welcome! this Forum is an excellent resource - use the search function to look for old threads about tips/tricks and helpful upgrades and some of the simple repairs that are often necessary with a Sunfish of that age.


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The "search function" is the magnifying-lens icon to the right of the lightning bolt. Type bridle, gudgeon, in-irons (or whatever), click "This forum", then hit "search". :cool:

There are many years of experience at this forum, a search should clear up most of the unknowns. The unknowable will take a little longer to be disclosed. ;)
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Thanks for the welcome, I am having a great time doing the research, and projects on this great little boat. In fact I believe it’s a little contagious as my son and I have been doing this project, so now we are on the search for a second boat , so when done we can sail together.

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Okay, we need to know her name and see some pictures! The Sunfish Bible is an excellent resource, and a little book called Sail Ho that turns up on ebay periodically. The Red Cross put out a nice book too, Basic Sailing.

But now I realize, do you need information on sailing the Sunfish or just maintaining and restoring?
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Thanks signal Charlie, I need info on all of the above. So far I have been very successful using the search features, so I am not at a point that I have not found an answer to yet. This forum is awesome. Going find me some copies of the books you recommended. My status is back in 1972, I had some exposure to Sunfish. Fast forward to now I am 65 and am looking forward to the experience of bringing one of these boats back to its glory with my son. Also may look for a second one so we can do this together. As far as a name, still thinking. Thanks for your reply B8C7307E-A2CA-48B2-930F-A99D97FFE1CE.jpeg
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Sail is probably about 70% , a couple little holes and faded. Boat has a bunch of spider cracks in gel coat. It did not look like this when I got it. I scrubbed her down pretty good. Boat was completely black and what looked like mold growth all over her. I then wheeled her out and put two coats of wax on her. Not perfect, but coming along nicely.