Gooseneck as tight as possible but still loose?


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Hello all,

I am the proud new owner of a 1964 Sunfish (based on the serial number). It required a lot of work and I really enjoyed that work. I finally got a chance to sail it and had a great time.
I have been updating everything that I can find to update on this Fish.

Here is the rub, I picked up a quick release from Intensity Sails. I drilled out the threaded section of the gooseneck, inserted the QRL and realized that I would need some spacers. After adding nylon spacers to the point of having the gooseneck as tight as it could possibly go, it is still loose enough to slide around on the spar. :confused:

Any ideas?


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Was it that way before the quick release? You could use electrical tape under the gooseneck, which is a good idea anyway to keep corrosion between the gooseneck and the spar from happening.
A lot of the older Sunfish goosenecks were designed to fit over tape on the boom (as noted above). Here's the fix: Remove the bolt and chuck the gooseneck sideways in a vise. Then take a fine flat file and file the area on the inside of where the bolt attaches. Remove about 1/16" on each side, put the bolt back in and try it. Keep filing until it fits snug. By removing the bronze material, you allow the rest of the circle to fit tighter. This is remarkably easy - a 15 min. fix.

Alan Glos
Cazenovia, NY


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Pictures of the Quick Release installed as is and another showing the nylon spacers that I added. In the first pic, the blue nut is turned on as far as it will go. The second pic shows the bronze in the center touching and it is still loose on the spar. As Alan Glos said, I will have to remove bronze.

Just a note about the 1967 Sunfish that I just inherited - the gooseneck on that one has friction tape below it, on the spar. I will just leave it there. I don't plan to do any racing with my Fish. Thanks all.



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I did the filing and all is well. I still needed the spacers because there are not enough threads on the end. But it does clamp down tight enough now. Thanks all.