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New to sailing & just got a used Zuma. Need help with setup


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Hi everyone! Apologies in advance for the stupid questions. I got a used Zuma (guessing it is from the 80s) and it’s in pretty good shape, only issue is the cleat on the mast is broken (pics attached).

I know NOTHING about sailing but I’m trying to learn.
Wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction of tutorials to properly secure the sail to the boom, and ideas for securing the sail to the mast given the broken cleat. I only know the bowline knot. Again, apologies for my lack of knowledge.



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Greetings. Great to see you getting into the hobby. I too just picked up my first sailboat and have much to learn (1972 koralle Jr). The clear is quite important and should be replaced immediately, but they are plentiful and inexpensive...even from Walmart.
As my boat design is now produced by a Canadian company...keep your stick on the ice.IMG_20210711_192131.jpg