Special Edition Lasers

Thanks for the info. It will have to do for now. Not sure flipping it over on this trailer would help much.

Are we talking this will happen in 2 weeks or 20 years?

I don't trailer it anywhere but to the boat ramp in my yard. If I have a friend sailing as well, we usually carry our boats down to launch off of the bank next to my dock.


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Do you have a picture of the Graffiti laser? I am interested in tracking down a special edition boat of some sort.
I don't, but you seem to have quite a few... that is, your boat IS a "Graffiti" model, it's just that I was under the (possibly wrong) impression that it wasn't intended as a "special edition".

I am not sure if that matches a Graffiti design Laser. From memory the single one I have seen clearly had Graffiti written somewhere on the hull. Yours is an edition I have not seen though! I like it!

It does look to be in good nick as well :). Thanks for posting.