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    1996 Laser

    are you saying the rudder,vang,outhaul,cunningham need racing upgrades,or that they are not there at all?
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    questions: re. a used laser

    I am looking at a used laser..sail 6066..the registration # on the hull is performance(manufacturer-is that ok?)6066(sail #) 0273(Iassume that means built in feb. 1973).am I correct ? the boat has a 'laser' kit patch around the mast step-seems to have been effectively done. the wood...
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    mast hole patch

    I was looking at a laser with wood rudder/daggerboard and a patch around the mast hole-the patch was a large square white implant into the hull...owner called it a laser patch...are you familiar with that type of repair?
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    relaxed sailing?

    can a laser be used for 'relaxed' sailing or is it too 'touchy' and a sunfish would be more suitable?
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    pwc trailer ok?

    would a trailer used to transport a jetski(12' but winch post can be moved to lengthen the trailer) be ok to transport a laser?
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    pwc trailer ok?

    :confused: There is a trailer for sale that was used to transport a 12' jet ski.the winch post can be relocated to lengthen the trailer capacity. the bunks seem pretty long. would there be any harm transporting a sunfish on that type of trailer?
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    garelick daggerboard dolly?

    can a sunfish be stored on a daggerboard dolly or is that just for launching?
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    2002 Sunfish for sale

    the zip code directory shows the boat to be in bayville,nj near philly
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    2002 Sunfish for sale

    where is this boat located?
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    overpriced sunfish?

    I was looking at an alcort '70 red/white stripe sunfish in like new condition-hull and sail..the seller wants $1400..firm.did you ever see a price like that?
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    do you think a like new '70 alcort sunfish(red/white stripe) for $1400 is ridiculous or would the condition warrant that type of price?
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    AMF Sunfish for Sale

    where is the boat located?
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    lower backs and lasers

    do folks with lower back issues sailing lasers have back issues due to the hiking,sitting position,etc.?
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    sunfish vs. force 5

    if anyone has sailed a force 5(used to be made by amf also) can you compare it to a sunfish? thanks.
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    laser vs. force5

    if anyone sailed amf froce 5 sailboats can you compare it to a laser?