laser 1

  1. NickolasG

    Practic laser dolly

    Hello everybody, I’m owning laser set up dolly by practic, it’s less than a year old and recently I just noticed something. At the stands where the belt is connected, on the bottom must be 2 screws and nuts from the inside (I can’t find any picture) and here’s my case. I have no clue how it’s...
  2. Ben Morgan l

    MAINE Full laser 1 rudder, new england area

    Looking for a full laser 1 rudder, tiller and extension. Preferably in the New England area, willing to pay for postage.
  3. R

    WISCONSIN Laser with radial rig

    Has to be in good condition with new upgrades but can be an old hull.
  4. M

    Laser parts wanted

    I just bought my fourth Laser. However this one is the hull only and it's a fixer upper. I need everything except the mast, boom and sail. Looking for used, economical parts in usable or repairable condition. Centerboard Rudder, Rudder head, tiller and extension Main sheet block Traveler and...
  5. C

    2010 Laser for sale NY,NJ, Full/Radial Rig

    Laser 2010 – HIN 195421 very good condition, the Laser was for our kids who did not use it and we kept it mostly in our garage Full/Radial Rig Carbon Tiller and Carbon Extension Laser Vang Harken Down Haul and Outhaul Blocks Top/Bottom Cover Board Bag Wind Indicator Quick Release Outhaul with...
  6. M

    Laser I Daggerboard

    Selling Laser I daggerboard. Buyer pays shipping.
  7. Adam Sails

    Difficulty pulling block to block

    When I sail my laser, I always find it difficult to pull block to block for upwind legs, and when I manage it, it is hard to maintain tension on the line for long periods of time, it sometimes results in some wrist pain the following day. I sail an old 1981 Laser Standard with the original kit...
  8. L

    More Dimensions for this part...

    My Ronstan Rudder clips turned up today and I think they may be too big. They may get fouled between the pintle and transom. To that end, can anybody help me out with the following dimension... Many thanks :):):):):):)
  9. L

    Dimension of this part...

    Does anybody have the dimension handy for this part of a Laser 1 Gudgeon? My Laser is parked at the boat yard and I'm not going over till next week and I need to know this dimension... Many thanks :):):):)