Small outboard motors on Capri 14.2

I have a mount and a small Yamaha outboard, but I feel it interferes and she sails much better without it, so I have just gotten used to sailing without a motor, and just love it that way. Maybe a trolling motor is much lighter and would be less noticeable when sailing.
Hahah I have another friend telling me that I shouldn't go out without the Catalina Direct factory mount or else I will destroy my transom! Such different opinions. Well I'm going to take your route and go out today with a couple wood planks and the motor just sitting on the transom. Will report back.

Thanks for all the helpful advice!!
That chip is the only destruction I've had with the 30 sized motor in nearly 6 years for use. Because of all this talking I did epoxy the exposed glass today... should have done that in 2013 when it happened... alas, and thanks for the shaming (focus).

As crazy as the day was that did the chip I suspect as much or more could have happened if a bracket/braces had been twisted off... totally my fault and hasn't happened again.

Hope your adventure goes well. I wouldn't try to sail with it still on the transom if the wind is sporty or you'll run into more adventure than planned. I always used it to get out of harbors or tucked in boat ramps then I removed it and raised the sails. I've rigged up a topping line that keeps the boom up with the sail down which makes the motoring and raising sails fairly easy.

Now I'm spoiled and just launch off the backyard but we still use the motor on calm evening to float over to fun stuff (live music etc).

DSC_1428.JPG DSC_0425-02.jpeg DSC_1416-03.jpeg DSC_1417-01-01.jpeg
It all went great! I think for the time being just clamping down on the wood blocks will work great. The 40# motor was able to push 3 of us into the wind and a pretty strong incoming tide, not super fast mind you, maybe 2 knots, but then we were scooting along pretty fast with the wind. We rode around for about an hour on the top speed (5 out of 5) and the batter was only down to around 80% so it all seems pretty good!