laser 1

  1. F

    Laser gunwale repair

    Hi, I recently glued the gunwale of my Laser with 3M 5200. The result was not what I expected, and it opened up again. Could someone suggest a good material to fix this please?
  2. ninimotom

    Laser 1 Storage Chesapeake Bay

    Hi all, I am buying a Laser 1 and am wondering about the best way to store it. I live in DC, but plan to sail on the Chesapeake. I am new to sailing so I am not sure of the options or what would be most affordable. Does anyone know of marinas in the Annapolis/Deale area that might offer rack...
  3. NickolasG

    Practic laser dolly

    Hello everybody, I’m owning laser set up dolly by practic, it’s less than a year old and recently I just noticed something. At the stands where the belt is connected, on the bottom must be 2 screws and nuts from the inside (I can’t find any picture) and here’s my case. I have no clue how it’s...
  4. Adam Sails

    Difficulty pulling block to block

    When I sail my laser, I always find it difficult to pull block to block for upwind legs, and when I manage it, it is hard to maintain tension on the line for long periods of time, it sometimes results in some wrist pain the following day. I sail an old 1981 Laser Standard with the original kit...
  5. L

    More Dimensions for this part...

    My Ronstan Rudder clips turned up today and I think they may be too big. They may get fouled between the pintle and transom. To that end, can anybody help me out with the following dimension... Many thanks :):):):):):)
  6. L

    Dimension of this part...

    Does anybody have the dimension handy for this part of a Laser 1 Gudgeon? My Laser is parked at the boat yard and I'm not going over till next week and I need to know this dimension... Many thanks :):):):)