More Dimensions for this part...


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My Ronstan Rudder clips turned up today and I think they may be too big. They may get fouled between the pintle and transom. To that end, can anybody help me out with the following dimension...


Many thanks :):):):):):)
Thanks LaLi - that's why I asked the question. I wasn't sure if my 16mm Ronstan Rudder clip would fit between the pintle and transom. Luckily, thanks to your link (and not having to drive over to the club) I now know there's plenty of room there :):):):):)
I'm actually at my club now, because I got suspicious :D It's really NOT the same exact fitting! The true measurement in question is about 32 mm. Doesn't change anything for you, though.
I have my rudder hanging in my garage on a makeshift 'gudgeon' (that's a lot smaller than an actual gudgeon) and consequently it traps my new clip when I turn the rudder on it. I'm really pleased there's a lot more space in there than I thought :)