1. C

    GEORGIA Laser Full Rig(ILCA 7) MARK II Sail w/battens

    I used to live in Santa Barbara and I was active in the Laser community. I moved to Atlanta, GA in July 2019 and thought I would try sailing Lasers here on Lake Lanier. I purchased a new Mark II, Full-Rig(ILCA 7) sail and sailed in one light-air regatta. I think my Laser sailing days are over...
  2. S

    Sunfish sail

    Used sunfish sail with window, good condition. Can ship for shipping costs.
  3. S

    North Race Sail

    Older North race sail, good condition. Can ship for shipping costs.
  4. J

    Expired  FLORIDA Hyde ILCA 6 Sail in excellent condition

    Excellent condition Hyde ILCA 6 sail for sale.
  5. S

    RHODE ISLAND New Phantom Sails

    I have new Phantom sails available in two color schemes, Sunrise and red/white. They are made from 3.8 oz Challenge dacron, stainless steel grommets, logos and a clear window. Shipping extra. These sails require sail rings similar to the Sunfish instead of the sleeved original sail. A set of 30...
  6. S

    Expired  RHODE ISLAND New Sunfish Sails

    I have brand new Sunfish sails for sale. These are 3.8 oz Challenge dacron sails with stainless steel grommets and a clear window. These are race cut sails, not flat. No cunningham grommet though. I have 11 colors to choose from, some in limited quantity. Will post actual photos soon. Shipping...
  7. JC sunfish

    AMF/Alcort minifish good condition

    AMF/Alcort minifish in good shape ready to sail today! Rolled edge and new style rudder Smaller, lighter version of a sunfish, not sure of year as serial number sticker has worn off enough to be illegible (pretty common) 2 ½ year old sail from Kevane sails. Used <10 times, only once in salt...
  8. ClaVaPa1

    Repair  Does replacing the sail window break rule compliance?

    So, have this old training sail that I am about to sell for €150... Before selling it, I wanted to repair the window decently because it had a bunch of holes sealed with tape / adhesive Dacron. A sailmaker advised that the only way was to replace the entire thing, so I trusted him and let him...
  9. J

    420 Sail has poor shape.

    Bought an older 420 that I’m trying to rig correctly. The thing was a bargain, but over the years got jury/jerry rigged together so it needs some work. The problem I’m having, is that the mainsail has quite a bit of sag down the bottom(see pictures). All three corners of the sail are tight and...
  10. J

    SOLD:Minifish sail and mast

    Rainbow Mini-Fish sail and mast for sale, Eastern Shore, Maryland $150. Pickup only
  11. IvanNik

    forward fat-cut sail

    Got new sail So far so good..
  12. J

    Expired  CALIFORNIA Laser Radial (ILCA 6) Sail for sale

    Class legal hyde radial sail.
  13. S

    RHODE ISLAND New Sunfish Sail w/window

    New Sunfish sails available in the following colors: Blue Wave (1 available) Dragon (2 available) Go Navy (1 available) Modified Sunrise (1 available) Primary (2 available) Gator (1 available) Shipping available, New sail rings also available.
  14. S

    RHODE ISLAND New Sunfish Sail

    New sunfish sail in Gator color scheme, orange, blue and white. Includes stainless grommets, window and sail/rope bag. $185, shipping extra. New sail rings available as well.
  15. P

    FLORIDA Sail, wood mast, boom, rig for sale

    Make offer for pick up only.. I have several items from a clean out of a life time sailors storage. This is a solid wood mast boom rig. Sail and all riging in good shape. Wood could use a quick re- varnish. No rot. I'm in panama city Florida. I don't think its shipable. I can provide better...
  16. J

    FLORIDA Radial Sail for sale (Hyde)

    Radial sail in good condition.
  17. L

    Expired  J24 Spinnaker only 12 months of race

    J24 Spinnaker only 12 months of race J24 certified Located in Miami, FL (possibly to ship) $700 Lionel 786-614-5723
  18. Helme1el

    MARYLAND North Sail wanted

    Hey all I'm looking for North sail in good condition for my fish. I would love to find a sunrise sail, but not limited to this color way. I will pay shipping. Thanks in advance!
  19. U

    TEXAS Needed good Radial Sail, Main sheet, sm rigging lines, rudder, lg pocket

    Hi, Needing the above if you have them. Want very good to excellent condition. Will also consider a good used Mk II radial sail that you don't need again or any longer. Sail - MkII radial class sail or newer generation sail w/Battens. Main Sheet - about 50 feet, 5/16 so it's easy on hands...
  20. monkey_feet

    TEXAS Laser Parts Clearance; don't pass up these bargains!

    Hello, I'm clearing out my Laser closet. I'm in Dallas if you would like to arrange for local pick up. I will ship only ship in the United States. Once we agree on a price, I will charge you shipping and packaging costs with the carrier that you would like to use. If you would like...