Original Sail?


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With my most recent Sunfish purchase last month, I hadn't had a chance to examine this 1971 Sunfish's sail.

Yesterday, examination showed a silky all-white sail with about 15 holes :( . It risked a major tearing, but I took it for a spin anyway, with a variable wind from 1 to 7-MPH.

Labeled Ratsey & Lapthorne, it appears to be the original sail. Comparing it with my crinkly Intensity sail, what stood out right away was how "unflat" it was. There must be 6-inches of draft at the tack—and pulled the Sunfish remarkably well—noticeably well! :eek:

Some debris will wash off the sail, but not sure how I'll fix the holes. The edges of some of the holes are seared. :confused: Stored downstairs, it appeared as though someone emptied the contents of a charcoal grill on it from upstairs. :(

I've photographed a close-up of the Sunfish logo, so might print 15 little Sunfish templates to make sail-tape patches in a contrasting color. :cool:

Fullscreen capture 1122017 34541 AM.bmp.jpg


Ratsey Lapthorne did supply the early Sunfish class legal sails for years. I recall they were an English company with a loft in City Island, NY (?) So, yeah, I think you have an original factory issued Sunfish sail, and a pretty knarly one at that!

Alan Glos
Cazenovia, NY