night to party, and they were amazed by the transformation, LOL. Can't wait to get the new carpeting done, that'll really bring the home up to speed... it looks pretty modern now with all the rooms streamlined and whited out, wall art will help tone down the brightness once the carpet is done. I already yanked the A/C units out of the windows, they'll go directly into the walls pronto... which frees up more window space and lets in even more light. I have more rolling to do today, but rolling is easy compared to the tedious cutting in of corners and trim. Meh, I knew this transformation wouldn't happen overnight, but it's progressing as planned and I'm satisfied with the results so far... kittehs are liking it too, now that they're getting used to our *new* home. My view of the Dragoon Mountains & Cochise Stronghold is hard to beat, it's the first thing guests see when they step onto the deck & patio. I'm off to resupply before tackling more painting, little by little I'll get this job done. :confused:
Hammering away at the home rehab, knocking it out and bringing the place up to speed... it already looks a thousand percent better. Managed to swing through historic Tombstone last week, had a good time as I took a break and walked the dusty streets and wide boardwalks... felt like I was in an old Western, LOL. Tombstone is a full-on tourist trap nowadays, but there are still some cool old buildings and plenty of history in that burg. Check out these pics:

IMG_8629.JPG IMG_8631.JPG IMG_8632.JPG IMG_8633.JPG IMG_8634.JPG IMG_8635.JPG IMG_8636.JPG IMG_8637.JPG IMG_8638.JPG IMG_8639.JPG
Here are some more pics of Tombstone:

IMG_8640.JPG IMG_8642.JPG IMG_8643.JPG IMG_8644.JPG IMG_8645.JPG IMG_8646.JPG IMG_8647.JPG

And a few bonus pics of the historic mining town of Bisbee:

IMG_8650.JPG IMG_8651.JPG IMG_8652.JPG

Well, gotta climb back aboard the home rehab horse, the problem with this sort of work is that it doesn't do itself... if ya ever figure out a way to make it do itself, you'll be an overnight billionaire, aye? Next weekend, friends & I are heading for Tombstone (just down the road about 23 miles from my house) to enjoy "Wild West Days" & St. Patrick's Day, should be a good time walking the streets & boardwalks, watching the parade, having a beer or two in a saloon and checking out the gunslinging action, LOL. Probably be more exciting if they used real bullets... have to dodge 'em like in the old days. Alright, youse nautical heroes, time to get off the wi-fi and hit the trail... HASTA LA VISTA!!! :cool:
Taking a break today, my feet are tired, been on 'em for the past three weeks... was gonna run down to Tombstone yesterday for St. Patrick's Day, but the weather here was absolutely perfect for applying that elastomeric coating to the roof, so I wound up doing that instead. One full coat anyway, the second will go on in a few days. Got one heckuva view from my roof, I can see at least five different mountain ranges... I'll have to post up some pics when I get a chance, it's a spectacular view. :eek:

Almost finished with the rush job of painting those rooms which will be carpeted, the carpet crew arrives on Wednesday to measure the rooms, then it should only be 3-5 days before the job is done. Once the rooms are carpeted, I can get my stuff outta storage and start living a normal life again... if my life can ever be called normal, LOL. Meh, I'm still above ground, and the kittehs have hung tough throughout this long unsettled period of trying to find a suitable home, aye? :rolleyes:

Gonna drink beer and hang some wall art today, this doesn't really qualify as work but it still needs to be done... I'll hang the nautical chart of San Diego Bay first, it makes a statement wherever it goes and I can simply point to it whenever guests ask me about my home town. Funny thing, I don't miss Coronado at all, that overcrowded dump, but the chart brings back good memories of past voyages, aye? And even though I'm now in the high desert, I can recall those voyages with perfect clarity... :cool:

The high desert has its advantages too, the views are insane and the night sky incredible... a million stars overhead. I'll hafta figure out a way to hang my deluxe Pawleys Island Hammock so I can swing in it at night and look up at the heavens. Well, time to sign off, I gotta run to the store and pick up some stuff, including a big ol' pack of yardbird... for some reason, I have a hankerin' for chicken today, dunno why, but it'll taste good after I drink a river of beer, LOL. Ah, yes, the Bachelor Life, it's a rough gig but SOMEBODY has to do it... CHEERS, YOUSE NAUTICAL HEROES!!! HASTA LUEGO!!! :D
Making progress, home is starting to look good... carpet man measured the rooms yesterday, so the kittehs & I will soon have nice new carpet in our home. First thing Sage will do is puke on it, no doubt, he's getting old and he occasionally has digestive problems. Meh, that's why I didn't pay for top-tier carpet, just good middle-of-the-road stuff that'll wear well... both cats will sharpen their claws on the carpet, same way they sharpen their claws on my furniture. I call my leather motorized reclining sofa "the $1100 scratching post"---blasted varmints love sharpening their claws on that thing. :confused:

Gonna knock off early today and have a big ol' BBQ with friends... these are the folks who are putting up a home on 7 1/2 acres a short distance from my house. I went to check out their spread, it's a nice piece of property with heller views, they can even see Mt. Graham, which will be a recreational destination for us later. That's a bad@$$ mountain, it's over 10,000' in elevation and there's an observatory up there because the night skies are so clear. Can't wait to run up there and do some offroading, maybe some camping too... views must be spectacular up near the summit. :)

I hung that wall art the other day, the nautical chart is up and looking good next to the poster of Poseidon, God of the Sea. I also hung my framed poster from the '92 Cup Series, it was signed by Team Espana, the biggest losers in the regatta. One hundred years from now, that poster will be worth a million dollars, as nobody else will have bothered to keep one signed by the Spanish team, LOL. The poster shows a good close-up shot of the America's Cup, the trophy itself which I once wheeled into the San Diego Convention Center on a dolly. It's a pretty cool trophy, I dig the engraving from certain races with lines such as "spars carried away..." :rolleyes:

Alright, time for me to hit the trail and run a few errands, I'm looking forward to BBQing this afternoon and just taking it easy with good friends... these folks are loaded too, but they don't act like the rich wanks back in Coronado, they're from the Midwest (Kansas City) and they act normal, LOL. I bought a HUGE pack of beef from Safeway, two ginormous London Broils that are over twice the thickness of any London Broils I've ever seen before... 7.55 lbs. of beef on sale for $20, they look more like roasts than steaks, aye? I'm gonna slow-cook 'em on my grill this afternoon, LBs aren't my favorite cut but these were too good of a deal to pass up. :eek: