laser 2

  1. T

    Laser 2 Traveller Adjustment?

    My Laser 2 traveller is worn out and I'm replacing it, but this raises the question: should I be adjusting the traveller when I'm sailing? I have it set so the block is fixed on the centerline and can theoretically be moved up and down, but I've always just left it about a foot or so above the...
  2. Kwai

    Laser 2 questions

    Hello I have recently boat a laser 2 and I have a couple questions. 1: The centerboard is really sticky that you have to use all your strength just to move it. I am just wondering if anyone else has this issue and if there is any way to fix it. 2: The deck is very flexy and if I should get a...
  3. Reilaleid

    Looking for opinions on Laser vs Capri (14 ft range)

    Hi everyone, I've been searching the Internet and YouTube for discussions on these two sailing dinghies. There's nothing out there! Is anyone able to comment on the pros and cons or their experience between the classic Laser and the Catalina Capri? Any information would be appreciated. I grew up...
  4. W

    Laser 2 - Preparing to Sell

    Hi! I have a Laser 2 that I have not sailed for several years. I have decided to sell it and let someone else enjoy it. It is at our cottage located northeast of Kenora, Ontario, Canada. We haven't been to the cottage yet this year. I plan to go there for a day trip in the next couple of weeks...
  5. S

    Laser II Self Bailer Leak/Repair

    Hi All, I purchased a used Laser II off craigslist earlier this year. Each time I go sailing, I take on quite a bit of water in the hull - this past weekend, 8+ gallons over 2 hours. I finally had a little time and air tested the hull - it appears, after removing the self bailer, that the...
  6. J

    Laser 2 or Laser Pico?

    Dear all, I am about to rent a Laser: the renter has only a Laser 2 or a Laser Pico, and he does not allow the use of the trapeze. On the Laser 2, I would be sailing in an average wind of about 12 knots without trapeze, and I weigh 65 kilos. I think that these are not be the best conditions to...
  7. J

    Righting a capsized Laser 2

    Hello, I am planning to sail a laser 2 single handed. Do you guys know if a single person who weights about 65 kilos is heavy enough to right a laser 2 that capsized and turned turtle in a ˜15 knots wind? If yes, is this easy/hard? Thank you Best, James