Small outboard motors on Capri 14.2

I have a mount and a small Yamaha outboard, but I feel it interferes and she sails much better without it, so I have just gotten used to sailing without a motor, and just love it that way. Maybe a trolling motor is much lighter and would be less noticeable when sailing.
Hahah I have another friend telling me that I shouldn't go out without the Catalina Direct factory mount or else I will destroy my transom! Such different opinions. Well I'm going to take your route and go out today with a couple wood planks and the motor just sitting on the transom. Will report back.

Thanks for all the helpful advice!!
That chip is the only destruction I've had with the 30 sized motor in nearly 6 years for use. Because of all this talking I did epoxy the exposed glass today... should have done that in 2013 when it happened... alas, and thanks for the shaming (focus).

As crazy as the day was that did the chip I suspect as much or more could have happened if a bracket/braces had been twisted off... totally my fault and hasn't happened again.

Hope your adventure goes well. I wouldn't try to sail with it still on the transom if the wind is sporty or you'll run into more adventure than planned. I always used it to get out of harbors or tucked in boat ramps then I removed it and raised the sails. I've rigged up a topping line that keeps the boom up with the sail down which makes the motoring and raising sails fairly easy.

Now I'm spoiled and just launch off the backyard but we still use the motor on calm evening to float over to fun stuff (live music etc).

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It all went great! I think for the time being just clamping down on the wood blocks will work great. The 40# motor was able to push 3 of us into the wind and a pretty strong incoming tide, not super fast mind you, maybe 2 knots, but then we were scooting along pretty fast with the wind. We rode around for about an hour on the top speed (5 out of 5) and the batter was only down to around 80% so it all seems pretty good!
I have a Minkota 30, I keep the battery in the cubby and used heavy duty bumper cables which run from cubby to motor mounted on the transom. I used proper connections at the battery, and a plug at the motor. Simple and has been trouble free.
Likewise I have the same motor. Initially built a nice little box just inside the cuddy with wing nutted lid, circuit breaker, gauge showing the % of charge, and plug in the back of the cockpit close to the motor. Battery is the Odyssey 680, smallest size they make. Easy to handle at the expense of lower running time. Fine for about 80% of what I do, but it would be nice to have more juice for bigger lakes or windy days. I like the motor for the ability it gives to deal with traffic when docking or hoisting / lowering sails. I had slugs installed in my main (as well as reef points) so I can motor out with sail tied to the boom and do the rest while underway. Got a tiller tender which locks it in place so I can leave the helm. And on calm days I'm going to have a canopy made that could go across the boom for sun protection. Then I could do a lazy motor excursion. So the solution was to make provisions for a second 680 battery, run in series with the first. Now I have the capacity to run the Minkota at power level 2 for 2.5 hours before batteries in series show low charge on my gauge. That equated to 20% left on them as shown on my charging unit. If anybody's interested I could send some pics.......
Just bought a 14.2 Capri and planning to add a Newport vessel kayak series 36 lbs. trust engine on it. the shaft is 24". Is that enough or should I go for a 30"?
Thanks for the replies.

For prop the deeper under the water the better. When under sail I raise it up 100% and turn sideways, then it clears everything. My Minkota is the smallest they make, very lightweight and easy to handle. Pushes Capri very well indeed.
Hi Aqua - so on the canopy over the boom idea, what is holding the boom horizontal under that weight? Thanks!
What I have in mind is a few lightweight (PVC?) transverse rods spanning the width of the boat that would support an also lightweight opaque fabric (white) and have grommets placed as needed to tie down to the two rear mooring cleats plus a few strategically drilled holes receiving the tie downs as needed. They could be small sized, the line doesn't have to be too thick. Run the canopy the length of the boom. As far as support goes, I currently use my Boomkicker to keep mast up while motoring. It's a bit springy so I'll clip to main halyard to the rear of boom and hoist up a bit. Then you can tighten down on the mainsheet and the boom becomes very solid indeed. I'll be relocating to St. Louis next year. Their mid-summers are super hot with dead winds. On those lazy days I would do slow motor trips around my medium sized lake and put up the canopy. Would not even plan on putting up the sails on days like that. And I have a nice swim ladder so I can drop anchor in the middle and jump in as needed. Adapt!!
Just bought a 14.2 Capri and planning to add a Newport vessel kayak series 36 lbs. trust engine on it. the shaft is 24". Is that enough or should I go for a 30"?
Thanks for the replies.

Hi Emerald Isle Sailor,

I assume that is NC? I live/sail down in Beaufort, we should go out sometime if you live around Emerald Isle all the time and are looking for sailing partners! As for your motor question, if you have a motor mount that is lower than the transom and far enough out from the hull that it won't touch you may be fine. I have a 30" Minn Kota that just clamp onto the transom and mine barely fits under the hull of the boat. I would be afraid to go an inch shorter. Also mine comes pretty close to coming out of the water if I'm in big waves or get hit by a big boats wake. Overall has worked great though.

Not best practice to clamp it onto the transom but I just add some wood planks to distribute the load and it has been great and super easy for me for dozens of sails and motoring sessions. Interested to hear about your favorite sailing spots around EI!

Also if you're in Emerald Isle, NC as I suspect you are, I would advise not to go lower than the 36#. I have a 40# and in a strong tide or big waves as we get around the OBX, especially with 2-3 people, I am just barely able to push into the tide/waves/wind. I think you'll be fine ~36# but I just wouldn't go lower.