1. S

    RHODE ISLAND New Minifish Sails

    New Minifish sails for sale. Sunrise and Mackinaw color schemes. 1 available of each. New sail rings available. Shipping extra.
  2. J

    MARYLAND Minifish sail and mast

    Rainbow Mini-Fish sail and mast for sale, Eastern Shore, Maryland $150. Pickup only
  3. C

    NEW JERSEY MiniFish Sails

    Colie Sails has a fresh batch of MiniFish Sails in stock. We are probably some of the last people in the world to make the Minifish sail, but every winter we make a few and sell them to Minifish sailors. If you are interested in one, check them out on our website or reach out for more...
  4. Alan S. Glos

    NEW YORK DePersia Cockpit Bailer (long shaft) To Fit a Minifish or thicker bottom Sunfish

    Tired of breaking your Minifish keel mounted plastic cockpit bailer? This somewhat rare cast aluminum DePersia brand bailer came off a damaged beyond repair Minifish hull and will take a lot of abuse and keep your cockpit dry. The threaded shank is 1 5/8" length to accommodate a Minifish...
  5. drummer5829

    Minifish Inspection Ports

    Hi all, I just got a Minifish that needs to be dried out and am trying to determine the best locations for inspection ports. I've seen the document and instructions for the Sunfish here: and another thread for Minifish here: Where to put...
  6. Alan S. Glos

    NEW YORK Minifish Spars

    Minifish aluminum upper and lower booms + mainsheet and halyard. $70. Add $38 for a matching bronze gooseneck. Very good condition. Pick-up only in Cazenovia, NY (near Syracuse, NY) due to prohibitive shipping cost. Interested? Questioins? E-mail me at: Alan Glos...
  7. S

    RHODE ISLAND New Minifish Sails

    I have two new Minifish sails available. Blue wave color scheme (white, light blue and dark blue) and Dragon color scheme (yellow, green, light blue, dark blue, red and white). Both sails have a window and stainless steel grommets. Shipping available. $165 each.
  8. M

    Help identify this 1978 craft. Minifish or Flite 12?

    Hello, I have just purchased what was listed as a 1976 Sunfish. I have since learned that it was an inaccurate listing! I knew something was off when I bought it, but I just figured I was misremembering what a Sunfish looked like as I’ve only used one a few times and it was probably 10+ years...
  9. 4cpus4me

    Minifish Sailboat with custom cart - $350 (Traverse City, Michigan)

    Not mine, but this looks like a great Minifish with a great storage cart :) Link: Minifish Traverse City Michigan Craigslist.
  10. Nephroid

    Gone "Mini-fishing": Today's Catch

    Hello there! I am now the proud owner of THIS Minifish.. ...freshly purchased off Ebay. Given the serial number, #1209 out of approximately 14,000 made, I would estimate her to be from the first 1-2 years of production – so a ’71 or ’72? Overall she seems to be in pretty good shape for a...
  11. J


    Can anyone help me figure out the year of my Minifish ? Vin # amf16187e585 thanks John
  12. B

    Minifish or Sunfish

    In the market for a small sailboat and found a nice Minifish at a decent price. I'm also interested in a Sunfish but have yet to find one in decent shape that's close. I realize it's the middle of the summer and prime sailing time so I'm not surprised. The boat I hopefully purchase will be...
  13. tag

    a sunset sail on Lake Michigan

    Just got back from a week's vacation on Lake Michigan. Perfect beach weather, but winds/waves/schedule only gave me 2 chances to sail, my son went out 1 more time but it was pretty light winds. We sailed one evening together as the sun was starting to set - me on the Sunfish (white sail) and...