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    sharpen your blades!?!

    I sharpened my blades it it totally owns liek hardcore ya'll!
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    Carbon Fiber Tiller Extension

    you have to spray lacker them ever 2-3 months to keep the kevlar from wearing away.
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    Carbon Fiber Tiller Extension

    their good.... AWESOME!
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    ba da BOOM

    Its done all the time and i know a fair few that have been built.
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    Tacking with the longest tiller extension

    The trick is as you puch your rudder hard over you follow through with your tiller extension and grab the other side of the boat(gunwale) then change sides. Then change hands.
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    Retrofit with old stainless steel Gudgeon - class legal?

    i was also suprised
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    Retrofit with old stainless steel Gudgeon - class legal?

    i was going to do the same thing. so i asked the same question here and i was told it wasnt class legal.
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    carbon top section

    Yeh when i had ago of it, it was windy and me being only 68kg at the time found it great. I have heard that it will be legal after the Australian national (december to january this year) so i guess its just all about waiting now :P
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    Reefing damage a standard sail?

    Better still you can pull the caps off and then place a stronger glue like arilldite (how ever you spell it) then place the cap back on, wipe off the excess and DONE!
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    '06 Colors

    me too please- TomScully @
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    Wooden daggerboard and rudder?

    Ive sailed an M rig, had a boat with wooden foils and it also had stanless steel gundgons!
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    This Forum

    IT OWNS! W00T W00T
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    Sail Colours

    Its legal (im pretty shore) they are the mack 3 sails the grand mumma of deep laser radial sails. Use lux flakes in warm water to get the marks out.
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    I'm getting a new boat W00T:P

    yeh thanks for all the congrats. i think that im going to call it trogdor or trogdor the burninator and thanks again for you thankyou's:P
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    New Site

    Hi all I thought that i might try and make a site to replace Dr.Laser, this page will serve as a 'BETA' version if you will to see how it goes and if it goes well, I guess things could get better from there. The address is: Its just starting out now but...