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    Mast step support wood

    Hello all, I've looked through a lot of threads on here about repairing the mast step if it were to rot or break, but have not seen what type of wood is used from the factory for the support cross beam. Does anyone know or have any suggestions to what I should use? I've sent an email catalina...
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    Laser Mast Step Worn Out - Cracked Hull

    Good Day Mates, I have a 'new to me Laser' that was thrown into my hands. The boat must be early 80's, and it sails, but needs some TLC. I just installed an inspection port on the foredeck to get a better look at what the issue is - it doesn't look too bad. 1. There is a crack in the hull...
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    Expired  Looking for Adjustable Mast Step

    I am looking for an adjustable mast step, new or used. I have searched APS, Waterline Systems, and eBay with no luck so far. If you have one or know where to find one, I'm interested.
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    Mast step failure. Repair.

    Any suggestions for replacing/repairing the entire capri 14 mast step structure? Has has anybody done this? Bought a Mod 1 from 1984-86 earlier this year. It had been used by a local yacht club and stored outdoors in our notoriously wet conditions (Seattle). When I bought it I noticed some...
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    Mast step donut question - 1978 Laser

    Hello all, I'm a former Laser owner and have decided to get back into it by purchasing a relatively lightly used 1978 vintage Laser. Interestingly, it's about the same age as the boat that I used to sail some years ago. I have been reading a lot of posts about the mast step, and I'm preparing...
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    Laser Mast Step Replacement - my experience

    Here's a recap of my recent mast step repair using the Diversified Fiberglass kit. I didn't find much online when I was preparing to do this, so thought I'd share. She's seen about 20kts so far and is rock solid.
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    Advice on Sanding/Grinding out the Mast Step

    I picked up a free boat (86) and the mast step had been repair poorly with some marinetex (or other) along the lower sides and the bottom in an uneven way. The mast step leaks and the mast only goes in 13 inches, when it should go in 14 inches. I want to sand or grind that out a bit. Any...