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    '90s Laser I

    when in the 90's? also where in ny are you located
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    i agree
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    Weight to sail full rig

    im 135 and i sail a full rig. granted its hard to keep flat, but i havent capsized all season take it out and mess around for a while, see if u can keep the thing over, easy answer is if u can sail it, go right ahead, if not, get a radial, wait until u can keep it over, or just get ready to get...
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    Laser Radial & Full Rig FOR SALE (Reduced Price!)

    what years this boat from?
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    1994 Laser for sale

    im interested too standard rigging or pro? and huh... coincidence... my intials are sjn
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    Idea for getting my boat to the water from my cabin?

    get a photobucket account. then upload the pic there then use the img tags here i was thinking... maybe using the car topping thingy that harken makes... sorry i couldnt be more descriptive with that.... or maybe the fat dolly wheels?
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    Whos doin the orange bowl?

    haha same here
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    WOAH thats nuts two masts and also... howd u manage to bend the laserII mast likethat?
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    Laser Radial 175534

    what year is this boat from? also do u have a carbon fiber extension?
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    Dolphins in Galveston Bay

    that is so damn cool i wish we had dolphins around here
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    new rudder and tiller extention

    EDIT: my bad, i was lookin at the rudder and goin,it looks like an opti rudder... and it was...
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    pain when hiking

    i was coaching optis while sailin in some garbagie capri, and one of em capsized about 15 feet outside of a huuuuge bunker pod, and this was right around the time the bluefish started movin in so they were like jumpin at all the bunker, and all the instructors who were there were freaking out...
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    Replacing my tiller

    yeah hockey stick sounds like it should work.... just dont go scrappin a synergy to use as a tiller
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    new rudder and tiller extention

    yeah west coast or i believe that aps charges shipping though, and west coast doesnt and george, whats this new rules rudder?
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    Line Upgrades

    comes with it