1. J

    Expired  FLORIDA ILCA 6 Hyde Sail for sale

    Great condition class legal Hyde sail for sale. Available to ship anywhere. Used for 2 events. Germany country code.
  2. J

    FLORIDA ILCA 6 Hyde Sail for sale

    Good condition class legal Hyde sail for sale. Available to ship anywhere.
  3. C

    Expired  GEORGIA Laser Full Rig(ILCA 7) MARK II Sail w/battens

    I used to live in Santa Barbara and I was active in the Laser community. I moved to Atlanta, GA in July 2019 and thought I would try sailing Lasers here on Lake Lanier. I purchased a new Mark II, Full-Rig(ILCA 7) sail and sailed in one light-air regatta. I think my Laser sailing days are over...
  4. ClaVaPa1

    Repair  Does replacing the sail window break rule compliance?

    So, have this old training sail that I am about to sell for €150... Before selling it, I wanted to repair the window decently because it had a bunch of holes sealed with tape / adhesive Dacron. A sailmaker advised that the only way was to replace the entire thing, so I trusted him and let him...
  5. J

    420 Sail has poor shape.

    Bought an older 420 that I’m trying to rig correctly. The thing was a bargain, but over the years got jury/jerry rigged together so it needs some work. The problem I’m having, is that the mainsail has quite a bit of sag down the bottom(see pictures). All three corners of the sail are tight and...
  6. IvanNik

    forward fat-cut sail

    Got new sail So far so good..
  7. ROB12345987373828282728

    Laser repair question

    I’m looking at this laser to buy. It has a mast step repair/deck repair and I’m not familiar with repairs like this. Is this a good quality repair?
  8. T

    Cutting a Sunfish Sail to fit a Mini Fish II

    Hi all! I recently acquired a Mini Fish II Hull with rigging for a Sunfish. The sail needs to be repaired, so I thought I may as well cut it to the specs of the actual Mini Fish II sail. I'm an experienced seamstress, so I plan to do the work myself. Does anyone know where I can find the...
  9. M

    Original Sailfish Sail

    Any idea how much a 65 square foot Sailfish sail is worth? I got one by accident when I meant to buy one for my Sailfish MKII. It's all white with the sailfish logo.
  10. P

    Phantom sail

    Looking for phantom parts and sail
  11. J

    Capri 14.2 - Parts needed

    I have a 1989 Capri 14.2 in need of a mainsail, rudder and tiller which were lost in a fire. Looking to replace. Please contact me.
  12. L&VW

    Original Sail?

    With my most recent Sunfish purchase last month, I hadn't had a chance to examine this 1971 Sunfish's sail. Yesterday, examination showed a silky all-white sail with about 15 holes :( . It risked a major tearing, but I took it for a spin anyway, with a variable wind from 1 to 7-MPH. Labeled...
  13. E

    Dayton Marine Catyak II sail WANTED

    Hello all, I've followed this forum for quite a while without signing up, ever since I got my first sailboat about 2 years ago. As a new homeowner on the Delaware river, I fell in love with sailing immediately with that first boat. Unfortunately, that boat no longer has a sail. The Catyak that...
  14. S

    Is a Mylar window a good idea?

    Hello all, First post here. Thank you to all the contributors. I have learn a lot in the past few days! I am about to buy a new NeilPryde sail for my Sunfish. Just for fun and leisure. With 30-40 hrs of sailing per years, I am hoping it will last 10 years. The possibility to add a window...
  15. J

    Newbie here has an embarrassing question

    Hello Everyone: Well, my hubby and I live in St. Louis, MO and we are beginning to think about the upcoming sailing season. We are newbies . . . period! We bought our 73 Sunfish at the beginning of August last year and took it to the lake for the first time about two weeks later. Well, to...
  16. Y

    Keeping the sail out

    I know I've seen it but can't find it. So need to ask. In very light wind how do I keep my sail out going down wind? I thought there was a way using bungee cords. Maybe using the sheet somehow? or the halyard? A description would be great, even better a link to pics or video.