Neverending Laser Thread


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There are more posts in this thread than any other in the history of the Laser Forum...

Of course the posts have to be about sailing Lasers or it will have to move.

I took my puppy to the dock today but we didn't go for a ride yet.
Anybody else sailed with a puppy?? Or dog??
Haha! I couldnt sail with my dog, he'd freak out... scared of water. water makes waves. I try to surf waves. surfing waves is fast. fast is fun. Dogs are fun.
In a way yes, and in a way no.

This morning as I left the beach there was a woman walking her dogs. One was smaller than the other. Who's to say it wasn't a puppy. In any case, while I was sailing my laser, I remembered that puppy, briefly.

There was a dog turd on the beach when I came back in.


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There was a dog turd on the beach when I came back in.

This is too easy.

I can't resist though

I mean

growing up is not one of my objectives.

So. with apologies to Chainsaw...

"Was there anything else next to you??"

OK back to the topic.
My old Golden used to chomp at the splashing water. This was accompanied by his eager dancing feet and wagging tail. it was obvious he was having a great time or I would have been really pissed about getting my shins mutilated by his claws..
lol :D luckily there was also a tree nearby.

Funny you should mention dogs,

There is a headland above the bay I sail in and if you stand up there on a moonlit night with a good breeze, sometimes, you can see the wind make the shape of a puppy's head on the water.

Just as an aside...we wouldn't want to get off topic

I have found some homebrew steriliser in the cupboard and I'm experimenting soaking my sailing boots in it to get rid of the "doggy smell".

Has anyone used the cockpit of an old laser to make homebrew?

Rob B

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I once saw a bong made from a blown mast step, but that was a long time ago...Cockpits make good ice chests and with a little work, (air hose inserted into bailer) you can make a whirlpool for little people or small dogs, (there, back on topic).
I dont know about dogs, I have taken a few women out on the Laser. What ends up happening is you are so close to them you have to be touching. Then you suggest they lay on the front of the boat straddeling the mast while you check them out in there bikini.

FYI: The Laser is not very friendly when going past second base. We ended up flipping over and I think I pulled a muscle in my leg trying to balance the boat.

But if you prefer, a dog is mans best friend supposedly. There should be a regatta where you have to sail with your dog. (back on topic)
The morning after the last prize giving dinner, I got a cab back to the club to pick up my car – good sensible person that I am. (Don’t drink and drive, kids. You may hit a bump and spill some.)

I had just started the engine and revved it a bit when I heard a squeal. I thought it was Nig, the commodore’s dog (he named it after the dog in “Dam Busters”.)

Last thing I needed was to kill his dog. Things had gotten a little wild the night before, but the bar was well patronized and I doubted anyone would remember anything clear enough for reprisals.

Anyway, I opened the door and stuck my head under the running board and what should I find?

A 4.7 owner. Shivering and hung over.

Always check your vehicle for 4.7 owners before leaving the carpark. They wedge themselves into the most unlikely of places and are not easily repaired if damaged.

Rob B

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I made it to second base on a my very first Laser many, many, many moons ago. The boat capsized, she dumped me. The whole thing was a little traumatic. I decided to take my dog sailing next time. It was a dachshound. Good sized dog for Laser sailing. Kinda looked like a seal perched on the deck. Her name was Pepper, (the dog) and my boat was red. Muy caliente!
it sounds like fun. is the baseball kind a like water polo? my dog likes to swim. i can't get her to stay on my bote. how do you do that? i just learned to sail today.
it sounds like fun. is the baseball kind a like water polo? my dog likes to swim. i can't get her to stay on my bote. how do you do that? i just learned to sail today.
It most certainly is! Though the balls are smaller than water polo.

What sailing school did you attend? What kind of bote do you sail? Was there enough wind up?
I took my dachshund sailing for the first time about 7 years ago. She had never seen big water before. I could tell she was a bit confused by the way she paced in the boat looking over the side at the water. Finally after a little hesitation she jumped in. Well she disappeared under the boat. The water clarity was and still is a bit questionable. It took a while for her to come up; I thought I had lost her for a minute. She popped up on the other side scared and ready to get back in the boat with me. Needless to say she never jumped in again.


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I'm feeling the urge to move this to open discussion....but I guess I'll let it stand... but I think the world laser should be a requirement in every post...haha.

I think the world laser should be a requirement in every post
The world laser was designed and built around the same time as the M Rig was scrapped. A pre-radial Radial, if you will.

Not many still exist today, only five were ever made.

They suffered performance problems as the dog houses built over the cockpit reduced the possible sail area and the full length berths invited "lazy" skippers to stay in the cabin rather than hike out.