1. P

    Question  Old Mahogany Rudder

    Hello, Everyone I am new here, looking for some advice. The rudder on my Alcort Sunfish (year unknown) snapped on my last sail. It went clean through in the direction of the grain and needs replacing. The cheek plate and all other hardware are fine. It is just the rudder blade. I want to...
  2. K2LSS

    Repair  Foam Daggerboard Resurfacing

    How does one go about resurfacing the older foam foils? Recently started a project with an older Laser, the foam foils had been exposed to the elements for years, the rudder is in a fairly good condition given the exposure, but the daggerboard has cracks appearing on the surface. The leading...
  3. D

    Expired  NEW YORK Sunfish Daggerboards and Rudder (Wood)

    Great condition Sunfish daggerboards and rudder/tiller assembly. First pictured daggerboard is in showroom condition SOLD. The rudder and tiller combo is ready to sail. $250 The daggerboard (pics 34,36) is ready to go with minor flaws $100 The other daggerboard (pics 39-41) is also ready to use...
  4. J

    Expired  NORTH CAROLINA Sunfish Vertical Rudder for sale

    Check out this great vertical rudder that my Grandfather made way back to improve our his Sunfish sailboats performance and it works so much better than the original design. You can see it on eBay, just search Sunfish Rudder.
  5. LostSailor

    TEXAS Sunfish Rudder Assembly (Or Rudder with)

    Hey Now, I'm bargain hunting to replace the missing rudder assembly on an 81 sunfish. I have the tiller, blade, and mounting bracket, but no head/cheek plate or hardware. If you've got a spare cheek assembly, carriage bolt, springs — or even a complete rudder, I'm in the market!
  6. LostSailor

    Old-Style Rudder Cheeks?

    Hey now, This 81 sunfish belonged to my late father. I took her on, and as I was prepping to sail later this week, I discovered there's no damn rudder cheek assembly (main bolt, tension springs, etc) — looks like he never got around to mounting his latest homemade blade. God knows where the...
  7. Sailing Sasha

    Rudder Repair

    Hi everybody, last fall I bought my first real sailboat, a Pearson 24! Unfortunately the day I bought it and took it for a sail a piece of fiberglass delaminated from the rudder. When I took the boat out of the water for the season, I discovered that it actually is a solid wooden rudder, and a...
  8. U

    TEXAS Needed good Radial Sail, Main sheet, sm rigging lines, rudder, lg pocket

    Hi, Needing the above if you have them. Want very good to excellent condition. Will also consider a good used Mk II radial sail that you don't need again or any longer. Sail - MkII radial class sail or newer generation sail w/Battens. Main Sheet - about 50 feet, 5/16 so it's easy on hands...
  9. Hayders

    OKLAHOMA Used Complete Rudder (for a Laser)

    $50 OBO. Honestly don't know much about it and thought I would reach out on this forum if anyone was interested. See pictures and email me at [email protected] if interested. Will ship at buyers expense. Thanks, Hayden
  10. D

    MINNESOTA In need of some AMF Amflite Alcort parts

    Hello, I have a late 60's AMF Amflite Alcort in need of some parts I am missing all the gudgeon provisions (see pic) to attach the rudder to the transom. I do have a complete rudder with tiller. I also need: Autobailer Bow handle Mainsheet swivel block Old style drain block plug Ratchet block...
  11. B

    MASSACHUSETTS Sail, boom, mast, dagger board, rudder for sale

    Laser sail with boom, mast, dagger board and rudder with extension for sale together. Sail Number 33134.
  12. NickolasG

    Tiller separation

    Hi all. (Unfortunately) Due to this COVID19 all yacht clubs are closed, but sailing isn’t only offshore. And I wanted to separate my rudder from tiller/tiller ext to put everything in blade bag. But I found out my tiller stuck in a rudder (pictures below) How can I separate them?
  13. DanielMagMat

    Outside North America Aqua Finn Rudder Assembly Wanted

    I got as a gift from a friend an Aqua Finn Daysailer's hull but with no other parts. So I am gathering and building the parts I need to sail. I love this project and would like some help finding parts and advice to build what I don't find. Thanks!
  14. T

    Wanted  GEORGIA Rudder Lock Handle for Capri 14.2

    Hi, I have a 1984 Capri 14.2 I dropped the rudder lock handle in Saint Andrews Bay wile sailing in PCB this past weekend - continuing to slowly fill the oceans up with my boat parts. I am looking for a handle please. Thank you
  15. W

    OHIO Nylon or Aluminum Sunfish Rudder Head / Cheek

    Looking for a used nylon / plastic or aluminum rudder head or cheek for a 1981 Sunfish restoration project. I also need a pintel pin but could easily obtain one new elsewhere. As you know but for clarity, what I want attaches to the rudder blade to make a complete rudder. I have a set of...
  16. vestaviascott

    ALABAMA Need a White Fiberglass Rudder Blade

    About to pull the trigger on an Intensity FRP rudder, but before I do, thought I would check here. Looking to buy or trade for a white composite rudder for Sunfish. I'm in Birmingham, Alabama and willing to pay shipping. - Scott
  17. Flieger

    TEXAS New Style Rudder

    I'm looking for a new style rudder.
  18. sinogin

    RHODE ISLAND Sailing Boat Swap and Sale at Zim

    A local club brought in a bunch of old sunfish and parts to sell at our Boat Swap this Saturday. See details below. Saturday April 6th from 9-3 @ Zim Sailing's Headquarters! 33 Broadcommon Rd, Unit 1, Bristol RI, 02809 Used Boat Auction: Sell your Opti, 420, Sunfish, or Laser. Find a great...
  19. M

    TEXAS Vintage style sunfish rudder for sale $150

    Hello, Selling a vintage style sunfish rudder. It is in good condition as seen in the pictures. $150 + Shipping from 76039
  20. FreeRide

    Whether to pin the rudder and what to use?

    Hi All. I have an older style rudder like this one on catalinadirect. It uses a big wing nut to hold the rudder up or down, but the rudder still comes up when there is a lot of pressure on it. I try to avoid those situations, but when it happens, it couldn't be at a worse time. There is a hole...