Original Sailfish Sail

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Any idea how much a 65 square foot Sailfish sail is worth? I got one by accident when I meant to buy one for my Sailfish MKII. It's all white with the sailfish logo.
It all depends on the condition and quality of the sail. If it’s a new old stock Ratsey Lapthorn or Alcort sail I’d think you could get $100-$130 ($130 if it has a window). If it’s used but no tears or patches and clean I’d say $75. Check out eBay completed listings to see what they’ve sold for (as opposed to what people ask and don’t necessarily get in active listings)
I think the Minifish uses the 65 SF sail as well, so advertise it as good for either boat for a bigger audience.
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Here is the tag on the sale. It feels like my other dacron sails. It has some stains and the wear you'd expect from a 50 year old sail. You can tell it was used. Not sure if i definitely want to sell just yet. Part of me has always wanted to get an original wooden sailfish. I have a wooden sunfish so I want to complete the set hahaha.
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I hate to be a contrarian, but I wouldn't pay a penny for a 50-year (worn) old sail. Remember that the sail generates the power that propels your boat.
And it may tear in bigger breeze.