laser ii

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    WISCONSIN Laser II or FJ wanted

    Please contact Johanna at (920)6020273 or [email protected] if you have a Laser II or FJ sailboat for sale. We're in central WI-thank you.
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    CANADA Laser 2 Parts available

    Laser 2 parts for sale. Daggerboards, rudders, sails, masts, Booms, Trapeze rig, etc. Email for pricing and availability. Easy shipping. [email protected]
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    CANADA Laser 2 parts and sails for sale

    Laser 2 parts and sails for sale. Used condition. Price depends on part. Daggerboard, rudder, main and jib, mast, boom, spinnaker, spinnaker pole, stays and shrouds, misc parts
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    Laser 2 for sale

    1994 Laser 2 in reasonable shape on a crappy trailer (I think its road worthy within the SF bay area, but just). Have all the parts and sails, and a couple trapeze harnesses. Hull is dry and light, standing rigging is fine. It's sailable now but needs some TLC, sails work for day sailing...
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    Laser 2 - Preparing to Sell

    Hi! I have a Laser 2 that I have not sailed for several years. I have decided to sell it and let someone else enjoy it. It is at our cottage located northeast of Kenora, Ontario, Canada. We haven't been to the cottage yet this year. I plan to go there for a day trip in the next couple of weeks...
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    Laser II Self Bailer Leak/Repair

    Hi All, I purchased a used Laser II off craigslist earlier this year. Each time I go sailing, I take on quite a bit of water in the hull - this past weekend, 8+ gallons over 2 hours. I finally had a little time and air tested the hull - it appears, after removing the self bailer, that the...