Neverending Laser Thread


The world laser was designed and built around the same time as the M Rig was scrapped. A pre-radial Radial, if you will.
Man, when I saw that mispelling of the world "world" by Bradley, I knew someone would pounce on it, just like my dog. But back to Lasers.
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Laser number 101 the first production Laser finally left my yard last weekend. megan took it to her new house on the Pedernales river leg of lake travis.
Megan is the person who manages She originally set up our pay your dues on line website in 2002 and in exchange I fixed up her Laser so it can sail again.

If I got to second base with Megan her hubby and my wife would each kill me at least twice.

What ever happened to the "Do it on a Laser" bumper stickers?
My dog's too old to go sailing. I sailed my laser with my three year old daughter. She said "whee!" when a 6mph puff moved the boat. (In contrast to Shoreline Lake, which gets lots of wind, Lake Vasona hardly ever gets any.) After 10 minutes, she was done and ready to get off. The ride lasted at least twice as long as a kiddie carnival ride.

I introduced a new guy to laser racing last night. He's now vowed to sell his Banshee, buy a Laser, and start coming out for the Wednsday nights at Shoreline.

Starts at Shoreline Lake are weird. In contrast to the line luffing battle you expect in a dinghy start, you get 10-12 little-keelboat-like lasers all manuevering and jostling about, half speed or better, all trying to time the line and hit it with speed. Laser-Vanderbilt-Start is a funny word.
Nice idea gouv, to create this thread.
If I have more time than now, I have to have a look at our old photo albums. Since over 50 years, the family-dogs (not only the human ones ... |O| ) followed us, in our family, if we decided to sail, already since we had sailable folding canoes.

By the way: Steve Cockerill, the UK Laser professional, already has an ebay-store for sailing clothes for dogs at the UK. Gouv, perhaps you make an exclusive-franchise-contract with him, to officially offer his "builder supplied"-products for (Laser-)sailing dogs at NA - I guess, perhaps you get real rich 2nd time by selling those goods ;) ...


Ross B

yarn, its easier to grip

and the cassette ones look stupid, and a waste of perfectly good music!
It most certainly is! Though the balls are smaller than water polo.

What sailing school did you attend? What kind of bote do you sail? Was there enough wind up?
my daddy is teaching me to sail. i dont know what kind of bote it is. its for 2 people. i know how to spell boat. i think its a stoopid way to spell and I like bote better. i can talk better than this. i have to pick words i can spell. it was'nt very windy. daddy did'nt want to scare me.
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For the first time in the last five years I have fewer than 10 Lasers in my yard.

When writing how many Lasers are still here should I include the "ought" digit?
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My Laser racing is restricted to our Wednesday night local series for the short term.
Our new vicious nasty alert shop security officer needs more attention than I can shove off on my other half.

Onthe bright side? last Friday he carefully checked the inside of one of the arms on the shop couch and did not rest until he was positive no evil entities were hiding inside..

The cushions are still solid so the U of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State Sailing teams should have a place to stay in the fall.