1. Nephroid

    Gone "Mini-fishing": Today's Catch

    Hello there! I am now the proud owner of THIS Minifish.. ...freshly purchased off Ebay. Given the serial number, #1209 out of approximately 14,000 made, I would estimate her to be from the first 1-2 years of production – so a ’71 or ’72? Overall she seems to be in pretty good shape for a...
  2. J


    Can anyone help me figure out the year of my Minifish ? Vin # amf16187e585 thanks John
  3. B

    Minifish or Sunfish

    In the market for a small sailboat and found a nice Minifish at a decent price. I'm also interested in a Sunfish but have yet to find one in decent shape that's close. I realize it's the middle of the summer and prime sailing time so I'm not surprised. The boat I hopefully purchase will be...
  4. tag

    a sunset sail on Lake Michigan

    Just got back from a week's vacation on Lake Michigan. Perfect beach weather, but winds/waves/schedule only gave me 2 chances to sail, my son went out 1 more time but it was pretty light winds. We sailed one evening together as the sun was starting to set - me on the Sunfish (white sail) and...