Seeking opinion on potential mast step repair (pics)

John, the repair is looking great. Adding some woven cloth would be my next move.

Not a bad idea. Do you think the strips will be able to bend like that without having to cut slits in them? For the strand mat I quickly realized it wasn't actually necessary, but for woven I'm unsure. Cutting slits down the middle is essentially the same as just using narrower strips, just faster and easier to align.
I think you will be OK. Here is a mock-up.
-On the left by the pulley is 1708DBXM (17 oz biaxial stitched w/mat) with heavy fibers on the bias so -45/45 degrees. This is way overkill with the fabric weight but the bias+mat orientation works surprising well for this.
-On the right is 8oz harness weave with the fibers 0/90 degrees. I would have used 6oz plain weave but did not have a small piece handy.
4:1 epoxy resin approx 70F /20C in the garage.
The strips are sized to be 1/5 of the circumference of the tube. There is not a good fllet in the mock-up, just some hot melt glue.
There is a small tendency to lift at the corner/fillet at the edge of the cloth but generally things laid out fine.
With a better fillet and strips 1/6 of the circumference the tendency to lift should be minimized.