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    NEW YORK Mid 80s Zuma for sale (or parts for sale)

    Mid 80's Zuma 12' sailboat. Mast, Rudder, Center board and Rigging and 2 sails. Parts available separately or with the hull. One sail is worn, one relatively newer but my friendly barn mice made a hole in the lower right corner (pictures). Has not been sailed in a few years and has lived on a...
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    New to sailing & just got a used Zuma. Need help with setup

    Hi everyone! Apologies in advance for the stupid questions. I got a used Zuma (guessing it is from the 80s) and it’s in pretty good shape, only issue is the cleat on the mast is broken (pics attached). I know NOTHING about sailing but I’m trying to learn. Wondering if anyone can point me in the...
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    Incredible ZUMA For Sale

    Incredible ZUMA Laser Sailboat - Excellent Condition - REDUCED to $1,650 or Best Offer (Okoboji Yacht Club Sailing School) This is a lightly used ZUMA Sailboat built by Laser Performance. The hull (12.75' l, by 5' beam) is in great condition including spars, mahogany rudder, and centerboard...