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  • (continued) Using all of my force I couldn't get my spar in or out. It's also important to note that my step was 1/4" (6.5mm) wider than others. Is it possible that the steps of my '96 and the '00 were worn down just from regular use? Or are there noticeable variances in the step from year to year? I called APS and they had no clue. I called LP and they were no help either.
    I have a '96 Olympic boat in pretty nice condition, but the step has issues. When measuring the rake I noticed some dramatic differences between my boat and others. After measuring a 2000 Vanguard I found that I'm 1.27cm aft, using the same spar. My mast has APS wear strips that are supposedly .5mm thick, so 1mm in total when you account for both sides. When I put my spar inside a 2007 step it got stuck half way in.
    The radial and 4.7 use the same hull, boats, boom and top section, control lines, fitting etc. The only differences is they use different sails, sail numbers and bottom section. The 4.7 sail area is approximately 4.7 square metres and the radial is approximately 5.7 square metres, so the bottom sections are different in length as a result and the 4.7 bottom section has a permanent bend to obtain a reasonable sail shape. A lot of the people sailing 4.7's only purchase a radial sail and bottom section when they decide to move up to sailing a radial.
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