Scorpion sailboat

tHANKS for the info. I did go to the yahoo sunfish site and got the parts manual and more pics. Thanks.

Geo Smith the founder of Pargo Died at the ripe old age of 95+ Oct 2007. So No info there. His wife , who is also up in years remembers the name Scorpion but that is all.

Scorpion , was made by the Pargo Golf car company, owned later by Ruddick who in turn was bought out , at least this part by Textron moved stuff from Charlotte, NC to Dallas and later to Augusta, GA

People are correct in stating that the Columbia Car co. made the Scorpion. The
Pargo was originally made by CCC. Named after Columbia County, GA

All rights to Pargo Golf car now belong to E-Z-GO Golf car Co.

This is all I have been able to find out.
If anyone wants new pics of a Scorpion I have mine. Errrrr its 33 years old, but brand new!!! Wow.
I have a Scorpion made in Perry, Florida. Any info on that?



On the Water
Are there any other markings on the boat, such as an HIN on the transom? Could you post a picture?
My Scorpion was made by the Colombia Car Corp. I have no idea what year it is, my father bought it used in the mid 60's.