1963 Wooden Sunfish

Beautiful sunny. I'm not a huge fan of sunfish, mainly because I'm a little sick of hauling the overly heavy ones that have been water-logged since the '70s, but I wouldn't mind sailing that boat.
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This one's a bit heavy, as you would imagine, but I've certainly hauled glass ones a lot heavier. It's a nice sail - no 'oil-canning' when cutting through waves!
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Beautiful Sunfish IF you ever get inclined to put a "for sale" sign on it, I would be interested.
I actually will be selling it at some point..... Probably not for another year. While I love having it, I'm nearing retirement age, and with four other boats (all glass), this is probably the one I'll get rid of. As you can imagine, it draws some attention where I sail, and I've already received a couple of offers for it..... I'll be sure to post here if/when I put that 'for sale' sign on it.
Wow! Lovely! Thank you for showing her to us. Now I would like to borrow her...
Well, then, maybe a video with audio (I love the sound of a wooden hull, waves). Can you send an attachment to the FRAGRANCE folder?
Lucky you. Nice photos.