Laser 2 - Preparing to Sell

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I have a Laser 2 that I have not sailed for several years. I have decided to sell it and let someone else enjoy it. It is at our cottage located northeast of Kenora, Ontario, Canada. We haven't been to the cottage yet this year. I plan to go there for a day trip in the next couple of weeks. During that trip, I would like to collect all the information possible to prepare a "For Sale" Ad that would give potential buyers as much information as possible about the sailboat in order for them to make an informed purchase decision.

What information should I be sure to have for the Ad?

It is still far too cold on the lake to sail the boat; so the photos I will be able to take will be limited.

Also... Is it appropriate to post a "For Sale" Ad for northwestern Ontario on this site?

Any advice is much appreciated.

Thank you!
Wind Sail
You are welcome to post an ad in the Laser For Sale section.

Pictures are always helpful. Just rig the boat on shore and show
Close ups of the fittings, rudder, daggerboard, tiller and extension etc.
A spread-out spinnaker
The inscription/signature on the stern

I am not sure about the size limit on this forum for images; some people post images elsewhere and provide a link